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20 Mar 2017
02:58saghanhi, could anyone tell me how to run mochitest devtools test? The documentation is absent for that
04:04rickychienHonza: mozSetImageElement
07:48rickychienHonza, gasolin:
07:49rickychienHonza, gasolin:
09:28pbroHonza: did you have a good trip to Taipei?
09:28Honzapbro: Yeah, went well. No delays :-)
09:29pbroawesome! Have a great week
09:29Honzapbro: Thanks!
12:50bwintonHopefully this will be filed as an actual bug, but in case not, I heard in another irc channel "Man oh man, I tried to View Source on a 2.5MB file in Firefox 52.x (the one-page version of the gawk manual, specifically) and it is _dying_. I think the syntax highlighting may be to blame."
13:11solebwinton: I don't know if view source is part of devtools? I'm never sure about things that aren't in panels
13:12bwintonsole: Heh, that makes two of us. I would hope that it uses the same syntax highlighting, but then I've been at Mozilla long enough to know that that's probably not the case. ;)
13:13solebwinton: I'd suspect so
13:13* sole looks
13:14soleI think it's this
13:14julienwI don't think it uses the same syntax highlighting, for example JS is not highlighted at all
13:15julienwand it outlines HTML violation, IIRC
13:15solewhich calls
13:15solewhich calls
13:16solewhich calls
13:16soleI think that's it. I'm slightly scared / happy I managed to find my way around this (I think)
13:18julienwthis sounds right :)
13:19solewe just need bwinton to convince the person on the other channel to file a bug 8-)
13:20pbroafaik viewsource has never been part of devtools. I don't know who owns/maintains it these days
13:20pbroI suspect it just works (or not, in this case) and doesn't receive a lot of attention
13:22soleI wasn't sure if it was part of it because they moved the menu item under Tools -> web developer
13:22pbrothe last big thing that was done was by jryans, to make it open in a tab
13:22soleSo I was like mmm maybe it's related
13:22sole I remember that
13:36bwintonsole, julienw: They should have already filed one, but I'll re-ping them.
13:42mkaplyJust curious why devtools were put in browser instead of toolkit?
13:43* sole shrugs her shoulders in the wildest admission of total ignorance she could ever try to depict
13:44solemkaply: I don't think most of us here have been long enough to know
13:44mkaplyLost in history :)
13:44soleMaybe worth looking at the VCS history hehe
13:45solealso maybe jwalker or dcamp know
14:15jwalkerThey've been in browser, in toolkit, everywhere. But now they're in /devtools. Not sure why you say they're in browser??
14:15jryansmkaply: do you mean why is it in the browser omni.ja? or why is the UI packaged in /browser? or...?
14:15jwalkermkaply: ^^
14:15flodpretty sure he's talking about the initial landing
14:17jwalkerI think when we initially landed stuff there was a mess between browser and toolkit because (IIRC) the webconsole was very browser specific
14:17jwalker(but this is *really* hazy)
14:17firebotBug 579909 FIXED, Move WebConsole code to browser
14:17jryansbwinton: sole: mconley and myself kind of watch over view source (maintenance mode only), but it doesn't really have a clear owner at the moment
14:18jryanspbro: ^ (just so you're aware)
14:18jwalkerThen we tried to unify it all in toolkit, but didn't finish the job
14:19jwalkerThen jryans did the job properly and fixed it all
14:20mkaplyYes, why it's in browser. It seems like it belongs in toolkit now (I just added it to a non browser application). And the sad part is I had to bring along the entire devtools directory in my app because I couldn't get to it in browser/omni.ja
14:22jryansmkaply: this is a long, sad story for external XUL apps. see bug 1244163.
14:22firebot NEW, DevTools inaccessible to XUL apps using "firefox -app"
14:23mkaplyjryans: I got it working.
14:24jryansmkaply: yes, it can be done... but so far i have heard an "easy" version
14:24jryans*have not heard
14:25jryansjlast: ping
14:25mkaplyjryans: yeah, definitely not easy. And the amount of preferences you guys require. Wow.
14:27mkaplyjryans: Thanks for that bug pointer though. Will be quite helpful for getting the debugger working. I just needed the browser console right now.
14:40dcampThey were put in browser because we were building them for the browser only, and didn't want to
14:41dcamp... live up to toolkit's vague promise of cross-app usefulness
14:56GijsCan someone else check if they can find an instance of amContentHandler.js in either the browser toolbox or the browser content toolbox
14:56Gijsit doesn't seem to be listed in the debugger for me in either toolbox
14:57Gijswhich is annoying because I want to set breakpoints in it to see what it's up to
14:57Gijslooks like it gets loaded as a JS component by networking based on mimetypes
14:58Gijsjryans: also, my existing OS X profile doesn't seem to want to use the new debugger UI :s
14:58Gijsjryans: I even tried opening a browser with the debugging profile and toggling the pref to its default (true) value in about:config but that doesn't seem to have helped :s
15:00jryansGijs: at the moment, we are rude and set prefs during startup of browser toolbox so they aren't very user customizable
15:00Gijsjryans: oh, I thought the new frontend had landed already?
15:00Gijsis that bug stuck in other people's review queues or something?
15:00jryansGijs: no, waiting on a review: bug 1346902
15:00firebot ASSIGNED, Enable new debugger UI for Browser Toolbox
15:02ochameaujryans: Honza clarkbw go faster meeting? I do not have much update this week.
15:06Honzaochameau: I am in Taipei so, no meeting works for me :-) (its too late here)
16:15jryansGijs: did you figure out the amContentHandler thing?
16:24jryanssole: i added a warning about artifact builds to the telemetry doc
16:25solejryans: thanks
16:25jryanssole: there's also to actually make it work with artifact
16:25firebotBug 1206117 NEW, Make Telemetry Histograms.json "build faster" friendly
16:25soleyeah I saw that bug
16:26jryansfeels... tricky :)
16:28solejryans: yup
16:29solethat's why I'm like "well until that is done, just try compiling if you change histograms"
16:29Gijsjryans: no...
16:29jryanssole: i would try to do something about it if there was clear path forward... it's definitely frustrating
16:30Gijseven adding a debugger; keyword doesn't seem to work :(
16:30solejryans: We discussed that maybe data would make it easier to do data collection
16:30jryansGijs: i'll give it a try...
16:30soleOr maybe we are going to look into different ways
16:30soleWe'll see...
16:30solefor now we need to follow the existing undocumented steps ha
16:31jryanssole: haha, yeah, it's hard to know what do about for devtools since we're moving out of m-c soonish
16:32soleAlso we want to merge those guides into .md but hey, not this quarter
16:47jryansGijs: okay, got it!
16:48jryansGijs: it's loaded in content process. 1. make a tab. 2. try to open a XPI with that tab open. 3. open browser content toolbox 4. set breakpoint
17:28Gijsjryans: oh, hm
17:28Gijsjryans: how are you opening an XPI with that tab open?
17:28Gijsjryans: dragging, or pasting a URL, or something else?
17:28Gijs(and local or remote URL?)
17:29jryansGijs: File -> Open, select some local XPI file
17:31Gijsjryans: hrm, but that breakpoint isn't then getting hit when I follow the steps in bug 1348801
17:31firebot NEW, Open Link In New Private Window prevents the add-on installation
17:33jryansGijs: hmm, so the tricky thing is that Browser Content Toolbox is connecting to only a single content process, the one for tab selected at the time you open it. are there multiple content process in use?
17:48Gijsjryans: I don't know...
17:48Gijsjryans: it's Nightly, so... possibly?
17:48Gijsjryans: also, I wonder if the file:/// version will be using the file:/// content process
18:39jryansGijs: i tried following the steps from that bug, it seems like a fresh content process is created when you "open link in PB window", so i am not sure how to easily attach a debugger ahead of time
22:04RobinStamerHow do I make the F12 console have a monospaced font?
21 Mar 2017
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