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18 May 2017
11:20mcnesiumI am trying to use the "inspect element" feature right now. whenever I reload the tab, the highlighting rectangle is gone, i need to double-hit F12 to close and reopen devtools, to re-enable it.
11:21mcnesiumany ideas on whether that is some misconfiguration or a bug?
11:21mcnesiumfirefox 53.0.2 (64-bit) linux
12:10jdescottesmcnesium: is this happening on any webpage or only on a specific one ?
12:27mcnesiumjdescottes: hmm looks like it only happens on a number of sites that have the same jekyll theme I am developing
12:28jdescottesmcnesium: is there any public URL we could test?
12:28mcnesiumi sent you one
12:29jdescottesGot it, I'll test soon
12:42jdescottesok can repro on my machine, still occurring with the latest nightly
12:42jdescottesthx mcnesium
12:46pbromcnesium: zer0 has a fix for this I think.
12:47pbromcnesium: I think. Could you check if your problem seems similar to this one?
12:47firebotBug 1365075 NEW, Inspector does not show element information after reload
12:48jdescottesI'll apply the patch and test
12:49pbrothanks jdescottes
12:49wedrMay I ask why expressions added to the Watch Expressions pane are showing "not available"?
12:49jdescottespbro: mcnesium can confirm the patch attached in Bug 1365075 fixes the issue
12:56mcnesiumpbro: kind of, yes. though when removing the font declarations from my css, it still happens
12:57mcnesiumjdescottes: great, thanks for testing
13:02wedrI'm just going to report this as a bug
13:03wedrBy design, it should not just say, "not available", when you can actually preview the variables in other parts of the code.
13:03wedrand console.log("blah") doesn't work in Watch Expressions
13:04wedrMaybe it shouldn't.
13:06pbrowedr: yeah that sounds like a bug, definitely. Especially if the preview works elsewhere
13:06pbroalso if you can log these variables in the console and it works there too
13:07pbroI think console.log(whatever) returns undefined, so adding this to the watch expression won't be useful
13:07wedrpbro: Still, it shouldn't say "not available".
13:08wedrLike, this for example:
13:08wedrI wondered if it has to do with me enabling remote debugging?
13:10pbrooh I see what you&#39;re saying. Yeah it should say undefined, not <not available>
13:10pbrosomething definitely wrong with watch expressions here. Filing an issue would be great
13:10wedrok, filing it.
13:11pbrothank you
13:11wedrpbro: Every time I wanted to file a bug, I still get confused as to where I need to file it in.
13:12pbrosorry about that. It&#39;s going to become very easy soon since we&#39;ll move to just 1 place
13:12wedrIs it Developer Systems at the moment?
13:12pbrobut right now, we have 2: bugzilla for everything *but* the debugger, and for the debugger
13:12pbroif on bugzilla: then Developer Tools is the right component
13:13wedrThank goodness for CTRL+F
13:21wedrpbro: Filed as Bug 1365925
13:21firebot UNCONFIRMED, Watch Expressions is evaluating all expressions as &quot;not available&quot;
13:24jdescotteswedr: this looks like a Debugger bug, should we move it to ?
13:26wedrjdescottes: Sure, but pbro said there are two places I can file in.
13:26wedrSo I filed it in bugzilla.
13:26jdescotteshe meant non-debugger go to bugzilla and debugger to to github
13:26jdescottesno worries :)
13:27jdescottes(it&#39;s just that the debugger component is not watched very closely on bugzilla so it&#39;s really better to file it on GitHub)
13:30wedrjdescottes: Done:
13:30jdescotteswedr: thanks
13:31wedrjdescottes: If possible, can someone close the Bugzilla report I filed?
13:31jdescotteswill do
13:32pbrothanks wedr and jdescottes
14:34tromeymikeratcliffe: ping
15:01DesertEaglehello. i have a simple question concerning the development of the built in dev tools: as it is the official replacement for firebug, i am asking, if there are any plans to get the devtools to a state, where they are actually a useful (and working (!!)) replacement for firebug?
15:05soleDesertEagle: the answer is Yes, the comment is you will not get too far in life by asking people to do things for you right after telling them the work they already do for you is not useful ;-)
15:06solethere are plenty of features we&#39;re working on to close the gaps between the firebug features and normal devtools feature set, but it helps when people are respectful
15:08DesertEaglesole, i know the truth hurts, but i am a fulltime web developer and for me the situation is this: mozilla announced, that the api firebug is currently using will be deprecated, firebug is going to die in some months - well, i won&#39;t discuss about the reasons behind those decisions, i could live happily with it, especially as there is a native replacement[...]
15:09soleIf you want to follow, this bug tracks the work
15:09firebotBug 991806 NEW, Firebug Gaps
15:10soleand we gathered feedback again in november 2016!topic/
15:12DesertEagle[...] &quot;ready&quot;. BUT the replacement has some serious flaws and bugs which leads to the uselessness of the dev tools. i am working with the dev tools for some months now, i got some firefox updates, but some very basic bugs seem to be too hard to fix. basic bugs, i cannot be possibly the only one having troubles with them.
15:12soleDesertEagle: Possibly, but we are also full time working on the tools, and we need to prioritise what is important. Many firebug features were super specific to advanced users.
15:13soleAnd again, be respectful please.
15:15soleDesertEagle: if you want to know more about the background and how to request specific features you&#39;re missing, here&#39;s a post with more details
15:16DesertEagleah, you mean unimportant and very specific stuff, that multiline chromephp messages get truncated and only the last line is displayed? and please, don&#39;t get me wrong, i am trying my best to keep my frustration at a low sarcasm level. i&#39;ll brb and check the links you posted. thank you for your time
15:18soleDesertEagle: yes
15:19DesertEaglejust a second... are you the only dev who is *working* (in terms of writing code) working oin the devtools??
15:31DesertEaglesole, thank you for your time. as i see it, the only thing i can do is pray and file some bugreports.
15:33soleDesertEagle: no problem! Bug reports help, because they help us prioritise what are things that people miss. Sometimes there are features in products and we do not know for sure if they&#39;re used. If you feel adventurous you could even try implementing the things you miss-after all it is web technologies ;)
15:33solewe would be happy to help
15:39DesertEaglei will have a closer look at contributing some bugfixes ;-)
15:40soleDesertEagle: you could totally become the chromephp hero! :)
15:52DesertEaglewell, have a nice day. see you in some days
15:56soleochameau: what is the story re: ES lint when we&#39;re in github? I am looking at this and wondering what the procedure to install ESlint will be. Will be still use those mozilla plugins?
15:56sole*will we
15:57tromeyIIRC the moz plugins are on npm now, so we could keep using them
15:58soleah excellent
15:58jdescottessole: yes, what tromey said :)
15:58ochameausole: instead of ./mach eslint devtools, you will do: ./lint .
15:58soleochameau: could I do npm run lint?
15:58ochameausole: to setup eslint, you will do: npm install from root folder
15:59ochameausole: that&#39;s an option, that I haven&#39;t implement. but I would like to let eslint experts do whatever is necessary
15:59soleok! sounds good. I will copy the existing instructions, then add a <!--TODO--> to follow up
15:59solethanks ochameau tromey jdescottes
16:00ochameausole: note that I&#39;m tryin to keep ff-dt readme updated:
16:02soleochameau: ah I hadn&#39;t seen that bit
16:03soleochameau: how do the ./ commands work in Windows? you said you were using some kind of mingw console weren&#39;t you?
16:03tromey&quot;npm run lint&quot; wouldn&#39;t be so bad and then we wouldn&#39;t need these wrapper scripts
16:04soleYes, that is my experience from writing npm stuff
16:04solePlus! you get the chance to use other npm scripts that make things easier in windows
16:04solenpm scripts -> modules
16:04ochameausole: they just work as on linux, but I haven&#39;t tried ./lint one on windows
16:04soleBut we can revisit that later, I offer myself to help
16:04ochameauI imagine it won&#39;t work because of npm doesn&#39;t work
16:05soleI will humbly share my humble expertise :P
16:05soleochameau: we will make it work!
16:05ochameauwhen you install git on windows, it comes with a command line env, cygwin one called &quot;git bash&quot;
16:07soleAhhh that&#39;s it
16:07soleI always forget about it, need to revisit that
18:35gregglindis there a way to flush out things from &quot;load temporary addon&quot;
18:36gregglindI have an addon.xpi that I am rebuilding in the background, and SOMETIMES when I &quot;reload&quot; it seems to be using old stuff. Even after uninstalling the temp addon using about:addons
21:58clarkbwhow do you unload the temp addon? I&#39;ve never actually figured that out
21:59clarkbwgregglind: jdescottes might know, or you&#39;ll have to go for andym
22:00firebotBug 1345007 FIXED, Cached file is used while installing local WebExtensions package after modification.
22:00andymoh that landed a few days ago, you on latest nightly?
19 May 2017
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