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13 Jul 2017
08:00pbropas grave, tu me diras quand t auras le temps.
08:00pbroC est a propos de service worker debugging
08:00pbroconnais tu une certaine Hsin-Yi Tsai? T avais discutt avec des gens de Taipei a ce sujet la?
08:00pbroy a t il un plan precis de ce qu il serait bien de faire cote DevTools?
08:01pbroa ma connaissance, non, y a pas grand chose de precis, et pas de commitment de note cote. Mais si d autres info, dis moi
08:20pbroobviously this was supposed to be in a DM. Sorry for the noise ...
10:05soleI thought we were going to use French now so I was reading very attentively
10:05solepbro: I love that you don't use the ' in C'est
10:05soleit's like "this is the REAL French people use!!!"
11:17Honzajdescottes: ping
11:18Honzajdescottes: I am looking at bug 1380275 and yes, if I disabled the new debugger frontend in Nightly, I can see the test failure
11:18firebot NEW, Permafailure when Gecko56 move to Beta in browser_net_open_in_debugger.js | A promise chain failed
11:18jdescottesHonza: yep
11:18Honzajdescottes: so, the problem will be fixed in bug 1368931 ?
11:18firebot NEW, Handle the expected rejection in "devtools/client/inspector/markup/test/browser_markup_links_06.js"
11:18jdescottesHonza: no in Bug 1294139
11:19firebot REOPENED, [debugger.html] Turn new debugger on by default for all channels
11:19jdescottesyou can block you bug on this one
11:19jdescottesafter it's merged to central, the next beta simulation should be ok
11:27HonzaWho has the right permission to release new version of `devtools-contextmenu` ?
19:30sepokrocehow do you run a local instance of the responsive design mode in a browser?
19:30sepokroceI started working on a prototype here: and I'm trying to convert the mockup to a full-featured instance
19:31sepokrocethat's to be more specific
19:38sepokroceping jryans, zer0 ^
19:40jryanssepokroce: ah, i see!
19:41jryanssepokroce: probably good coordinate ideas with the devtools product manager clarkbw if you aim to land some changes here
19:41jryans*good to coordinate
19:43sepokrocejryans: thanks
19:43sepokrocemy idea was to first create the prototype and then, probably try to somehow land it
19:44jryanssepokroce: not sure what you mean about local instance of RDM... i usually work on it through the firefox build process for devtools:
19:45sepokrocejryans: yeah, well that was probably not the correct wording, but I will definitely read that guide, thanks
19:46sepokroceso I basically need to build Firefox from scratch for any change I make in the front-end code?
19:47jryanssepokroce: yes, effectively... you can use the "artifact" build mode in that doc to avoid C++ compiling at least.
19:47sepokrocefront-end code, meaning: CSS, JS, HTML
19:47jryanssepokroce: here's the RDM code
19:49jryanssepokroce: i should also mention it's tricky to decide what's an "improvement" for the RDM design, since there's a tension pulling things in different ways. we've gotten feedback that too much height is wasted, for example. also we had future plans to show multiple viewports at the same time, so some of the toolbar appearance tries to prepare for that.
19:50sepokrocejryans: yes, I understand
19:51sepokroceprobably something like:
19:51jryanssepokroce: yes, something like that
19:52sepokrocethat would be awesome and make the tool quite more usable
19:54sepokrocejryans: as you can see, my mockup is not very different from the current design... things are a bit larger and visually different... but nothing radical, I would say.
19:55sepokrocethat's the intention I have... improve on usability and try to not change things too radically
19:56sepokroceof course, at the moment, icons and visual clues are missing
19:56sepokrocesince this is in the very early stages of design
19:56jryansyeah. i am a bit unsure who is best placed to provide feedback, but perhaps clarkbw may have some ideas.
19:57sepokrocejryans: is this the right place to start a more structured discussion?
19:58jryanssepokroce: i'd say start a new thread about your ideas, but that's good forum at least!
19:59sepokrocejryans: great! Thanks so much for your help.
14 Jul 2017
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