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17 Apr 2017
07:03rickychienHonza: ping
08:23ntimHonza: Hi! Is bug 1353057 ready to land ?
08:23firebot ASSIGNED, Split requests summary button into multiple labels
08:35ntimJust remembered it's easter :)
14:45jryansochameau: Honza: is there a meeting today? i think france is off today...?
14:45Honzajryans: yah, almost everyone is off
14:45Honza(including me :-) )
14:46jryansokay :)
15:33clarkbwpbro: you're out today, right?
15:33* clarkbw thinks france is off today
15:34* clarkbw cancels all french sounding meetings
15:34clarkbwLe DevEdition will have to wait!
15:35clarkbwmkaply: is the distribution.ini here the latest: ?
15:36mkaplyclarkbw: Yes, but it needs some placeholder fixes. The distribution ID is going to be mozilla-devedition. And I need to setup a channel so in theory it could update separately from Firefox if necessary
15:37clarkbwah, ok.
15:37clarkbwmkaply: can you join #dawn ? tromey too
15:37clarkbwjust so you can see these questions and I don't try to PM.translate()
16:46jimbtromey: ping
17:12andymis the developer edition theme still going to be a thing in the future?
17:12andymi think that's what is asking
17:13firebotBug 1349896 NEW, WebExtension API to get DevTools theme
17:13tromeyjimb: sorry about the delay, here now
17:13tromeyandym: afaik there are no plans to remove the devedition theme
17:17andymtromey: ok thanks
17:21jryansandym: i think that bug is asking about the tools themselves? (vs. the dev edition browser theme, which is now available on all channels as the "compact" themes)
17:40jimbtromey: Hi!
17:40jimbtromey: I was wondering, why does the profiler have a separate queue for markers (PseudoStack::mPendingMarkers)?
17:40tromeyI do not know
17:41jimbtromey: Ah, okay. I thought it had something to do with locking, but that should be totally fine. The sampler takes gPSMutex before trying to suspend the samplee, so it never sees the samplee holding gPSMutex (although it could see it blocked trying to acquire it).
17:41tromeyit's possible that it changed
17:42jimbtromey: Are you the best person to ask about this?
17:42jimb"Well, gee, Jim, why don't you check hg blame?"
17:42tromeylike the locking used to be more complicated in the past
17:42jimb"Gosh, but then I wouldn't be able to waste anyone's time"
17:42tromeyI am probably not the best person, but I don't know who would be
17:42tromeynjn has done recent work in the area
17:43jimbtromey: Okay. Thanks!
17:47jimbtromey: mstange is probably the person to ask; I've done so.
19:01jlastHey bgrins
19:01bgrinsjlast: hey
19:02jlastdo you think the watch expression issue is server side?
20:33bkellyjlast: looks like your twitter might have been hacked
20:33jlastthanks. looking into it now
18 Apr 2017
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