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19 May 2017
15:48frankmreid: when is the tentative date for main_summary backfill?
16:04mreidfrank: good question
16:04mreidfrank: do you have time to shepherd that task to completion once it's scheduled?
16:41frankmreid: sorry, just popped out of a meeting. Assuming we can run them all concurrently I can probably do that
16:41mreidok cool
16:42mreidin that case, I'd say probably mid-next week at the earliest (to give us time to land all the new fields)
16:47frankmreid: that seems reasonable. How about we shoot for Wednesday 5/24, and Monday 5/29 as a backup if we run into problems or need more time?
16:47mreidfrank: wfm
20 May 2017
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