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10 Aug 2017
09:17Honzanchevobbe: Hey, shouldn't console.warning() messages have 'level' set to "warn"? I am seeing "log"
09:17Honza(that's why warning filter doesn't work)
09:17HonzaNot sure if this is known
09:18nchevobbeHonza: weird. I think it should. Maybe there's something wrong in prepareMessage
09:18Honzanchevobbe: ah, I'll look into it
09:20nchevobbeHonza: mhh, has the correct level
09:20nchevobbeHonza: that's weird
09:21Honzanchevobbe: ah, I see it, issue in the test page, sorry
09:21nchevobbea change in grip would have been caught by stub_check* tests
09:21Honzafalse alarm ;-)
11:53daleharveyDoes anyone have any idea on how to debug the awesomebar? it hides when I try to inspect it, the disable popup autohide doesnt help
11:56julienwdaleharvey, maybe change the code that hides it ? :)
11:57daleharveyheh I usually try that but can never get it to work
11:57daleharveyits always hidden fairly deep within widget / cocoa stuff
11:57julienwor just the CSS
11:58julienwyeah I see
12:07ochameaudaleharvey: aren't they using xul:panel/popup ?
12:07ochameauit should stay visible if they do, unless no autohide is broken (on Mac)
12:10daleharveyochameau: I have node idea what they use, I cant debug them :P
12:11daleharveyhowever no autohide lets me debug the permissions prompt, but not the awesome bar
12:17daleharveyit seems like it may be a xul:popupset
12:20ochameaudaleharvey: you may try to set noautohide=true to this:
12:27daleharveyochameau: noautohide isnt helping
12:28ochameauthen I don't know awesomebar codebase is really hard to follow
12:28daleharveylol yup its confusing me
12:28ochameaubut I imagine maintainers of it surely have tricks to prevent its hiding!
12:40nchevobbeHonza: jlast : rrh, I wish you add the same handle on irc and github
12:41jlasthey - i would go by jlast on slack :P
12:41nchevobbefor jason, GH kind of help, but each time I need to add Honza as a reviewer I don't think of entering jan :D
12:41Honzanchevobbe: I am honza on both no?
12:42nchevobbeHonza: nope :D you're janodvarko on github
12:42Honzanchevobbe: ah, no github, yes
12:42daleharveyochameau: I would also imagine but they wont share it with me :P cheers for the help
12:44jlasti didn't know Honza had a redhat rival:
12:44julienwIIRC we had 2 Honza at Mozilla :)
12:45HonzaWe still have
12:45julienwit was confusing for me at first, I think the other one is working on network stuff ?
12:45julienwand because you too...
13:02Honzanchevobbe: how do you append new console API stubs (into consoleApi.js)?
13:03nchevobbeHonza: you add them here
13:03nchevobbeand then run the generate_stubs* mochitests
13:04HonzaThis should be in a readme or somewhere ...
13:04nchevobbeHonza: for console message, this one
13:04nchevobbethat's true
13:36soleHonza: are you on vacation next week too? :D
13:36Honzasole: no
13:39soleOK! maybe we'll have something for the meeting =)
14:28ochameautromey: hi!
14:31tromeyhi ochameau
14:32ochameautromey: I desperately need to talk with someone about promises, would you be up for a quick chat about that?
14:32ochameau /!\ it may include discussion about worker debugging and event loops!
14:33tromeysure, we can chat, but I am not sure I will know the answers about those things
14:33tromeyjimb might have more information than I do
14:34tromeyI'm reading the bug right now
14:36tromeysure thing
14:45soleochameau: What about yoric?
14:45soleI read he knows a lot about those
15:00ochameausole: that's true, he may be the only one used to work a lot on both. it is a very rare coincidence!
15:00soleadvantage he not only is in your timezone but IN the office!
15:01soleochameau: if you're in the office that is
15:20julienwochameau, I know some things too :)
15:22julienwochameau, here is a small paragraph that clicked in my head when I read it some time ago:
15:23julienwsee also
15:52ochameaujulienw: I'm looking for someone who knows the gecko implementation, not just common knownledge about the overall subject ;)
15:52ochameaujulienw: to review such patch:
16:06julienwochameau, I see :)
16:06julienwI definitely can't :D
16:20jlastochameau: i got to the bottom of the toolbox issue
16:20jlastoccasionally, GC_telemetry is stepped into
16:21jlasti'm going to update the test to only assert that the top frame is visible. and stop checking that we are where we expect to be.
16:22jlastwe should revisit this case on the server and see why it happens, but for these tests i think it's okay
19:49jlastochameau: here is a PR with the changes (
19:49jlastsharing now so you can review when you wake up
20:01clarkbwDevTools entry points: (so far keyboard shortcuts are winning)
20:04jdescottes(for info we are missing ContextMenu entries, will need to uplift Bug 1388738 so that they are also registered)
20:04firebot ASSIGNED, Call devtools-startup initDevTools from DevToolsShim
20:05jdescottes(so don't worry if ContextMenu is at 0 for a while there :) )
20:34clarkbwyikes! thanks for the bug!
20:35clarkbwthere! PM'd!
20:39wedrAnyone knows what changes were made to the Web Console? Even if the logs are configured to be persistent, the messages are disappearing automatically?
20:39wedrThis is FF dev edition 56.0b1
20:40wedrWe can't debug and print console logs about anything at this point, because we can't see the information from a while ago for us to do comparisons any more. The log messages would disappear as soon as the console.log() functions are called for the subsequent time.
20:42wedrIt would happen in a span of 5 seconds, then it removes old traces of console.log messages.
20:42bgrinswedr: so if you open a page, then log some things, then navigate to another page the existing messages disappear?
20:42wedrThere is no navigation.
20:42wedrIf you call on console.log() multiple times, the previous calls would disappear.
20:43bgrinshow many messages approximately are there? just a few?
20:43bgrinsare they the same message or different?
20:43wedrEvery 15th message, it will loop back to the same sequence of console.log messages.
20:43wedrEach calls are different.
20:44bgrinshm, if you have a page that demonstrates the problem that would be very helpful. For instance if I test on this page I don&#39;t see disappearing messages: data:text/html,<script>setInterval(() => { console.log(; }, 1000)</script>
20:44wedrHold on, preparing a GIF
20:46bgrinsthank you
20:49bgrinswedr: ok that&#39;s odd. and this only happens when you have the text filter applied?
20:50wedrIt&#39;s odd?
20:51bgrinsi know of a couple of bugs in flight to fix up filtering but i wouldn&#39;t expect this behavior
20:52bgrinsand the logs from contentscript.js are yours?
20:52bgrinsis this an addon?
20:53nchevobbeMaybe we&#39;re hitting the log limit with other messages
20:53bgrinsis the code public? i&#39;d like to try and reproduce to debug the issue
20:53bgrinsthat&#39;s what i was wondering
20:53wedrSorry, the code isn&#39;t open-source. :(
20:53bgrinsif you get rid of the filter are there a ton of messages?
20:53nchevobbeAre there case warning for example ?
20:54bgrinsoh right, or CSS warnings (if you go into the filter bar UI and enable &quot;CSS&quot;)
20:54wedrGetting rid of the filter shows up a ton of SyntaxError warning messages.
20:54nchevobbeI think that might be that then
20:54wedrBut it&#39;s basically errors that we normally see.
20:55nchevobbeSo you hit the log limit
20:55wedrI see, how do I increase it?
20:55bgrinsif this is the issue i&#39;m surprised, because this is something that was the problem on the pre-56 console as well:
20:55firebotBug 1386289 NEW, logLimit includes filtered-out messages
20:56wedrThe fact that ReferenceErrors and SyntaxErrors from jQuery is what&#39;s causing us to hit this log limit is, well.... interesting.
20:56bgrinsincreasing the pref devtools.hud.loglimit should work
20:57bgrinsyeah, we&#39;ve discussed removing the limit altogether (or at least making it much bigger)
20:57nchevobbewedr: can you try to enable the old console to make sure you get the same behavior and that it&#39;s not an other bug
20:57bgrinsto enable the old console, set = false and close/reopen the toolbox
20:58nchevobbeOr use the config panel :)
20:58nchevobbeOh no, you&#39;re on devedition
20:58nchevobbeSo use the prefer :)
21:01bgrinsnchevobbe: maybe we should bump the limit to 10k or something in the meantime
21:03wedrbgrins, nchevobbe: Doesn&#39;t work. web-ext would revert the set changes back to its default flag, which is true.
21:03wedrIf I know how to override the default settings set by web-ext, I would be grateful!
21:04nchevobbeyeah. Or maybe group CSS warnings/errors ? Like repeat but for non-subsequent messages
21:04wedrcan&#39;t, there are a lot of sites that uses jQuery.
21:04wedrSo everyone we load a site, the same jQuery warning messages pops up.
21:05clarkbwwedr: you can do web-ext --pref
21:05wedrclarkbw: Is it possible to set these from an INI file or something?
21:05wedrinstead of a shortcut command?
21:05clarkbwenv variable work?
21:05wedrThat feels unsafe.
21:06wedrAnd, --pref accepts multiple settings?
21:06bwintonwedr: maybe?
21:06bwinton(Yeah, still not implemented, sadly.)
21:06bgrinsyes you can set multiple prefs
21:06wedrBut at least it&#39;s heading there.
21:07wedrI see
21:08wedrIs it possible to not count the log messages towards the log limit?
21:08wedrGiven that common ReferenceErrors and SyntaxErrors are everywhere?
21:09bgrinsthere&#39;s other things that can be spammy as well, like css warnings
21:10bgrinsthe most consistent solution seems like bumping up the limit a lot
21:11bgrinsmaybe we could skip certain message types, but that defeats the original purpose of the limit (which is to prevent the console frontend from janking the browser if a page logged a huge amount of messages)
21:12wedrbumping up the limit doesn&#39;t solve the end-game problem.
21:12bgrinswedr: i&#39;d like to confirm that you see this problem on the old frontend as well if you don&#39;t mind
21:13wedrI believe I don&#39;t.
21:13wedrI don&#39;t see any issues on the old but I&#39;ll reproduce it, so hang on, GIF time
21:13bgrinsok, thanks
21:15bgrinsok, i&#39;m looking at the old console&#39;s code and I think it maintains different limit per message type so it can definitely be hit but may not in this particular case (where the filtered out messages are errors and not also console logs). That has a different problem which is messages can appear without any context if other messages near it got removed
21:15bgrinsso say you had a log message right before an error happened
21:15bgrinsbut you eventually hit 1000 errors so that error gets removed
21:16bgrinsthe log message is still there, but you don&#39;t see the error that followed
21:17bgrinsand you&#39;d still hit the thing you are seeing on a page like `data:text/html,<script>console.log(&quot;disappearing message&quot;); setInterval(() =>, 1);</script>` with infos filtered out
21:19wedrI see
21:19bgrinsoh btw the &#39;persistent logs&#39; option has to do with keeping them there after a page refresh
21:19bgrinsshouldn&#39;t affect filtering / limiting
21:19wedryeah, that&#39;s why the new one is weird to me
21:20wedrBecause I did specify the new one to use &quot;Enable Persistent Logs&quot;
21:20wedrSo... bug?
21:20bgrinsthanks for reporting this, i will comment in bug 1386289
21:20firebot NEW, logLimit includes filtered-out messages
21:22bgrinswedr: oh, by the way, disabling persistent logs might help a lot here
21:22bgrinsit could be that an individual page isn&#39;t having 1000 errors but as you navigate around they add up
21:22bgrins(not sure how the addon works but that seems likely)
21:23bgrinsalthough hm, they get removed so quickly after being added that it might not
21:23bgrinsso this page is throwing errors nonstop in a loop or something?
21:33wedrbgrins: Yes, because of some library files I believe. I have no idea what it is, and I don&#39;t have any controls over it.
11 Aug 2017
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