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15 Mar 2017
10:13rickychienAnyone know is there an easy way to convert L10N properties to strings.json?
10:15Standard8rickychien: I noticed this published very recently, not sure if itll do what you want:
10:18rickychiencool! I'll try
10:43rindolfHi all! Should I file a bug about the failing tests on fedora/mageia ?
10:43rindolfHi all! Should I file a bug about the failing tests of debugger.html on fedora/mageia ?
10:56julienwFYI: Incident: PAR1 office is unable to reach IPv6 destinations
10:58solejulienw: is that why some things are slow? maybe?
11:13julienwsole, yeah I think
11:14solejulienw: first this, then no water, what's next?!?
13:06pbrojryans: we're starting meetings in devtools vidyo now, if you want to join
13:08julienwvidyo sound is terrible again
13:10rsommerardHonza: Is there a roadmap available for the network plugin?
13:14nchevobbejulienw: yep :/
13:15pbronchevobbe: better?
13:20nchevobbeyellow mic is muted ?
13:21julienwit was battery dead
13:25nchevobbebattery again ?
13:26bwintonYep. :)
13:39rickychienjlast: ping
13:39jlasthey rickychien
13:41rickychienjlast: do you know how to support multiple L10N files by using L10N.setBundle
13:42jlastgood question, we&#39;d like to improve it -
13:42rickychienjlast: I saw here is the way to set L10N as global. Netmonitor is using 3 different properties for l10n
13:42jlastwe&#39;ve wanted that for some time
13:43jlastyeah - it would easy for setBundle to merge bundles in. It&#39;s just a shim for running locally
13:43rickychienok. it makes sense to merge multi-strings into one
13:44jlastPR this -
13:44rickychienIs that the reason to set L10N as a global var?
13:47rickychienIt looks like we need a singleton instance to keep L10N stuffs, so that&#39;s way we define L10N as global
13:49rickychienjlast: Another question is about how to convert properties to strings.json?
13:50rickychienjlast: Do we have an existing tool doing this?
13:50jlasthaha - we write them in both places.
13:50jlastwe want to use the shim in gecko. one sec
13:51jlast would be great
13:52jlast^ getting the loader setup in the launchpad is probably ~15 minutes :)
13:57rickychienjlast: so you mean that prefs-loader is able to reuse for parsing properties?
13:57jlastYea - we can use that to load the properties file and kill the strings.json, which would be great!
13:59rickychienSound great! thanks
14:03pbrojryans: we finished the previous meeting early, so we took the opportunity to finish the &quot;State of the tools&quot; meeting
14:05bwintonpbro: Say, I hear you might be writing a webextension If that&#39;s true, and you want to get it translated in Pontoon, you might find useful.
14:05bwinton(Also, if you end up using it, and need changes, I&#39;ll be more than happy to modify it to make it work for more people. :)
14:05jryansjdescottes: were you going to talk about bundles today? looks like it was removed?
14:07pbrobwinton: thanks!
14:09jryanspbro: was there an outcome of Q2 goals discussion? can i read it somewhere?
14:11jdescottesjryans: I added this as something I want to mention in the Github discussion, so I&#39;ll keep this for the discussion at the end
14:11jryansjdescottes: okay, i am very interested in, because i need to either add another bundle or do something else for source maps
14:12jryansjdescottes: so it would be nice to know what direction we want to head
14:12bwintonjryans: There wasn&#39;t really an outcome My notes say &quot;#1 - Perf tools (for gecko devs), #2 Grid Inspector, #3 New Console and Debugger&quot;, which is similar, I guess ;)
14:12jryansokay, thanks!
14:14jdescottesjryans: ok, I think bundles are the status quo at the moment for projects in github. I also want to know if we&#39;re comfortable going on with this, let&#39;s discuss this during the meeting
14:27jryansochameau: yay, code history!
14:47jryanspbro: can&#39;t really hear, but i am guessing i know what he is saying...
14:48jryansit&#39;s okay now :S
14:48pbrojryans: oh, have you been hjearing alex alright otherwise?
14:48jryansyep, was just that one comment about testing platform
14:48pbroit&#39;s weird here cause his mic only sends audio to vidyo I think, we don&#39;t hear him through the tv speakers here
14:49pbroso about platform: he said we could consider running as tier 2 test suite on taskcluster
14:49jryanswell, it&#39;s mostly okay for now :)
15:32julienwjryans, is it ok or terrible or inbetween ?
15:32goranHi all... Who can I talk to about 2-3 things that bother me with work with developer tools? :)
15:32jryansjulienw: in between, good enough that i can follow
15:33julienwand for you nchevobbe ?
15:33nchevobbeyep, it depends
15:33julienwgoran, just tell it here :)
15:33nchevobbeit lags a bit sometimes
15:34goranOk, first small thing is Network tab, since I&#39;ve used firebug long time... Now when I want to open the ajax response in a new tab, I need to right click and go to Open in new tab
15:34goranCtrl+Click or Middle Click would be awesom to have
15:35julienwthe network tab is being redone these days, Honza what do you think ? ^
15:36rsommerardHi, is there a roadmap available for the devTools?
15:36goranSecond thing is, it would be nice while in Console tab checking out dumped variables and reviewing ajax calls, when clicking on the ajax call, for it to open in the same Console tab and not switch you to Network tab to view it
15:36julienwrsommerard, not something formal and published, maybe pbro can work on it
15:36Honzagoran: yes, we did this for [learn-more] recently and it would be nice to have it for opening HTTP response too
15:37Honzagoran: plese file a bug so, it isnt forgottent here in the noise
15:37goranI wanted to file a bug 2-3 weeks ago, but I could not login with github I think...
15:37nchevobbegoran: you can log with github in bugzilla
15:38gorannchevobe [and I will learn more, I promise]
15:38gorannchevobbe [and I will learn more, I promise]
15:38nchevobbefor the console, which version are you using ? are you on nightly ?
15:38Honzagoran: (should be filed in bugzilla, not github)
15:38nchevobbegoran: ^
15:39Honzagoran: ah I see now
15:39nchevobbeHonza: goran : I thing they meant to log in with github account into bugzilla
15:39nchevobbewhich is possible
15:39Honzanchevobbe: I se
15:39goranyes, but it had a bug
15:39goranI understand oauth :)
15:40nchevobbegoran: ah
15:40pbrorsommerard: goals are (for now) being communicated on our mailing list ( ). Please see!searchin/|sort:relevance/ for 2017, and
15:40pbro!searchin/|sort:relevance/ for the first quarter
15:41nchevobbemecha-Julian !
15:42ntimrickychien, gasolin: ping
15:42gorannchevobbe: aaaa, it works now, it didn&#39;t work then (when firebug got switched off) (or I&#39;m an idiot and tried in another page....)
15:43gorantnx, filling 2-3 bugs/feature reports
15:43nchevobbegoran: thanks
15:43goranif I can I will try to help with coding... but this month needs to pass for me...
15:43goranso thanks for patience :)
15:52nchevobbegoran: np, thank you for giving feedback :)
15:53gorannchevobbe you will hear more from me :D
15:54rsommerardpbro, julianw: thanks :)
16:00ntimpbro: neat usage of .devtools-button for the .cls button, I didn&#39;t even know the CSS worked for that purpose :)
16:06pbrontim: yeah it did nicely. Thanks
16:22pbrojryans: nchevobbe: hope you were able to get most of that. We&#39;re done for meetings now
16:23jryansthanks, worked pretty well overall!
16:23nchevobbepbro: yep, sounds was globally better than yesterday :)
16:23nchevobbepbro: now you can go and crush the other at a bouldering challenge ;)
16:23nchevobbesee you tomorrow all
16:28firebotBug 1347614 UNCONFIRMED, Developer tools: Network tab, open request in new tab with middle click or (and) Ctrl+Left
16:28firebotBug 1347620 UNCONFIRMED, Open ajax request in right panel in Console tab instead of opening it in Network tab
16:28goranI expect these to be done yesterday morning aaahahahahahahaaaa
16:28DuClareWell get coding
16:29goranGood, no sleep tonight :D
16:33goranDuClare I need to setup environment for this, any idea (and link to some manual) how much time would I need to do so?
16:33nchevobbegoran: I&#39;d say between 1 and 2 hours
16:34gorannchevobbe: Do you have a link where I can get started? I&#39;m on linux mint, no problem with compiling stuff (though I&#39;m a web dev)
16:35gorannchevobbe: at least I can try myself into it...
16:35nchevobbegoran: you can use artifact builds which makes the whole thing easier
16:36gorannchevobber: (facepalm) the mouse is used for scrolling, I had the same page opened...
16:36nchevobbegoran: both the netmonitor and console are react app, so any webdev can work on it
16:36goran I will go over this
16:37goranI&#39;m an angular/laravel dev, but will get up to speed fast :D
16:38Honzarpl: ping
16:38DuClaregoran: I mean I&#39;m just a grumpy old fashioned C hacker, you&#39;re in a better position for this ;-)
16:38rplHonza: pong
16:39Honzarpl: I am using tabId as an indication what is the parent tab. And now I need API (implemented in an experiment extension) that gets tabId and returns contentWindow. Any tips or existing examples?
16:39Honzarpl: does that make sense?
16:40jryansjdescottes: do you use any scripts for bundle update process?
16:42rplHonza: oh yes it is a common need in the experiments, you want to convert the WebExtensions tabId into the actual tab element, am I right?
16:42Honzarpl: yes
16:43Honzarpl: more precisely, I need the content |window| and get its inner ID
16:43Honzarpl: I need to use WS listener chrome API that requires window inner id
16:43rpluhm, that will not be available in the main process, could you get this information using an custom registered actor that is running in the right process?
16:45goranDuClare: I&#39;m a noob with 8-9 years experience as a web dev (still junior in my mind...) so we can relate :)
16:45Honzarpl: there is no such actor
16:45rplon the contrary you will need to inject a framescript to be able to access the contentWindow once you get the resolved tab instance (and its linkedBrowser property)
16:46rplHonza: I mean a custom actor registered using the &quot;actor registery actor&quot;, the one that we use in the RDP Inspector addon
16:46Honzarpl: ah, I see
16:47Honzarpl: Ill try it
16:54rplHonza: (in the meantime: to turn a tabId into the navite browser tab object you can use the tabTracker global like here , you should be able to retrieve the tabTracker from the extensions api global using something
16:54rpllike the following snippet:
16:56julienwto the paris folks: if you&#39;re interested by today&#39;s speaker series, it will be in downstairs&#39; room (where we were yesterday)
17:02jdescottesjryans: sorry, was on a break! the release process I use for reps is half manual/half automated
17:02jdescottesjryans: most of it is outlined in
17:03jryansjdescottes: thanks, i&#39;ll take a look!
17:04Honzarpl: works good, btw. why I cant use console in api.js fille?
17:07rplHonza: because it is not currently included :-(
17:07Honzarpl: ok, I see
17:07rplHonza: you can use this small snippet to include an instance:
17:10rplHonza: we should inject an instance of the console object in the experiment sandbox by default to make this to &quot;just work&quot; as expected, but in the meantime I should add this snippet to the experiments doc FAQ at least
17:10Honzarpl: works well thanks!
17:11rplrpl: great!
17:19Honzarpl: what is this.context.callOnClose(this); in your RDP experiment?
17:20rplHonza: it is used to register an object to be automatically &quot;closed&quot; when the context is destroyed (the &quot;close&quot; method of the passed object will be called once the context is destroyed)
17:21rplHonza: there is also a context.forgetOnClose that does the opposite (in case the object is going to be removed before the context itself is closed)
16 Mar 2017
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