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11 Sep 2017
11:49Honzaochameau: ping
12:01ochameauHonza: pong
12:02ochameauHonza: if your ping is about bug 1396811, I'll review it, I was waiting for telemetry review to end.
12:02firebot NEW, Add new telemetry probe collecting the current theme
12:05soleJohn-Galt: needinfoed you on to see if we're missing something else to give you the "OK" on removing the addon-sdk, let me know if you have a bigger bug to rm -r that folder :)
12:05firebotBug 1392635 ASSIGNED, Perform a last "sweep" and make sure devtools works without the SDK
12:33Honzaochameau: Hi! Can you please look at bug 1396811 (it should be quick review)?
12:33firebot NEW, Add new telemetry probe collecting the current theme
12:47Honzaochameau: thanks!
13:30soleHonza: jdescottes joining the nosdk meeting?
13:30Honzasole joining...
15:16Goon3rHello everyone, im having problems with the style editor loading any of my .scss source files
15:16Goon3ri am forever getting hit with the 'style sheet could not be loaded' error
15:17Goon3rthe style itself can be loaded fine, and the source map is read in inspector
15:17Goon3rno idea why i can edit..
15:19Goon3rdoes anyone have an idea why this would be happening?
15:29pbroGoon3r: hm, not sure. Do you have reliable steps to reproduce and a URL we can use to test?
15:38Goon3rsadly i dont have either pbro, its all local at the moment
15:39tromeycan you try nightly?
15:39tromeythere have been fixes in this area very recently
15:40Goon3rill try nightly, tried developer edition and was getting the same error
15:40Goon3rmight get dc, having to close ff
15:45Goon3rtried the nightly still no luck
15:45Goon3rits weird how its able to inspect all the partials that are imported in my .scss file
15:45Goon3rbut when editing it cant read the .scss file itself
15:46Goon3rits not a permissions issue is it?
15:46tromeyone of the recent changes was to report source-map errors to the console, to make it easier to debug stuff like this
15:46tromeyso, offhand I don't know what the problem is, but that's certainly a possibility
15:47tromeynightly would (hopefully) report that
15:50Goon3rso with any luck me trying on nightly should log something that can be investigated?
15:51tromeyand if not it may give us an idea for a new improvement to nightly :)
15:51Goon3rok good, im using compass that wouldn't affect it would it?
15:51tromeyI don't know, sorry. I don't know what compass is
15:52Goon3rits a sass framework
15:52Goon3rit still produces source maps etc so i cant see it being a problem
15:52tromeyI've been working on source maps a lot this year. unfortunately they are quite fiddly :(. there's been a few bugs that have turned out to be on the producer side
15:53tromeybut we can't be sure that's the problem you are seeing without a deeper investigation
15:54Goon3rim currently moving all files out of any frameworks etc i have
15:54Goon3rand seeing if its caused by Drupal or something
15:56Goon3rtaken outside of all frameworks the scss file load fine
15:56nemodrupal repacks CSS by default right?
15:57nemowith the caching mechanism?
15:57nemowouldn't surprise me if that could screw w/ a source map
15:57nemobut. eh. I'm a vanilla CSS person so no idea about SCSS
15:57nemo(and no desire to learn )
15:57Goon3ri think so, but thats disabled on my dev site
15:58Goon3ri think i may have sourced the problem
15:59Goon3rlooking in page source, drupal doesnt add css the standard way through HTML link tags
15:59nemothat must have changed. it used to.
15:59Goon3rit uses <style>@import url([full css url]);</style>
15:59nemothat must be template specific
15:59nemoshouldn&#39;t matter tho
16:00Goon3rlooking at it is
16:00Goon3ri didnt think it would matter either nemo
16:00nemoGoon3r: just pulled up a couple of drupal sites and they use <link>
16:00Goon3rdone the exact same
16:00Goon3rmy guess is the bootstrap base theme -__-
16:03Goon3rahh the import statements are used when aggregation is off..
16:09Goon3rtromey, as a quick one for you to note (i think you&#39;re dev), style editor can not load style sheets included using the @import() statement
16:10tromeythat is surprising to me
16:10tromeyI feel like there must be tests for that
16:12nemohuh. yeah. that feels wrong to me too
16:12* nemo hunts for a site using @import
16:12John-Galtsole: Yup, bug 1371065 :)
16:12firebot NEW, Remove the SDK from Firefox
16:14soleJohn-Galt: woohoo
16:14soleExciting times!!!
16:15soleJohn-Galt: I love how you named the commit just rm -rf
16:15Goon3rok seems like it still doesn&#39;t work with link
16:16soleJohn-Galt: was looking at the diff, to see what else did I miss. Good learning exercise :)
16:16nemolol. did you really name a commit rm -rf ? man it&#39;d be funny if that leaked into an evaluation somewhere
16:17nemoa long time ago you could do that with network passwords in linux due to stupid scripting.
16:17solenemo: if that ends up being evaled perhaps it will be an even better learning exercise
16:17solenemo: you know, things that seem stupid maybe are just a short cut
16:18John-Galtsole: Honestly, I mostly just grepped for &#39;jetpack&#39; and &#39;addon-sdk&#39; and removed everything I found... After I fixed the errors that showed up in your try run, anyway
16:18soleOr people didn&#39;t know better but tried their best
16:18nemosole: &quot;careless&quot; was probably a better word
16:18soleJohn-Galt: nice! I was mostly focused on addons, didn&#39;t think of jetpack
16:18nemosole: unfortunately shell scripting makes this easy to do
16:18soleJohn-Galt: but I don&#39;t have enough background to associate the two perhaps
16:18nemosole: as Steam learned recently
16:19solenemo: errors happen everywhere
16:19John-Galtsole: It&#39;s mostly called &#39;jetpack&#39; in the names of the test suites.
16:19nemo the steam one if you guys are entertained by rm -rf
16:21nemoThe one I actually encountered a while ago when using a phrase as a network password
16:22Goon3rThe script editor, its not faling down due to a cache buster query string is it?
16:24soleGoon3r: unfortunately no one can verify if anything is failing unless you provide an example they can access
16:25soledoes it also fail if you access http://localhost/test/rural/assets/css/style.css?wgathegsjhegrjsgrjesghres
16:25soleif you can&#39;t provide a test case that&#39;s the kind of test I&#39;d run locally to determine what&#39;s going on
16:26Goon3rweirdly it works
16:26Goon3rmy guess is this is outside of the developer tools
16:26Goon3rsomething to do with Drupal
16:26soleGoon3r: Sometimes I have had success using curl to download the file
16:27soleand comparing to see if there&#39;s something injected in there
16:27solecurl/wget/whatever you like :)
16:30nemoGoon3r: don&#39;t suppose you mind port forwarding this dev site of yours?
16:30nemoI&#39;m kinda curious myself
16:32Goon3rsadly i wouldn&#39;t have a clue how, im gonna try spin up another stock drupal instance with the bootstrap base theme on and see if it reads
16:33Goon3rif not i can zip and pass to you all run locally
16:33Goon3rthe problem is drupal has that many moving parts it could be caused by a single module anything
16:35tromeythere was some other source map bug I suspected was induced by a cache-busting query
16:35tromeybut I haven&#39;t tried to construct a reproducer yet
18:55madalynnHow can I debug popup toolbar button?
19:01glmadalynn: do you have a link to the bug for additional context?
21:26victoriaHi all! I published this blog post that explains the new design changes coming to DevTools (landing in Nightly soon). Includes all-new syntax colors. If anyone has feedback about the design, I&#39;d appreciate if you could direct them to this post. It explains the reasoning behind the changes and lists the preferred feedback channels. Thank you!
12 Sep 2017
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