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7 Aug 2017
01:17pulsebotCheck-in: - 19 changesets (bugs 1387791, 1377272, 1387644, 1370835, 1363658 and 10 other bugs)
01:18pulsebotCheck-in: - 8 changesets - Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
01:21pulsebotCheck-in: - 8 changesets - Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
01:21pulsebotCheck-in: - 20 changesets - Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
01:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Do Gottwald - Bug 1387861 - Use _scrollbox.scrollLeft instead of scrollPosition which doesn't exist anymore, and update remaining _handleTabSelect call sites for signature change. r=Gijs
01:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Bug 1303802 - reenable rootNode test chunk now that we don't have a rootNode implementation so the rootNode test which failed when we had one now passes when we don't have one
01:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Thomas Wisniewski - Bug 1355576 - Add ability to clear all localStorage with the browsingData API; r=bsilverberg,janv
01:46pulsebotCheck-in: - gasolin - Bug 1387220 - [onboarding]document how to show notification and snippets;r=mossop
01:48pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1387481 - Part 1: Don't eagerly style editor-created NAC if it's appended to an element in a display:none subtree. r=hiro
01:48pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1387481 - Part 2: Crashtest. r=hiro
02:10pulsebotCheck-in: - sotaro - Bug 1387352 - Avoids falling into the fallback codepath for async ImageContainers in layers-free mode r=kats
02:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Yoshi Huang - Bug 1366209 - rewrite dom/base/test/test_bug331959.html. r=smaug
02:48pulsebotCheck-in: - Alastor Wu - Bug 1387917 - Turn on the pref media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground by default. r=bwu
02:50pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1386600 - Change nsIStringBundle methods to return |AString| instead of |wstring|. r=emk,sr=dbaron.
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1383628. P1 - divide Clone() into 2 functions. r=gerald
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1383628. P2 - move the call to Load() into Clone(). r=gerald
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1383628. P3 - devirtualize Load() which has no overrides. r=gerald
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1383628. P4 - move CloneData() and Create() from MediaResource to BaseMediaResource. r=gerald
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1383628. P5 - move CanClone() from MediaResource to BaseMediaResource. r=gerald
05:23pulsebotCheck-in: - Hiroyuki Ikezoe - Bug 1387910 - Set content property other than neither 'normal' nor 'none' to generate pseudo element properly. r=boris
05:30pulsebotCheck-in: - cku - Bug 1386864 - Part 1. Compare image-data of two style-image objects only if both of them are resolved. r=heycam
05:30pulsebotCheck-in: - cku - Bug 1386864 - Part 2. Implement CompareLayers to reuse the code in AddAndRemoveImageAssociations. r=heycam
06:33Tomcat|sheriffdutygood morning
06:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Matthew Noorenberghe - Bug 1387611 - Delay formautofill system add-on updates until the next restart. r=lchang
06:38pulsebotCheck-in: - Evan Tseng - Bug 1377167 - Update font size, font color, and background color to match the Photon preferences visual refresh spec. r=mconley
06:41pulsebotCheck-in: - James Cheng - Bug 1387314-Remove NS_DispatchToMainThread and use nsIEventTarget to dispatch instead. r=cpearce
06:55pulsebotCheck-in: - Matthew Noorenberghe - Bug 1387634 - Update unsupported @autocomplete token list to reflect the autofill MVP. r=smaug
07:00pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - servo: Merge #17987 - style: Remove stray debugging println (from heycam:rm-println); r=upsuper
07:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Gian-Carlo Pascutto - Bug 1385891 - Whitelist things in the extension dir, not just the dir itself. r=jld
07:38pulsebotCheck-in: - Gian-Carlo Pascutto - Bug 1386558 - Check sandboxing level 2 after permissions are available. r=jld
07:51hsivonendo we have a way to close a bug for comments from accounts that don't have editbugs or canconfirm or similar flag?
07:52freddybhsivonen: dont think so, but maybe folks in #bmo will think otherwise
07:52hsivonenfreddyb: ok. I'll ask there. thanks
08:01gastonhmmm something seems wrong w/ 52.3.0esr build2
08:01gastonmozbuild.configure.ConfigureError: Cannot include `/usr/obj/ports/firefox-esr-52.3.0rc2/firefox-52.3.0esr/moz.configure` because it was included already.
08:01gastongps: any idea ?
08:04Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium: ^
08:08pulsebotCheck-in: - Bobby Holley - servo: Merge #17988 - Use a 1-entry smallvec in the selector maps (from bholley:smallvec_selectormap); r=emilio
08:14pulsebotCheck-in: - Jean-Yves Avenard - Bug 1387801 - Reject invalid H264 content. r=gerald
08:43pulsebotCheck-in: - Johann Hofmann - Bug 1387971 - Fix centering of website names in the permission dialog. r=prathikshaprasadsuman+580428
09:04pulsebotCheck-in: - Nazm Can Altnova - servo: Merge #17986 - Implement ToAnimatedZero for MozLength (from canaltinova:moz-length); r=hiro
09:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Alexandre Poirot - Bug 1078284 - Disable WebIDE tests on all but optimized builds. r=jryans
09:15freddybon a push for a recent rebase, everything is orange. known problem?
09:15hsivonenIs there a still-valid reason for nsIDocument and nsDocument to be distinct classes?
09:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Alastor Wu - Bug 1367983 - correct comment. r=jwwang
09:29gastondammit what's wrong with ESR source tarball
09:30gastonany build peer (glandium?) have an idea about ?
09:32gastonempty value -> no surprises its confused
09:40Gijs"component 'rust-std' for target 'i686-pc-windows-msvc' is required for toolchain 'stable-i686-pc-windows-msvc' and cannot be re-added"
09:40Gijsafter updating to mozillabuild 3.0 and changing my mozconfigs to 64-bit as suggested
09:41Gijsis this a known issue?
09:41* Gijs purposefully waited a while before updating to avoid stuff like this and is miffed his windows build is still ending up busted :(
09:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1385197 - Clarify the how and why of JS line number getting in AddPseudoEntry. r=mstange.
09:44Gijsoh, d'oh, mozconfigwrapper got nuked because everything installed via pip gets nuked
09:45casperlHello everyone, I have a question, can someone explain to me?
09:46casperldoes firefox js engine runs in off-main thread?
09:48gastonso how does one pass include dirs to rust-bindgen ? tb 56.0b1 fails to find nspr systemwide includes, as -I /usr/local/include/nspr is not passed to rust-bindgen...
09:49arai`ac_add_options BINDGEN_CFLAGS=...`
09:50gastonshouldnt it be automatically handled by the build system ?
09:50gastonie i've passed --with-system-nspr
09:50gastonid expect the spaghetti plate to pass the correct flags to the underlying layers of the build...
09:50gaston(or that should be a new bug...)
09:54gastonarai: is there already a bug filed on this ?
09:55arainot sure. I just saw this in IRC log
09:57gastonoh well
09:57gastonfiling a new one..
09:58gastonah no
09:58gastonthere's already #1384659
10:04Gijswhen running mozregression on Windows, the graphics test window never closes
10:04Gijsis this a known issue?
10:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Sylvestre Ledru - Bug 1387376 - Reserve memory before using push_back with vector r=nical
10:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Sylvestre Ledru - Bug 1387376 - Reserve memory before using push_back with vector r=jesup
10:08pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - servo: Merge #17990 - style: Invert storage of selector maps to key off origin first (from heycam:invert-selector-maps); r=emilio
10:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Henry Chang - Bug 1375277 - New safebrowsing threat type "POTENTIALLY_HARMFUL_APPLICATION" introduced by v4. r=francois
10:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Henry Chang - Bug 1375277 - Move Safe Browsing UI events to a separate telemetry probe. r=francois
10:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Henry Chang - Bug 1375277 - Test case for new error code NS_ERROR_HARMFUL_URI. r=francois
10:14tedgaston: unfortunately the bindgen stuff is pretty new and the integration is a little rough around the edges...
10:15gastonthat's an understatement :)
10:15gastonbut now guess i'm used to find 'funny' bugs like this ...
10:16pulsebotCheck-in: - 14 changesets (bug 1357299)
10:23Gijsted: so I get a bindgen-related error on windows when trying to build current m-c tip that seems to imply I need to install clang ? :s
10:23Gijsted: do you know anything about that?
10:23tedGijs: yes, `mach bootstrap` ought to do that for you, but judging by scrollback you hit that other issue we have with mach bootstrap on windows...
10:24tedyou're hitting
10:25* Gijs applies the workaround from comment 7 in that bug
10:25tedsorry, this stuff is apparently not super-well-tested :-(
10:26Gijshm, seems now hg is stuck after I said 'yes' to "Would you like to run a configuration wizard to ensure Mercurial is optimally configured
10:26Gijsit updated vct (which I'd done previously, so nothing new)
10:26Gijsand now it's just sitting there
10:27* Gijs kills it, tries again, says "no" this time
10:27Gijsyay, it's downloading clang
10:27Gijsted: thanks!
10:28tedneed to fix that bug, should not be a hard patch
10:35* Gijs files another bug for the hg-setup hang
10:50pulsebotCheck-in: - 16 changesets (bugs 1387861, 1355576, 1387220, 1387481, 1387917 and 5 other bugs)
10:54pulsebotCheck-in: - James Graham - Bug 1387534 - Update test metadata to reflect the fact it fails on all OSX builds, a=testonly
10:57pulsebotCheck-in: - 6 changesets - merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
11:03mkohlerdao: I'll rebase later today for bug 1366555
11:05pulsebotCheck-in: - Do Gottwald - Bug 1387723 - Remove --toolbarbutton-icon-fill and --toolbarbutton-icon-fill-inverted. r=johannh
11:08pulsebotCheck-in: - 18 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
11:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - servo: Merge #17991 - style: Avoid branching on the origin for each selector when inserting in the cascade data (from emilio:dumb-branches); r=heycam
11:20sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: Can you help me with a backout? :)
11:20Tomcat|sheriffdutysebastian: sure :)
11:20Tomcat|sheriffdutysebastian: cset ?
11:21sebastian <-- I want to get this out again. It&#39;s green - but it&#39;s making landing the Photon work impossible. So I want to get it out again. (Bug 1388023)
11:21sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: And it&#39;s already in central.
11:21Tomcat|sheriffdutynp, both csets right ?
11:21sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: Yes :)
11:22Tomcat|sheriffduty1 minute :)
11:24sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: Actually, only the second one is enough (514cf1f55c6f). :)
11:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 514cf1f55c6f (bug 1380639)
11:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset ebb30b6d6184 (bug 1380639) on request from sebastian
11:24sebastianWhatever is easier I guess.
11:24Tomcat|sheriffdutyoh sebastian too late :)
11:24Tomcat|sheriffdutyalso so its more cleaner
11:24sebastianNo problem
11:24sebastianThank you!
11:24Tomcat|sheriffdutynp, anytime :)
11:26sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: When is this going to be available on Autoland? I guess we would need to wait with landing the Photon work there.
11:26Tomcat|sheriffdutyok also merging this to the integration trees too
11:26pulsebotCheck-in: - 3 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
11:28pulsebotCheck-in: - 10 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to autoland
11:29Tomcat|sheriffdutysebastian: ok now its also on autoland :)
11:29sebastianTomcat|sheriffduty: Awesome, thank you!
11:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Carl Corcoran - Bug 1333126: use win64 PE unwind metadata to improve client-side stack walking; r=gsvelto
11:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Carl Corcoran - Bug 1333126: adding tests; r=gsvelto
11:39pulsebotCheck-in: - Hossain Al Ikram - Bug 1387720 - Remove deprecated getTopWin function. r=dao
11:41pulsebotCheck-in: - Eden Chuang - Bug 1382092 - Support default payment UI in DOM code part 1. r=MattN
11:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Eden Chuang - Bug 1382092 - Support default payment UI service in DOM code part 2. r=baku
11:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Eden Chuang - Bug 1382092 - Mochitest for supporting default payment UI in DOM code. r=baku
12:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 4d92e459f9ab (bug 1333126)
12:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 7f10bba58580 (bug 1333126) for eslint failures in toolkit/crashreporter/test/unit/head_win64cfi.js (strings must use doublequotes). r=backout
12:20hsivonendo JS-implemented XPCOM object support finalizers?
12:22pulsebotCheck-in: - Justin Wood - Bug 1387867 - Disable gtest on windows devedition, it is permafailing because we PGO these builds. r=jlorenzo
12:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Andreas Tolfsen - Bug 1387380 - Stop capabilities negotiation in Marionette. r=whimboo
12:38hsivonenfinalizers written in JS that is
13:02pulsebotCheck-in: - Masatoshi Kimura - Bug 1374847 - Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal. r=njn
13:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Sylvestre Ledru - Bug 1387388 - Disable -Wimplicit-fallthrough when building jsdtoa.cpp (exists now with gcc 7) r=nbp
13:04pulsebotCheck-in: - Masatoshi Kimura - Bug 1387834 - Remove @deprecated nsIDOMWindowUtils.WHEEL_EVENT_CAUSED_BY_PIXEL_ONLY_DEVICE. r=masayuki
13:11pulsebotCheck-in: - Tim Nguyen - Bug 1387737 - Fix switching back to the default theme. r=Gijs
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Carl Corcoran - Bug 1333126: use win64 PE unwind metadata to improve client-side stack walking; r=gsvelto
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Carl Corcoran - Bug 1333126: adding tests; r=gsvelto
13:30mib_tkh05uanyone knows how png&#39;s are decoded on the desktop version of firefox nowadays? through nsPNGDecoder.cpp / cairo / skia?
13:30pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - servo: Merge #17993 - style: Avoid hashing the precomputed hash atoms already have (from emilio:rehash); r=SimonSapin
13:40pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Kaspari - Bug 1384021 - Enable Activity Stream for all users and remove experiment/setting. r=mcomella
13:40pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Kaspari - Bug 1384021 - ActivityStream: Remove outdated constants. r=mcomella
13:57pulsebotCheck-in: - Dragana Damjanovic - Bug 1381282 - Change nsScriptErrorBase::InitWithWindowID so that it does not call GetSensitiveInfoHiddenSpec as much as now. r=bz r=valentin
14:23pulsebotCheck-in: - Simon Sapin - servo: Merge #17994 - Update geckolib Rust version to 1.19.0 (from servo:stablerustup); r=emilio
14:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Masatoshi Kimura - Bug 389565 - Remove nsIExternalProtocolService::LoadUrl. r=Paolo
14:29AutomatedTesterfubar: hey, dxr appears to be stuck again
14:29fubarAutomatedTester: rgr, will check
14:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Luke Chang - Bug 1384185 - [Form Autofill] Fallback to form-history when available values from saved profiles are less than 3. r=steveck
14:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Masatoshi Kimura - Bug 1083470 - Disable E4X for-each in release. r=luke
15:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Andreas Tolfsen - Bug 1376680 - Remove wdspec test. r=automatedtester
15:05nemo*sigh* why does firefox have so much junk in its commandline these days?
15:05nemospecifically -stringPrefs
15:07nemo - one whole line of my process list thanks to firefox
15:07nemo(ditto in iotop)
15:08nemowell. -stringPrefs and -intPrefs although the stringPrefs is more unreadable, the intPrefs is much larger
15:09nemoI often have commands with fairly large argument lists but they usually don&#39;t stay up for weeks cluttering up the processes like firefox does.
15:09nemoalso they usually aren&#39;t stuff full of unicode
15:18gastonipc via cmdline arguments
15:19nemogaston: it&#39;s particularly weird since you&#39;d think the content process would have well established communication methods for shuttling prefs
15:22nemogaston: w/ our game we do spawn a separate &quot;content&quot; process, but we try to keep the commandline down to stuff that would actually make sense for a human to pass as params for a commandline launch. everything else is IPC - I do wonder about these prefs - are they there for the convenience of some scripting or test harness or something?
15:22gastonhope that&#39;s not targetting release users...
15:23nemooh... hm
15:23nemoI&#39;m so used to running nightly..
15:23RyanVMIIRC, it was to cut down on sync IPC
15:23* nemo tries stable
15:24nemonot in stable *shrug* could just mean it hasn&#39;t reached it yet
15:25pulsebotCheck-in: - Honza Bambas - Bug 1387090 - Properly handle DontThrottle flag in all places in nsHttpTransaction. r=mcmanus
15:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Honza Bambas - Bug 1386323 - Perform HTTP response throttling only for a limited time after new transactions are actived. r=mcmanus
15:26nemohum. no bugs reported so far, so either everyone else suffering in non-bug-reporting silence like me, or I&#39;m the only one who cares
15:29RyanVMnemo: bug 1303096 is where the change was made I think
15:30RyanVMhrm, autoland is open but things don&#39;t seem to be landing
15:34smaughmm, stylo is not enable by default on Nightly?
15:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Jing-wei Wu - Bug 1366661 - Cover a mask on toolbar when light weight theme is applied. r=walkingice
15:35nemoRyanVM: *sigh* ah well, if there&#39;s a good reason, guess I&#39;ll just have to put up w/ it
15:35RyanVMnemo: it&#39;s a hack, but it works :\
15:36RyanVM(though pretty limited on Windows IIRC)
15:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Alex Gaynor - Bug 1385332 - remove access to the mach service from the content process; r=haik
15:36Pikesmaug: I&#39;ve just seen a request fly by to update the population to 50% on nightly
15:36smaugah, it is some smaller % atm
15:36nemoRyanVM: will just use ps auwx | sed &#39;s/-intPrefs.*//&#39; for now
15:36smaugI thought it was enabled by default for all, but checked the pref and it seems to be false by default
15:37pulsebotCheck-in: - Jing-wei Wu - Bug 1386975 - Part 1: Use Photon resources to build Fennec. r=maliu,sebastian
15:37pulsebotCheck-in: - Jing-wei Wu - Bug 1386975 - Part 2: Fix Robocop errors when Photon is enabled. r=maliu,sebastian
15:38smaugoh, hmm, maybe I should use Nightly
15:38nemoRyanVM: auwx and auwfx are basically my reflex ps commands since it&#39;s so easy to lose important stuff in arguments, like sh -c
15:38smaugand not a local build :)
15:38smaugno, still disabled
15:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Dan Banner - Bug 1382963 - Remove the require-await eslint rule from Places. r=standard8
15:43pulsebotCheck-in: - Alex Gaynor - Bug 1387233 - restrict access to ipc-posix-shm APIs in the content process; r=haik
15:55pulsebotCheck-in: - Gijs Kruitbosch - Bug 1387769 - scroll to already-selected tab when it&#39;s selected from the all tabs popup, r=dao
15:56pulsebotCheck-in: - Masatoshi Kimura - Bug 1387802 - Remove [deprecated] methods from nsITaskbarPreviewController. r=jimm
15:58bobowenis anyone else having trouble pushing to try?
15:59KWiersobobowen: it was closed earlier for troubles with the pushlog being ingested
15:59KWiersobut iirc, that passed and things reopened
16:00KWiersodefine &quot;trouble&quot;? :)
16:00bobowenKWierso: well initially I got: remote: waiting for lock on working directory of /repo/hg/mozilla/try held by process &#39;30618&#39; on host &#39;;
16:00bobowenremote: abort: working directory of /repo/hg/mozilla/try: timed out waiting for lock held by &#39;;
16:01bobowenKWierso: now I&#39;m getting: remote: abort: abandoned transaction found! remote: (run &#39;hg recover&#39; to clean up transaction)
16:01Standard8KWierso: bobowen: Ive just seen a bug with
16:02KWiersoStandard8: ooh
16:02KWiersobobowen: that last one is probably just fallout from the first one
16:02KWiersolemme see if #vcs has seen anything
16:05pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - servo: Merge #17995 - style: Don&#39;t pre-fill eager pseudo-maps (from emilio:less-pseudo-maps); r=SimonSapin
16:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 64be5fefcba3 (bug 1333126)
16:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset c3a77d62c05d (bug 1333126) for failing own xpcshell tests test_crash_win64cfi_* on Windows 10 x64. r=backout
16:15KWiersobobowen/Standard8: looks like whatever was holding the lock is done and pushes are going through again.
16:16KWiersomay need to re-request autolanding for that bug&#39;s patch, as I don&#39;t think it&#39;ll retry automatically
16:16Standard8yeah will do
16:17bobowenKWierso: I&#39;m still getting the &quot;remote: abort: abandoned transaction found!&quot;
16:17KWiersobobowen: have you run hg recover? I don&#39;t think you&#39;re going to be able to avoid running that
16:17bobowenKWierso: &quot;no interrupted transaction available&quot;
16:18KWiersoI&#39;d jump over to #vcs . Maybe someone there can help.
16:18RyanVMKWierso: &quot;remote:&quot; means it&#39;s coming from upstream :)
16:18bkellyanyone getting weird try push errors?
16:18bobowenbkelly: funny you should mention that
16:18bkellybobowen: oh, I see the backscroll now...
16:19bkellybobowen: hg recover does the same thing for me as well
16:19KWiersomaybe fubar can help :)
16:19bobowenKWierso: thanks
16:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Ben Kelly - Bug 1387211 Avoid potential deadlock during worker shutdown. r=billm
16:25Piketime to close try again?
16:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Jonathan Kew - Bug 1385462 - Ensure GlyphRunIterator::NextRun returns false immediately if the textrun&#39;s only glyphrun does not have a valid font. r=lsalzman
16:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Jonathan Kew - Bug 1388059 - Ignore font size tolerance when selecting faces from a font family during global fallback. r=lsalzman
16:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Tom Schuster - Bug 1385278 - Move IsCacheable* functions to CacheIR from Ion. r=jandem
16:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Sam Foster - Bug 1386800 - Reverse the download progress bar & fix start animation in RTL locales. r=Paolo
16:42bkellybobowen: let me know if you get try working?
16:42bobowenbkelly: will do
16:53pulsebotCheck-in: - Gijs Kruitbosch - Bug 1385083 - history panel should actually list history, r=mikedeboer
16:54pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hsts-update
16:54pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=hpkp-update
17:01bobowenbkelly: seems try is feeling better
17:05pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset bd83328c7773 (bug 1386975)
17:05pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 88017de7130d (bug 1386975) for failing chrome tests on Android 4.2 x86 opt. r=backout
17:18pulsebotCheck-in: - JW Wang - Bug 1387702 - be sure to enter the AbstractThread context for state-mirroring to be usable. r=billm
17:30pulsebotCheck-in: - Boris Chiou - servo: Merge #17783 - stylo: Bug 1374233 - Clamp interpolated values for properties which need to be restricted (from BorisChiou:stylo/animation/restrictions); r=nox
17:38bkellybobowen: thanks!
17:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Boris Chiou - Bug 1374233 - Update w-p-t expectations for accumulation on filter. r=hiro
17:49aygjgraham: Do you know what this means?
17:57jgrahamayg: No idea. I mean it means that something unexpectedly threw ConstraintError, and it wasn&#39;t caught, so the test ended up with status Error. But idk *why* that happened.
17:58aygjgraham: Okay, at least that might help.
17:58aygI thought that was the case, but I didn&#39;t know for sure because it didn&#39;t seem to make sense.
17:58aygjgraham: Is there a way to get a backtrace?
18:00jgrahamayg: It seems to be set to null, for some reason
18:01froydnjgaston: &quot;FTBFS on OpenBSD&quot;?
18:07gastonfroydnj: &#39;failure to build from source&#39;
18:07froydnjgaston: TIL
18:16pulsebotCheck-in: - Johann Hofmann - Bug 1387987 - Use listheader instead of richlistitem as list header in the permission dialog. r=prathiksha
18:22pulsebotCheck-in: - Alan Jeffrey - servo: Merge #17855 - Implement getProperties for StylePropertyMapReadOnly (from asajeffrey:script-implement-more-stylepropertymaypreadonly); r=emilio
18:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Eric Rahm - Bug 1380154 - Part 1: Add the Chromium DAFSA generator. r=njn
18:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Eric Rahm - Bug 1380154 - Part 2: Generate a DAFSA and use it for eTLDs. r=jduell
18:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Eric Rahm - Bug 1380154 - Part 3: Cache most recently used eTLD entries. r=njn, r=jduell
18:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Tomislav Jovanovic - Bug 1370716 - Only try to add _action menus if extension has permission r=mixedpuppy
18:37froydnjmstange: I haven&#39;t forgotten about your PseudoStack patch, just haven&#39;t cleared enough space to sit down and Think about memory ordering issues
18:39pulsebotCheck-in: - Jared Wein - Bug 1388100 - Log filenames of else mismatches in the preprocessor. r=gps
18:43pulsebotCheck-in: - Christoph Kerschbaumer - Bug 1388028 - Update tests within widget/tests to comply with new data: URI inheritance model. r=smaug
18:46froydnjis it just buildbot windows *build* bustage that&#39;s expected, or are buildbot windows tests also expected to break in peculiar ways?
18:46froydnjon try, that is
18:46RyanVMthe tests themselves are triggered through TC magic
18:47froydnjbut we&#39;re not actually running BB tests on inbound et al?
18:47RyanVMthey&#39;re on BB, but scheduled via TC
18:47RyanVM&quot;magic&quot; :P
18:48froydnjright, but all the tests on, say, central...oh wait, there are BB tests there too
18:48RyanVMbasically, tests that could be easily migrated to win10 on AWS were
18:48RyanVMand the rest are still running on win8 via BBB
18:48froydnjI have patches that *completely inexplicable* break clipboard mochitests
18:49froydnjinexplicably, even
18:49froydnjand before you try to tell me those are intermittent, see retriggers:
18:49RyanVM21:37:01 INFO - 0 ERROR No tests were found for flavor &#39;jetpack-package&#39; and the following manifest filters:
18:50froydnjam I getting trolled by jetpack tests?
18:50RyanVMi&#39;m trying to understand why your Win7 ones aren&#39;t on TC
18:50RyanVMoh what the hell
18:51RyanVMthey&#39;re gone on m-c too
18:51RyanVMCallek: is it expected that we&#39;re not running Windows mochitest-clipboard on m-c at the moment?
18:51froydnjthis is kind of my puzzlement
18:51RyanVMfroydnj: so i&#39;m going with &quot;this suite isn&#39;t running on m-c right now and probably broke along the way&quot;
18:52froydnjRyanVM: \o
18:52CallekRyanVM: yes, ish...
18:52CallekRyanVM: I learned that yesterday, but have a bustage that needs a buildbot patch to fix....
18:52RyanVMfroydnj: tl;dr - not sure how much you should be caring about that orange right now
18:53RyanVMprobably not much if other platforms are OK
18:53RyanVMyup, gone since bug 1383257 landed
18:53Callekfroydnj: yea, ignore the &quot;no tests .. jetpack&quot; on mochi-clipboard
18:54RyanVMfroydnj: and looking at that bug, there&#39;s mention of exactly what you&#39;re hitting
18:54froydnjCallek: RyanVM: oh good
18:55froydnjCallek: RyanVM: thank you!
18:55froydnjnow to figure out why x64 win 10 debug e10s mochitests fall all over themselves
19:00pulsebotCheck-in: - 30 changesets (bugs 1377167, 1387314, 1387634, 17987, 1385891 and 17 other bugs)
19:05RyanVMlsalzman: ping
19:07RyanVMor dvander: ping :)
19:16pulsebotCheck-in: - Jan Henning - Bug 1387890 - Pass parentId for tabs opened by webextensions on Android. r=kmag
19:25pulsebotCheck-in: - Hossain Al Ikram - Bug 1386545 - Edit comment to stop false-positiveing for sdk/ usages in debounce.js file. r=sole
19:27pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - servo: Merge #17998 - style: Remove outdated comments (from emilio:outdated); r=SimonSapin
19:34Aryxerahm: hi, bustage for 1380154
19:41pulsebotCheck-in: - J. Ryan Stinnett - Bug 1388103 - Clean up unused Stylo build configs. r=jmaher
19:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Shane Caraveo - Bug 1386533 fix host permitted matching, r=kmag
19:43pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 57