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23 May 2017
10:01phatypushello, i'm running FF 54.0b9. when i "save all as har" from within the dev network tools, the resultant har file contains null for the entries.time field. this seems wrong (i cannot open the resultant har in charles or in
10:03jdescottesHonza: are you aware of the issue mentioned by phatypus ^ ?
10:07phatypusi'll check the channel logs tomorrow and reply if necessary
11:22Honzaphatypus: thanks for the note, yes sounds like a bug. Can you please file a bug in bugzilla? (let me know tomorrow if not or the bug #), thanks!
12:05ochameausomeone around is moderator of our mailing list?
12:05ochameauI just sent the meeting announce email but it is stuck in moderation...
12:08pbroochameau: I'll take a look
12:10pbroochameau: I've accepted the message, and added you to the auto-accept filter.
12:10pbrowere you not subscribed to the mailing list already?
12:16ochameaupbro: thanks, I may be using my gmail email for subscription...
14:36ochameauHonza: ping
14:40flodjlast: any chance to speed things up for I have the feeling it will result in +4 strings, and don't want people to work on the current 3
14:40firebotBug 1366348 NEW, Do not share accesskeys between different labels (Framework Grouping)
14:40flodso, it's actively blocking string extraction
14:41jlastflod - i can do it today in github. would it be alright if we updated the bundle later in the week?
14:41flodsadly no, it needs to land in m-c
14:42Honzaochameau: pong
23 May 2017
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