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6 Oct 2017
13:15pradeepgangwarHi! can anybody help me with squashing commits on mercurial.
13:23solepradeepgangwar: maybe hg rollback and then adding all the files again and doing one single commit? (I'm just looking at that rosetta hg git website I linked you yesterday)
13:27pradeepgangwarOk Thanks! And if i push again through `hg push review` , will it override what i pushed before for review or will create a completely different patch? ( I am asked to change some code and squash commits and push)
13:32solepradeepgangwar: I think that would create a new patch with the combined changes in just one commit
13:33DuClare_I think people use histedit to squash commits
13:34soleoh! that's possible too, I'm not familiar with hg tooling :-/
13:35pradeepgangwarYes, I am seeing that there are many options based on different extensions. Thanks! for information.
13:40soleI've filed a bug so we add this to the docs
13:40firebotBug 1406383 NEW, DevTools: Document how to squash commits (for contributors without access to mozreview)
13:40solepradeepgangwar: if you find out perhaps you can help future contributors by helping with updating the documentation ^_^
13:42pradeepgangwarI am going to use histedit as it is inspired on `git rebase --interactive` which i have used on git. So is it okay if i add documentation with respect to squashing with help of histedit
13:44DuClare_What do you actually need to access mozreview though?
13:44DuClare_I thought a bugzilla account is enough
13:45DuClare_Regardless, it's useful to know how to use histedit if you work with hg at all
13:47pradeepgangwarWith help of mozilla documentation, I saw there are different ways to attach patch. It was written recommended way is through mozreview ( using `hg push review`) it uses bugzilla account only. So now I will be editing my code based on reviews and pushing it again.
13:48nchevobbepradeepgangwar: hg histedit is the thing you need as DuClare_ said
13:49nchevobbeit takes a revision, you'd indicate the oldest from your set of patches
13:49nchevobbeand then you can mark all the one that you want to sqash with "r" (roll)
13:50nchevobbethey will collapse into the older one, which you don't edit
13:50nchevobbeand then hg histedit --continue
13:50nchevobbeand everything should be fine
14:03stoyanI'm translating the string player.animationTimingFunctionLabel and am wondering how can I set a label to animation-timing-function so that I can see the string into play?
14:03stoyan(no pun, you know)
14:09stoyanIt just doesn't show when is "ease"
14:35jdescottesstoyan: I think you just need to use anything but ease
14:35stoyanI've done just that (;
14:35jdescottescool :)
14:40stoyanAnother one. Where is the debugger shortcuts editor?
14:58jdescottesstoyan: what do you mean? yulia jlast ^
14:59stoyanI see some strings in related to some shortcuts editor
14:59stoyanjudging for the localisation notes
15:00stoyanor just shortcuts list. maybe is not editor after all
15:11jdescottesstoyan: I know there's a list of keyboard shortcuts somewhere in the debugger, but it might be disabled for now?
15:13stoyanit could be, jdescottes. Thanks for diggin' in
15:15jdescottesstoyan: np, looked a bit more, the shortcuts modal dialog is behind a feature flag and there's no way I think to enable it in Firefox (jlast can confirm)
15:18stoyanAh, ok. That makes sense.
15:18jdescottesit looks like that in the standalone version of the debugger
15:18stoyandoes the job.
15:19stoyanCan I post it over to #l10n channel?
15:21jdescottesoh sure!
15:22stoyancool (;
15:24stoyanThe first section named Editor fooled me into thinking it is a shortcuts editor (;
15:30bkellyhello, anyone around familiar with network monitor?
17:05solebkelly: honza but he's possibly away already (Europe...)
19:32digitaraldbkelly: whats the question?
19:33bkellydigitarald: I think I answered my question for now, thanks
22:00mlissnerIs there a known issue around moz-extension sources not being shown in the debugger?
22:01mlissnerI'm trying to debug an extension, but the extension sources aren't showing up consistently and it's making me crazy.
7 Oct 2017
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