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7 Aug 2017
14:48wlach|afkFrank: sunahsuh: if one of you is around, could you answer the needinfo in -- today is a holiday in canada
14:48firebotBug 1384528 NEW, Add accessibility probes (A11Y_CONSUMERS, A11Y_INSTANTIATED_FLAG) to main_summary
14:48frankwlach|afk: on it
14:48wlach|afkFrank: awesome, ty!
14:49sunahsuhdammit i though mr.eid would be back today
14:49mreidsunahsuh: I am
14:52sunahsuhyour federalist system confuses me
14:52sunahsuhbut welcome back!
14:52mreidthanks =D
14:53mreidit's confusing to me too
14:53mreidI didn't realize it was a holiday, so I started working
14:53mreidnow I figure I might as well keep chipping away at this mountain of email and stuff :)
14:58frankmreid is a volunteer contributor today
18:57joyin the histogram FX_MIGRATION_BOOKMARKS_JANK_MS would the number of items in the histogram correspond to number of bookmarks migrated?
19:13mreidjoy: you'd probably have to ask the owner of the probe
19:13mreid(dao @ moz)
8 Aug 2017
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