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17 Jul 2017
09:42soleWhat is our policy re: making more of our source code pass ESLint tests?
09:42soleduring this SDK stuff I've noticed there's a bunch of files with ESLint disabled, so I'm curious
10:02nchevobbesole: I think all our files should be eslint compliant
10:02nchevobbefiles that are disabled might be ones that required too much work when eslint/new rules were added
10:03nchevobbeI know we had bugs for the files/modules we want to eslint-enable
10:04nchevobbesole: like Bug 1256768
10:04firebot FIXED, [ESLint] Fix ESLint errors/warnings in devtools/client/webconsole/console-output.js
10:05solenchevobbe: that's what I guessed
10:06soleSo I figure that making something ES lint compliant would be a 'nice ot have'
10:07nchevobbesole: i'd say more than nice to have
10:07nchevobbesole: when I started contributing, if I was editing a file eslint-ignored, I would fix the bug in a patch, then fix the eslint failures in another one
10:09nchevobbeit's also nice to have little bugs just for enabling eslint on a file, there are easy to fix for new contributors and can make you familiar with the codebase
10:09solenchevobbe: I had just that idea!
10:09soleI thought: hmm. I'd do the initial bug first then file a bug to ES lint it
10:09nchevobbesole: nice !
10:10soleAlthough I don't know if it'd be best to start with the ESlint bit first because sometimes it's easier to get ESlint running on the background than compiling and then getting an error when the toolbox opens
10:10soleWith ESlint+VIM you can get instant errors
10:10sole(replace VIM with your editor of choice etc)
11:31jdescottessole: eslint first makes sense for all the reasons you mentioned :) the only thing is to keep the patches separated otherwise it's often a nightmare to review
11:31solejdescottes: yep!
11:32soleone after the other, yep
13:30soleyulia: Honza: are you joining us?
13:30solefor the no sdk meeting
13:30Honzasole: yes
13:30solewe're in the devtools room :)
13:30yuliawas just in another meeting, one sec
13:31soleyulia: np thanks
14:13JuliaCHello! I need some information about bug 1308566 and bug 1307922. Can someone help me?
14:13firebot FIXED, nchevobbe Use the object inspector instead of variables view
14:13firebot FIXED, nchevobbe Add support for console.dir()
14:14nchevobbeJuliaC: sure
15:24glzer0: WIP scrolling for positive numbers.
15:33clarkbwwhere is bgrins?
15:38glclarkbw: he's present on slack
15:40daleharveyis there an easy way to see the value of a css var in devtools?
16:02nchevobbedaleharvey: sadly I don't think so :( I know tromey looked at it for some time. gl may now if there's any plan for this
16:10Honzajlast: ping
16:10Honzajlast: Hi, I am looking at bug 1380927, but still no luck
16:10firebot NEW, Fix context menu alias
16:11Honzajlast: what exactly do you mean by "upgrading launchpad"
16:11jlastbumping the version in the netmonitor package.json
16:12jlast^ 88 has it.
16:12Honzajlast: ok, let me tray again
16:23Honzajlast: I am still seeing the same problem...
16:23jlasthmm, that's strange
16:23HonzaWhy is webpack looking for 'devtools-launchpad/src/components/shared/menu' module?
16:24jlasthmm, that's interesting
16:24jlastthat module is no longer in the launchpad
16:25jlastcheck node_modules/devtools-launchpad/package.json for the version?
16:25jlastyou might need to rm -rf
16:25Honzajlast: I removed entire node_modules dir
16:25Honzaand id fresh yarn install
16:25Honzacould this be about another dep?
16:26HonzaBtw. I double checked the Launchpad is "version": "0.0.88"
16:35jlasthmm, let check
16:37jlasthonza - that's coming from webpack:
16:38jlastremoving the mapping seems to fix it
16:38Honzajlast: ha
16:38Honzalet me try
16:38jlastha - awesome! the netmonitor looks great in a tab :P
16:46Honzajlast: ok, got it working now, there was yet another problem in the config
16:46Honzajlast: thanks!
17:34ruturajvntim: can u tell me what this piece of code does in the test case (browser_net_filter-autocomplete.js)
17:34ruturajv> + let { document, store, windowRequire } = monitor.panelWin; > + let Actions = windowRequire("devtools/client/netmonitor/src/actions/index"); > + > + store.dispatch(Actions.batchEnable(false));
17:34ruturajvall that I can understand is it lets the requests flow through, before we go ahead with the filters and its tests
23:13jgauntI'm working thru the add-ons at - when I try to open the add-on debugger for the annotate-page example the console entries are not limited to the add-on only - is this what I should expect?
18 Jul 2017
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