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15 May 2017
10:26AntonDevHi, I am trying to connect mu iPhone 6 (iOS 10), to my windows 10 machine, in an attempt to debug Safari on iOS, via windows. At the moment I have installed the Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support applications, as well as the latest version of Firefox developer edition. The instructions are not very clear, i'm not sure if i ne
10:26AntonDeved to download and install both ios-webkit-debug-proxy & ios-webkit-debug-proxy-32 or if they all ready come with Valence. Thought it was just going to be a matter of installing firefox dev, the 2 itunes services, and then plugging in the iPhone and firing up the WebIDE.
12:05yulia@AntonDev hi! maybe i can help you
12:06yuliajust to check before we get started: did you enable web debugging on your device?
12:07yuliahere is some info on how to do that if you havent already
12:52AntonDevHi Yulia
12:52AntonDevI think i've solved it
12:52yuliacool! what was the issue?
12:54AntonDevapple driver for windows needs to be installed, tried it on win 7 and it worked, just attempting win 10 just now, in the instructions i don't think it's clear that you need to install ios-webkit-debug-proxy in conjunction with, ff dev
13:29wedrIs there a way for any Firefox Dev Tool to set a breakpoint in the debugger at the moment onInstall event listener callback is called when the extension is installed?
13:30wedrKind of like, "run to main()" in Visual Studio C++.
13:31wedrAny Firefox Dev Tool, as in, any given development tools.
13:44jlastnot that i know of
13:44jlastit'd be nice though
13:54wedrjlast: Found it
13:55wedrRun the debugger first, then in the code, type "debugger;" at any point where you want to start debugging, then pack the extension, install it, then watch as the debugger breaks at that "debugger;".
13:55wedrjlast: ^
13:56wedrIt would be even nicer if the "debugger;" keyword trick is embedded in the debugger.
13:57wedrBut, given how JavaScript code works, I doubt there's a better way than "debugger;". Especially when there's no set entry point, like main(), in JavaScript.
14:04julienwI often use the "debugger" trick too, but it needs the debugger to be opened first; so it doesn't work if a new page is opened
14:04julienwfor example when capturing a profile, jlast ;)
14:05jlastoh nice
14:05jlastyeah - window event listener BPs are a good strategy too
14:08wedrI wondered if there's an easier way of firing certain window event listener messages, so if you wanted to, say, fire an onInstall event, with a click of a button, the debugger can send a message and it triggers the onInstall event listener?
14:08wedrDebugger or Browser.
14:31jdescottesochameau: clarkbw pbro go faster meeting?
14:35pbrojdescottes: can't do it today. In a training now
14:39jlastwedr - that's a good idea.
14:39jlastlike simulating the events...
14:44wedrjlast: How do you actually fire window events?
14:44wedrAll this time, I've been listening to them.
14:44wedrBut never sent one off. :?
14:49pbrowedr: you can create events in javascript:
14:51wedrAh, so it's dispatchEvent()...
14:52wedrThat article is very useful.
14:52wedrThanks pbro
15:08jlastwedr - yep. that's it
15:10AntonDevSo I managed to get this working ( using windows 10 and 7 with a iPad running iOS 9 - is iOS 10 supported or will it be?
15:10AntonDevwill it be*
15:38yulia@AntonDev hmmm I think jryans is the expert on that
15:39yuliaahhh the different ways of referencing people is messing me up :'D
15:39yulia^ AntonDev
15:41soleyulia: yeah without the @
15:42soleTwitter has messed up with us
15:42AntonDevthanks :)
15:44AntonDevi seen someone released a build new build that is apparently compatable with iOS 10, i installed the ios webkit debug proxy using scoop, the package located here is all source files, how would i go about compiling that and using it?
15:46jryansAntonDev: yes, valence probably needs an updated proxy for iOS 10
15:46AntonDevgotcha ya, i think i've found the proxy, no idea what to do with all those files though, i'm a web dev
15:46AntonDevdabbled in java and .net i just dont understand the process
15:47AntonDevmaybe i dont need to compile any thing, i just point valence to this new proxy folder? with all the files in it?
15:47jryansAntonDev: no, it would need to be complied, valence contains the compiled binaries from the proxy.
15:48jryansAntonDev: the proxy's readme summarizes the steps to build it
15:48AntonDevgotcha :)
15:53AntonDevme paint a picture, i've stayed away from git hub, because i don't understand the whole branch thing and how the merging works etc - but i'm now begning to see the appeal. Do most projects on git hub have a read me with how to compile things? or is it more to do with who ever is uploading it is responsible for it?
15:54pbrothe big majority of popular projects tend to have a helpful readme, but it's up to whoever maintains the project really
18:01tromeyI have a patch that was backed out due to an intermittent spike. but, I can't reproduce the failure at all. what should I do?
18:01tromeyI think in the past I've ended up re-landing it
18:02tromeymaybe I should ping the sherriff who backed it out?
18:04jlasttromey - is it failing on a specific platform?
18:05tromeyyes, primarily windows 7 with PGO
18:05tromeyI've been doing this:
18:56andymis there a plan around testing devtools as add-ons once they are outside of mozilla-central?
18:57andymwhen we break devtools, because someone breaks webextensions, that wouldn't cause any failures in try (as an example)
19:01tromeyandym: ochameau has a plan for this
19:02tromeyhe's in paris so probably not around right now
19:03tromeyhaving trouble finding his plan document right now
19:03tromeytoo many tabs
19:10andymcool, thanks
19:26ochameauandym: hi, we are still running xpcshell/mochitest from github
19:26andymagainst a nightly firefox or something?
19:26ochameauandym: just the existing tests we have today on m-c
19:27ochameauandym: against nightly, beta and release
19:27ochameauas of today, I only have against nightly
19:27ochameauI also plan to run once a day, latest devtools against latest nightly to keep sane track of regressions
19:28ochameauwe may do more tests against m-c changesets, but most likely not by the time we plan to got to github (around the workweek)
19:29andymi just worry a little about regressions in nightly, the nice thing about having webextensions in the tree and well tested is that people will notice when they break stuff
19:30andymbut sounds like you've got that covered
19:30ochameaunote that the devtools won't be using webext apis
19:33andymi'm hoping you will eventually :)
19:33mikeratcliffeIs anybody around?
19:34mikeratcliffeJust need a quick r+ on code that is already r+ssed.
19:35mikeratcliffeJust a simple pref change... bclark and pbro both r+ssed it but pbro forgot to do the ship it thing in reviewboard.
19:35tromeymikeratcliffe: sure
19:37mikeratcliffeI am just adding file signature checking (for indexedDB blobs, caches etc.)
19:37mikeratcliffeIf anybody can think where else it could be useful please let me know.
19:37tromeynot sure if you need to change the r? or something
19:37tromeyanyway I clicked it
19:37mikeratcliffetromey: perfect, thx
19:38mikeratcliffeOne obvious place is the network panel to warnwhen e.g. an image is an executable file.
19:59jsnajdrmikeratcliffe: The Storage Inspector is finally enabled by default? Congrats if that's really true! :)
21:00mikeratcliffeYeah... there were lots of papercuts.
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