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8 Aug 2017
10:37nchevobbeHonza: Sorry I made a bit larger. But all those issues were related so it made sense to gather them in a single PR
10:43Honzanchevobbe: can I use storybook for testing?
10:44nchevobbeHonza: you can use the reps test app
10:44nchevobbeHonza: yarn start from packages/devtools-reps
11:13Honzanchevobbe: I am seeing: TypeError: this.refs.tree is undefined
11:13Honzanchevobbe: is it anything known?
11:13Honzanchevobbe: when clicking the
11:14Honza'array' button in Launchpad and trying to expand the array
11:14Honzaactually, I don't even have to expand
11:27nchevobbeHonza: seems to be an issue with 2 version of react loaded
11:28nchevobbeHonza: try removing node_modules from devtools-reps and then yarn install again
11:28nchevobbeAlthough there are a couple of issues with it currently
11:36Honzanchevobbe: No PostCSS Config found?
11:37HonzaIs this new?
11:37nchevobbeThere's an issue open for that
11:38nchevobbeFor now you need to add a postcard.config.js in devtools-reps
11:38nchevobbeAnd on devtools-core u as well
11:38nchevobbeLike the one in debtools-launchpad, but without anything in the array
11:39Honzanchevobbe: what's the issue #? (are there detailed instructions?)
11:40Honzanchevobbe: you are talking about postcss.config.js, correct?
11:41nchevobbeHonza: yes
11:41Honzanchevobbe: ok fixed
13:46Honzanchevobbe: I am seeing some errors when trying to run the Console in Launchpad: Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module 'devtools/client/shared/key-shortcuts' in C:\src\\mozilla-central\devtools\client\webconsole @ ./new-webconsole.js 17:21-68
13:46Honzanchevobbe: any tips?
13:47nchevobbeHonza: ahah, I was trying to resolve this as well :)
13:47Honzanchevobbe: any workarounds for now?
13:47nchevobbeLooks like we're missing 3 files in the webpack config
13:47nchevobbebut adding them gives more issue since they require Service and other modules
13:48Honzanchevobbe: what caused that? it's been working before...
13:48nchevobbeI think I will add some shims so we can still use the launchpad
13:48nchevobbeHonza: I think it's just new things that were added in the webconsole
13:48nchevobbeand thus we need to tell webpack where to find them
13:51soleI was kinda worried it could have been some of the nosdk rewrites but it doesn't sound like one of the files we changed
13:52nchevobbeHonza: Looks like it's the XUL HTML bug that introduced that
13:52nchevobbeif you look at the blame
13:53HonzaAh, true
13:54solenchevobbe: AH PHEW!
13:54nchevobbesole: no worries, it's only the launchpad, nothing critical :)
13:55nchevobbeand it's not even your fault
13:56ntimochameau, jdescottes: I've noticed the developer toolbar only shows after the devtools have been initialized
13:57jdescottesntim: Bug 1386821 maybe ?
13:57firebot NEW, Developer toolbar not displayed when firefox first starts up
13:57jdescottesargh I didn't land it!
13:57ntimjdescottes: yep, thanks
13:57Honzanchevobbe: do we have a bug for the Console and Launchpad issue_
13:57jdescottestotally forgot, thanks for the reminder
13:57solehahaha nchevobbe
13:58nchevobbeHonza: no we don't
13:58Honzanchevobbe: ok, I'll file one
14:00Honzabug 1388368
14:00firebot NEW, The Console panel is broken in Launchpad
14:16Tazmainwow nightly is failing hard at debugging typescript, no source shown at all.
14:18Tazmaindev still gets there
14:19nchevobbejlast: ^
14:20jlastHi Tazmain
14:20Tazmainhi jlast
14:20jlastthat's interesting, do you know if dev edition is using the new or old debugger?
14:21TazmainI think it has a bit of an older debugger.
14:21jlasti can see a TS app w/ the new debugger
14:22jlastdoes dev have editor tabs?
14:22Tazmainso if I use ctrl + p and got to the source, like nightly shows me the webpack and the ts files, if I go to the specific ts file I know my debugger is at, I can then see it step over the code.
14:22Tazmainbut it doesn't go to it for me.
14:22Tazmaineditor tabs ?
14:23jlasthmm, that's interesting
14:23Tazmainthe debuggers look different
14:23jlastso - the way i quickly see if it's the new dbg or old is if it has tabs :)
14:23jlastso... i'm a bit confused
14:24Tazmaintabs for source and call stack ?
14:24jlastsource tabs on the top
14:24Tazmainyes it does
14:24Tazmainweb dev still has that
14:24jlastw/ the new debugger can you go to TS files w/ cmd+p?
14:24Tazmainand the step over and continue is on the left, vs nightly on the right
14:24jlastis web dev the new debugger?
14:24Tazmainjlast, correct.
14:24jlasti see
14:25Tazmainjlast, however if you open the console, and hit a break point it doesn't go to that file, you just see a blank middle pane , and you can step over stuff
14:25jlastso yeah - the new debugger has step buttons on the right
14:25jlastoh, so you're stepping, but don't see the source?
14:32ochameaugregtatum, julienw: is it known bug that loading in a debug build make the content process crash?
14:34ochameaugregtatum, julienw: oh wait, that may just be me. it looks like many sites crashes
14:42Honzanchevobbe: do you know how devtools-modules is built? The source has different dir structure than the installed module in node_modules...
14:43Honzaassuming the 'devtools-modules' module comes from 'devtools-core/packages/devtools-modules'
14:44nchevobbeHonza: I'm not familiar with this package. Maybe the structure changed at some point
14:45Honzajlast: ^^
14:45Honzajlast: any tips?
14:46jlastHonza - we don't build it
14:46jlastit's probably a different version - check the package.json
14:47Honzajlast: ok, I see
14:58julienwochameau, ;)
15:02ochameaugl: mikeratcliffe: hi, are you having Q3 perf meeting? I see noone in mike's room?
15:29gregtatumochameau: good to know it's (probably) not us!
15:35jryansgl: seeing reports of some inspector freeze, not sure if it's known
15:36jryansah, maybe it's debugger, i read too fast...
15:42nchevobbeSTR looks weird
15:45ochameautromey: could you quickly look over bug 1387123, comment 15 and confirm you are good with the latest patches (interdiff:
15:45firebot NEW, Replace all usages of require(promise).defer by require(devtools/shared/defer).defer
15:45tromeysure thing
15:46nchevobbeHonza: about
15:46firebotBug 1385791 ASSIGNED, "Requests", "XHR" and "CSS" filtering are buggy
15:46nchevobbeHonza: Looks like the "debug" filter does not work (at all) too
15:46Honzanchevobbe: ok, I'll look at it too
15:46nchevobbeDo you want me to file a bug or do you think you can do it in this bug
15:46nchevobbeokay, thanks
15:48tromeyochameau: ok, the interdiff confused me a little but I understand now. this all looks fine to me. thank you
15:52ochameautromey: yes, there is some noise due to a rebase against recent tip...
15:53ochameautromey: thanks!
15:53tromeyactually the bit that ocnfused me was the parts that were backed out, since in the interdiff they look like the addition of new promise.defer uses
15:53tromeyno big deal
15:58ochameautromey: yes, I hope I don't confuse you too much by splitting patches agressively. I want to land whatever is good to be landed.
15:58tromeyit's totally fine
16:10julienwochameau, is it 4x compared to m-c including my patch that removes the clone for non-webxtensions context ?
16:10solejlast: interesting, the framework frames was a feature that was requested yesteryear - look at "filtered stacks" in this email!topic/
16:10solejlast: clarkbw retrieved it from this bug I was trying to close
16:10jlastYes! thats where it came from
16:10firebotBug 1253377 NEW, Ember devtools support
16:10jlastgreat memory
16:13solejlast: 2013!
16:14jimbgregtatum: I would be interested in seeing a lightning talk about stack transformations
16:14jlastyeah - bryan and i are re-triaging all the bugs here:
16:14jlastturns out that all good ideas were suggested in 2014
16:14ochameaujulienw: yes, still, I measured with your patch in
16:14julienwochameau, this is huge !
16:15ochameaujulienw: and I am more to come...!
16:15gregtatumjimb: as long as by lightning you mean a 2 hour discussion
16:15jimbgregtatum: I didn't want to ask for too much, but that was what I actually wanted
16:15gregtatumjimb: yeah, I'm mainly joking, what format?
16:16jimbpreferably in person in Mexico :)
16:16solenchevobbe: did you see my question about rendering URLs? in the weekly meeting doc
16:16gregtatumjimb: ah cool, yeah I can do that
16:20soletromey: it was you
16:20julienwsometimes using a defer is more readable (when we need to save both resolve/reject somewhere) but this is rare
16:23julienwbut it could be rewritten using the default Promise too
16:23julienw(maybe ochameau does it though :) )
16:26tromeythere was a complication but it's in the plan
16:31ochameaujulienw: looks like the 4x win patch just got backed out for windows only failure...
16:33julienwochameau, oops
16:34julienwochameau, ironic given you're the only developer at Mozilla working on Windows
16:34bgrinsjdescottes: a bunch of the skipped e10s tests are devtools/client/shared/test/browser_graphs-*.js. IIRC thisis a shared component only used for performance panel. gregtatum or julienw, do you have an idea when we will be migrating to perf.html into the toolbox?
16:34gregtatumbgrins: q4
16:34solebgrins: I was looking at the xbl vs custom elements bug, are we finally going to have <custom-elements> in Firefox?
16:34tromeyI feel like when I was hired, harth was working on making tests e10s-ready
16:35jdescottesbgrins: oh right I totally missed the shared folder
16:36jdescottesbgrins: so an alternate solution is to create a dedicated devtools test suite for non e10s tests
16:37bgrinsjdescottes: it&#39;s also possible that these tests can just be un skipped
16:37bgrinswould be good to have a try push with them all enabled
16:38bgrinstromey: we made a lot of progress on the e10s test project i think the majority did get done
16:38jdescottesyeah, nobody from the team ever looked at the initial intermittent bugs, and they were disabled by a sheriff :(
16:38bgrinssome of these were likely skipped after the fact due to intermittency
16:40bgrinssole: native custom element support is coming this year, but we are still doing some analysis about if we will use them in the browser chrome
16:40bgrinsbut it should be available to web console relatively soon, see
16:40firebotBug 889230 NEW, Implement Custom Elements (from Web Components)
16:41jdescottesbgrins: I&#39;ll unskip all the tests in the first query and submit to try, let&#39;s see how it goes
17:01tromeysole: who do we work with on DevTools MDN pages nowadays?
17:05jdescottestromey: I think I remember Dustin Driver was the main contact point for DevTools doc on MDN
17:06jdescottes(this was back in April, not sure if it&#39;s still correct)
17:08tromeyjdescottes: do you happen to know his irc nick?
17:10jdescottestromey: sorry I don&#39;t :(
17:10tromeynot here using the obvious nick
17:13gltromey: it&#39;s ddriver on slack
17:14tromeyI guess I need to join another slack
17:14jdescottesjust join all the slacks
17:15tromeyhow do I even
17:17tromeyaha found the mail :)
17:58armenzgI love the new Nightly icon on Mac
18:18bgrinsochameau: do you think your console perf will also fix bug 1252012?
18:19firebot NEW, YouTube is very slow when different tab has console open (STR: comment 11)
19:13ochameaubgrins: it may, if not, I imagine bug 1382377 will
19:13firebot NEW, Consider making the console API no-op when the devtools add-on isn&#39;t installed
20:33ochameaubgrins: do you know if there is someone else I could f? for platform patches against the console? I would like to submit a couple tomorrow...
20:33ochameaubgrins: I mean, someone else other than baku who is on pto
20:33bgrinsochameau: ah he&#39;s usually the person i ask. what files are changing?
20:35ochameaubgrins: Console.cpp
20:37bgrinsochameau: it looks like bz has done a lot of the reviews for him
9 Aug 2017
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