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18 Apr 2017
08:00julienwdid we receive a spam from jlast's twitter account, via fitzgen AT forwarding automatically to fx-devtools AT ?
08:35ntimrickychien: I'm looking at bug 1356872, and I was wondering whether you had some code style comments
08:35firebot NEW, Hard to distinguish IP from Port in IPv6 address
08:40rickychienntim: LGTM
08:40rickychienntim: with some comments
08:41[R]Let's Google That Man?
08:42nchevobbe[R]: Looks Good To Me
08:43[R]Ah, thanks
08:43nchevobbeBut yours was nice too :)
09:54nchevobbejulienw: ping
11:00julienwnchevobbe, yep
11:06nchevobbejulienw: Hello ! I'm trying to make sense of a profile
11:07nchevobbejulienw: I don't understand the 2.5s gap I see starting at 4s
11:07nchevobbethere doesn't seems to be any information about it
11:07nchevobbeexcept platform things I don't really understand
11:39julienwnchevobbe, looking
11:40julienwnchevobbe, I think you don't have enough data
11:40julienwnchevobbe, in the addon settings you can increase the buffer size
11:41julienwnchevobbe, try something like 90MB instead of the default 9
11:42solejulienw: "9mb should be enough for everybody"...
11:52nchevobbei was already at 60 i think
11:52nchevobbelet me try with more
11:56nchevobbestill no luck
11:58julienwnchevobbe, show me the result please ?
11:59nchevobbejulienw: sure
12:00nchevobbeI think there's something going on with cached messages, but can't really tell
12:22julienwnchevobbe, what are you profiling ?
12:22julienwbecause it's indeed weird :)
12:22nchevobbeconsole opening with 2000 messages in the cache
12:23julienwnchevobbe, and what did you use as message this time ?
12:23julienwI mean, as buffer size
12:24julienwnchevobbe, try 180MB ?
12:24julienwjust to see if this changes anything
12:25nchevobbeit's really the display of the cached messages that does that, I delayed it for a bit and could see the same gap, even if the console was already opened
12:25nchevobbesure :)
12:30julienwnchevobbe, just checking, have you tried to restart the addon (like stop/start the profile) or even restart nightly after changing the settting ?
12:30julienwI'm not convinced it changes it on the run
12:30nchevobbeyes, i did
12:31jdescottesnchevobbe: if you uncheck "javascript only" you can see some profiling information
12:31julienwbut still not in the main thread
12:31julienwneither the compositor
12:31nchevobbeyeah, but I can't get much sense of it
12:31julienwthis is really strange
12:32julienwIMO the important part is the main thread, that's where everything happens with the devtools
12:33julienwtrying to "invert" the profile, this takes a looooot of time
12:33julienwnchevobbe, mmm looks like you shared the profile before it was symbolicated
12:33julienwso we don't see gecko's function names
12:34julienwI see render() in frame.js takes a lot of time
12:35nchevobbeyeah, this one is likely to be shorter with the new reps bundle
12:35julienwalso in message.js
12:36nchevobbebut it's really the time where there isn't any calls in the profiler that I find strange
12:57nchevobbejulienw: if a setTimeout call is cancelled, would it appear in perf-html ?
12:57nchevobbeI'm wondering if there isn't some sort of throttling on react or redux side that would explain this long hang
13:48julienwnchevobbe, if it's canceled it's not run, right ? :)
13:48nchevobbejulienw: right :)
15:48pbroThere's a "travelling to the US" brown bag at the same time as our DevTools meeting. It will be recorded and available here:
16:13solehahaha tromey
16:13solenchevobbe: nice, a 2014 bug!
16:25solejlast: sorry I missed a second of the conversation-if you were to enumerate properties of an object with the actor there is a thing called JSPropertyProvider that does it in the actor but it sort of does I think the same thing you're doing... looking at keys etc
16:26jlastoh thanks sole
16:27soleI think it's in the shared folder though... somewhere
16:27jlastdo you think it would know what was application specific and what is a "native" propety?
16:27soleI think it does!
16:28solegregtatum: so cool to see the threads side by side :D :D
16:32gregtatumsole: thanks :)
16:32nchevobbesole: your tshirt looks so cool
16:36ochameaujlast: this native property story is something firebug supported at least via the DOM panel
16:36ochameaujlast: we already discussed about this with honza in bug 1312250
16:36firebot UNCONFIRMED, Developer Tools DOM: Display Order
16:37ochameaujlast: we can surely do something on the actors side of reps
16:43ochameaujlast: we may mentor nchevobbe to tweak reps for this ;)
16:47nchevobbeochameau: :)
17:14solenchevobbe: :D
17:21solenchevobbe: "Didnt say it was my first C++ patch :)"
17:23jlasthaha - that'd be great.
17:23jlastWe'll be adding the Object Inspector to the reps frontend, which is the new variables view
17:28bgrinsochameau: btw there was recently a new bug filed about vview perf ( which I also forwarded onto debugger.html since Object Inspector seems to have a similar issue ( Unclear if it's server side or client side - my quick profiling didn't show anything from the server which made me wonder if I was missing something in the profile
17:28firebotBug 1348761 NEW, Console hangs the browser when attempting to view a printed object
17:29bgrinsI think you have more knowledge / experience with perf in the object actor land.. if you had a chance to take a look at perf here it would be very helpful
18:55ochameaubgrins: ok, I'll take a look.
18:56bgrinsit's one of these emscripten situations with a giant Module global
19:00ochameauif the debugger isn't using old variable inspector, it is most likely not splitting properties, like what I did long time ago.
19:00ochameauthis is the only way to support inspecting such object
19:01bgrinsyeah, even vview hangs on it though so i'm not sure if it's property count that's the only problem
19:01ochameauok ok
19:03jlasthmm, interesting - do you mean paginating the property list?
19:04ochameauyes you can find some more context over bug 1270179
19:04firebot FIXED, Inspecting big typed array, typically webaudio ones freeze the browser when opening them in the vari
19:05ochameauit was speeding up inspector window object, but I think what you did is even better.
21:54mrbkapHello, anyone around who knows about the service worker debugging workaround?
19 Apr 2017
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