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13 Aug 2017
00:01emilioxidorn: right... I was thinking of weird edge cases with details/summary... But I couldn't find anything either... Oh well
00:15gandalfok, gonna r=me :(
00:17pulsebotCheck-in: - Zibi Braniecki - Bug 1389798 - Load browser version of netError.dtd from browser aboutNetError.xhtml. r=gandalf
00:26gandalfI feel dirty now
01:08pulsebotCheck-in: - Markus Stange - Bug 1217748 - Don't consider opacity as animated if it's changed between discrete values. r=mattwoodrow
01:17pulsebotCheck-in: - Markus Stange - Bug 1389215 - Don't layerize in response to margin changes. r=mattwoodrow
01:44* mike5w3c is likely the (very) latest Nightly logo :)
02:03rniwasmaug: yt?
02:12mike5w3crniwa: seeing as its 5am in Helsinki Im guessing you might need to wait a while to hear from smaug
02:12rniwamike5w3c: oh, didn't realize he lives in Helsinki
02:13mike5w3crniwa: yeah pretty quiet hours overall this time of day, especially on weekend
05:18pulsebotCheck-in: - 12 changesets (bug 1351148)
05:49pulsebotCheck-in: - Andrew Swan - Bug 1372448 Remove broken "new profile" check when determining if an addon is sideloaded r=kmag
08:12pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 039b0e260e3c (bug 1372448) for failing modified xpcshell toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_seen.js on Windows. r=backout
09:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 2c33b1101844 (bug 1217748) for failing gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/test_group_touchevents.html on Android 4.3 debug. r=backout
10:51pulsebotCheck-in: - Aryeh Gregor - Bug 1175033 - Support custom use counters that can be incremented from C++; r=froydnj
11:15pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - Bug 1389790: Ensure we always have an up-to-date style context even if we have no frame. r=heycam
12:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - servo: Merge #18060 - style: Don't rebuild cascade origins that haven't changed (from heycam:single-origin); r=emilio
12:57CwiiisI guess the change of Nightly from the really nice icon to the barely-legible Calvin & Hobbes icon was purposeful...?
13:01Aryxheycam|away emilio: can you land the gecko side of bug 1382925, please?
13:11emilioAryx: sure, thanks for catching it
13:12emilioAryx: done, thanks again :)
13:12Aryxok, thank you
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1382925 - Part 1: Make Servo_StyleSet_NoteStyleSheetsChanged take a set of origins to dirty. r=emilio
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1382925 - Part 2: Add FFI function to get stylesheet origin. r=emilio
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1382925 - Part 3: Pass in relevant origin when style sheet rules change and when author styles are toggled. r=emilio
13:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Cameron McCormack - Bug 1382925 - Part 4: Test origin iteration order by checking @font-face rule cascade. r=emilio
13:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Aryeh Gregor - Bug 1359397 - Don't allow Selection in nodes not in the document; r=masayuki
14:32Aryxemilio: hi, mochitest failure
14:33emilioAryx: looking, thanks
14:36emilioAryx: I think Stylo is wrong on this one, and thus the test is wrong... Should've catch this during review...
14:37emilioAryx: well, good I asked for a test :)
14:37Aryxso, backout of both servo and gecko or follow-up fix?
14:37emilioAryx: let me fix it, or temporarily mark the test as failing
14:37Aryxok, thank you
14:39emilioAryx: hmm... actually, it's not clear to me which one is the correct behavior, I think it's not specified... Will file bug and mark the test as failing for now
14:40emilioxidorn: around?
14:54pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - No bug: Temporarily mark test as failing on Gecko. r=me
14:55emilioAryx: that should do it ^. Thanks as always :)
14:55emilioxidorn: I ni?d you instead, fwiw
16:15pulsebotCheck-in: - Prithviraj Pawar - Bug 1387036 : ./mach clang-format , removed filterdiff and added "git diff -- *" for restricting diff to a given set of file extensions. r=sylvestre
16:46pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
16:46pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
16:48pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - servo: Merge #18061 - style: Remove a few unneeded transmutes (from emilio:trans); r=nox
16:49pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hsts-update
16:49pulsebotCheck-in: - ffxbld - No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=hpkp-update
17:15aswanarg can anybody help me figure out the exact hoops i need to jump through to get a try run that runs xpcshell tests on windows?
17:16zombieaswan: do you have a try link? can you go to "add new jobs" and click them manually?
17:17zombie(not that that's a "good" solution)
17:17aswani have several. and i tried that, i got a successful "Action" task but no actual test task
17:17aswanhere's a 64 bit one
17:17aswanif you can manage to add an xpcshell test there please do
17:22zombiehm, yeah there's no X task for win2012
17:22pulsebotCheck-in: - Ehsan Akhgari - Bug 1387522 - Avoid using nsINode::GetChildAt() in HTMLStyleEditor.cpp; r=masayuki
17:28aswanno, i tried win 10 x64 opt tc-X
17:28aswanbut no dice
17:37zombieaswan: this is the latest of my try runs on windows
17:38zombielatest i could find
17:38aswanzombie: did you have to add jobs manually?
17:38aswanoh that's from weeks ago
17:39zombieyeah, but the same thing with buildbot was a thing
17:39zombienot sure if that was manual
17:39aswanlike i said, i tried manually adding windows 10 x64 tc-X
17:40aswani think the fact that you dont' have an A task suggests you didn't add any jobs later
17:41zombieaswan: yeah, yours didn't trigger any TC build tasks
17:41zombiei'd try the same exact incantation as from mine
17:42zombiethough with artifact
17:43aswanif tc(B) on Windows 2012 x64 opt isn't a tc build then what is it
17:45zombiehm, you are right, i'll stop "helping"
17:47zombieaswan: one more: perhaps it only runs tc X on windows 7 (as on mine), and perhaps that needs 32bit builds?
17:47aswansorry, didn't mean to be snappy, i appreciate the attempt to help
17:47zombieno sorry ;)
17:47zombiei just figured i was blind :/
17:48aswanoh hm, yours labels the win 10 tc-X as tier 2
18:21pulsebotCheck-in: - Zibi Braniecki - Bug 1389963 - Backout "Bug 1377911 - Move the override chrome entries from language manifests to product manifests." r=gandalf
18:21pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset d511913b5284 (bug 1387522) for failing mochitest editor/libeditor/tests/test_bug767684.html. r=backout
18:22gandalfAryx: The backout is fixing error pages for l10n nightly users. Any chance for a autoland to m-c merge and nightly respin?
18:24Aryxgandalf: let's do this by cherry-picking it for central
18:25gandalfthank you!
18:27pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 7581c0c154de (bug 1377911) for causing bug 1389798. r=backout a=backout
18:27Aryxgandalf: so new desktop nightlies is sufficient (patch only touches browser/)?
18:31Aryxnew desktop nightlies requested
18:36gandalfthank you :)
19:11pulsebotCheck-in: - Kris Maglione - Bug 1384689: Add a helper for adding dynamic chrome registry entries. f=Mossop r=froydnj
19:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Andrew Swan - Bug 1372448 Remove broken "new profile" check when determining if an addon is sideloaded r=kmag
20:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Jonathan Kingston - Bug 1344519 - Add web extension events for containers onUpdated, onCreated and onRemoved r=aswan,baku
20:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Fischer.json - Bug 1382520 - Place visual assets of onboarding tours of version 57, r=mossop
21:16pulsebotCheck-in: - Chris Pearce - Bug 1388668 - Replace NS_DispatchToCurrentThread call with AbstractThread dispatch. r=padenot
21:37pulsebotCheck-in: - Gabriele Svelto - Bug 1373958 - Don't block shutdown while analyzing crashes; r=ted.mielczarek
22:01emiliosheriffs: autoland bustage, not sure if anyone around
22:18pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset 33901272db44 (bug 1382520) for packaging failure. r=backout
22:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Anthony Ramine - servo: Merge #18058 - Introduce and derive ComputeSquaredDistance (from servo:compute-squared-distance); r=emilio
22:37pulsebotCheck-in: - Emilio Cobos lvarez - Bug 1382925: Update test expectations for fewer timeouts. r=me
23:28pulsebotCheck-in: - 24 changesets - merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
23:30pulsebotCheck-in: - 23 changesets - merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
23:32pulsebotCheck-in: - 28 changesets - merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
23:35pulsebotCheck-in: - 29 changesets - merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
14 Aug 2017
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