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8 Aug 2017
15:26ddurstmreid: wrt 1386899, is there de-duping that happens in the creation of error_aggregates?
15:27* ddurst (sorry, firebot) I meant bug 1386899
15:27firebot NEW, Investigate drop in crash pings for Firefox 53
15:44mreidmdoglio: ^
15:44mdogliono, no deduping
15:45mreidthere's some basic deduping that happens during ingestion, so I highly doubt if the graph is due to duplicates
16:01ddurstok, then if that's not the case, I got nothin'.
16:01ddurstI mean, if it were a new dot release, maybe. But no ideas here.
20:03joythere was an email re functions in redash
20:03joya few days ago
20:03joydoes anyone rememmber keywords ...
20:04joy(i am querying longitudinal and want to confirm, for a profile, that there exists only one unique version in the array build.version
20:05joyi guess i might need a function for this
20:05frankjoy: cardinality(array_distinct(build.version)) ?
20:05joyoh nice
20:06joyfrank: thank you again, nice
21:16wbeardjoy: maybe something about lambda functions in the new version of presto?
21:16joythats it!
9 Aug 2017
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