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16 May 2017
06:29inspector71anbody about?
06:29inspector71anybody about?
06:31inspector71I'm wondering about a bug I might be experiencing. After reloading a page corresponding to a Developer Tools window, the Inspector seems to lose contact with the browser window and thus rolling over the tags no longer highlights the corresponding content area in the browser
06:34inspector71haven't got time to sit around waiting for a reply that may never come (suspecting I'm in the wrong timezone). Hopefully someone can test this out.
06:56pbroinspector71: I can test this if you're still here. What version of Firefox are you experiencing this with?
10:37solehmhh, has anyone experienced that dxr is not quite up to date? My change from last week is in gecko-dev but not in dxr: vs
10:44ochameausole: ah? dxr still exists? ;)
10:44ochameauyou should switch to
10:44ochameauI'm only using dxr for searching into addons or beta/release branches
10:45ochameauotherwise searchfox is just better
10:45soleMozilla: where things are never in one place
10:45* sole looks in searchfox for her change
10:46soleIt isn't updated either
10:46solethanks anyway ochameau !
10:47soleochameau: I'm also going to try your trick of editing hgrc and see if that fixes my autoland issues
10:48pbrosole: looks like your change landed on m-c 12 hours ago
10:48pbromaybe it takes longer for dxr/searchfox to re-index
10:48solepbro: it is not the end of the world, I was just wondering what was going on :)
10:48pbroyeah, that sure looked weird
10:49pbrobut it's probably just a few hours away
10:50* sole sighs and cracks on with the next bug
12:19Gijsare there bugs on file on the debugger in the browser toolbox randomly not working?
12:19Gijs(ie the content pane goes blank and switching to other files doesn't show any files - only workaround I've seen is restarting the browser toolbox)
12:20soleGijs: I don't remember off the top of my head
12:22ochameauGijs: do you think that's related to the switch to the new debugger.html?
12:22Gijsochameau: I hadn't seen it before then, no
12:22Gijsso, I guess?
12:23Gijsdon't know if it's a bug in the new debugger or if it's a bug in how it's integrated in the browser toolbox / expectations it has about the rest of the world
12:23* Gijs finds reproducible STR and files
12:23ochameauno idea either, but it would be better to file a bug as I haven't heard about that either
12:26* Gijs files - you're all CC'd
12:26firebotBug 1365233 NEW, Browser debugger content (ie file contents) pane goes blank and stays blank when switching to other
12:44jdescottesGijs: I think that should be fixed by the patch I have in
12:44firebotBug 1365059 NEW, Update Debugger frontend (5/15/2017)
12:45jdescottesI think my minimal STRs are : 1- hit a breakpoint ; 2- switch to any other tool ; 3- switch back to debugger
12:56jdescottes(I'm actually surprised we didn't get any bug report earlier as this is really easy to trigger)
13:04Gijsjdescottes: that sounds great - when will that land? :)
13:05jdescottesGijs: looks like my initial patch made try very orange, so trying a new one. But later today on inbound I'd say
14:43jdescottes(well try is ok, but trees are closed so ... waiting :) )
15:57ochameaujryans: isn't only used when you do ./mach build package?
15:59jryansochameau: ./mach package, but yeah... i wasn't sure if your failure was local or on CI where packaging is run
16:02ochameaujryans: it also fails locally
16:05ochameausole: sorry but vidyo is rebooting
16:07soleochameau: are you there?
16:10bwintonWe seem to be having some Vidyo problems in Toronto
16:11solejlast: sounds like a challenge 8-)
16:12solebwinton: maybe mute?
16:12jlasthe's forgetting yulia joined! We just doubled
16:12bwintonsole: We did. jlin is looking into it now
16:13solebwinton: thx! thx jlin!
16:13bwintonThe sound just came back! So, uh, can ochameau repeat his whole presentation for us? ;D
16:14solebwinton: you can see the slides - ask any questions!
16:29bgrinssole: there's also an introduction in the round table section :)
16:29bgrinsmaybe after this first demo
16:43ochameaupbro: if we have inspector/highlighter still working while the debugger is paused, that would be easier to do...
16:44pbroochameau: exactly! That'd be great
16:50solebgrins: did you mean victoria's? :)
16:50soleI was a bit confused :s
16:50jdescottesjlast: how did you dare change the breakpoint's line color
16:50bgrinsjust wanted to make sure we didn't skip that
16:50jlastsorry jdescottes :)
16:51solebgrins: Absolutely!
18:00clarkbwI'm seeing a million errors in the browser console about the network panel
18:36jlastclarkbw, this _findActivityObject looks somewhat related to the controller refactor work rickychien was working on...
18:39jlastoh no ochameau, the day came way too soon.
18:39jlastI've now got to debug the toolbox smoker test
19:39ochameaujlast: oh? did it broke during debugger package update?
19:39jlastyep - but i have a small fix
19:39jlasti'm not really sure how i broke it...
19:40jlastthis is part of it:
19:41jlastthis is the other part:
19:41jlastsorry, it must be pretty late for you
19:51jdescottesclarkbw: for the netmonitor errors I believe this was fixed in
19:51firebotBug 1363871 FIXED, Errors in output: Handler function threw an exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure cod
19:51jdescottesclarkbw: is this on a recent build/nightly?
19:52clarkbwjdescottes: i see it in my nightly right now
19:52* clarkbw wonders if my nightly is busted...
19:53jdescottesclarkbw: ok let me check :?
19:54clarkbwjdescottes: downloaded a new nightly and its gone...
19:54clarkbwmust have been stuck on a bad nightly
19:54jdescottesclarkbw: ok, that's a relief :)
20:30Sky_SymbolHello, I'm working on bug 1361296. Is there a function to list the files available in the debugger or in the style editor?
20:30firebot NEW, Add Open in Debugger and Open In Style Editor in context menu
20:41bgrinsSky_Symbol: i think if you rely on toolbox.viewSourceInDebugger / toolbox.viewSourceInStyleEditor it will sort things out for you in case the source doesn't end up existing in the relevant tool
20:42bgrinswe could probably assume a js file should open in debugger and css file can open in style editor, then pass it off to the relevant toolbox function?
20:43Sky_Symbolbgrins: Yes, this is what I'm using. But just me be sure. Is it a safe asumption that _every_ js file will be present in the debugger?
20:44bgrinsSky_Symbol: I don't think that's necessarily a safe assumption, but worst case is if they click on the context menu item it will end up opening in a tab instead of the debugger panel
20:44bgrinsthe toolbox helper won't leave things in a bad state
20:45Sky_Symbolok, fine. Thank you for the infos :-)
21:08ochameaujlast: pretty simple failure. Was that easy to debug at least? apart running it from debugger.html, is there anything we can do to ease that?
21:15jlasthaha - i guess it wasn't too bad to debug
21:15jlastactually, it's passing locally now, but i'm not sure about try... got some failures the last time
17 May 2017
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