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18 May 2017
14:28mreidgfritzsche: per previous discussion
14:28firebotBug 1318709 ASSIGNED, Create longitudinal dataset with 100% of pre-release data
14:36mreidsunahsuh: I'll take a look at the experiments stuff after lunch. Yay!
14:36sunahsuhyay! thanks :) it's a doozy but i wrote a novel to accompany it
14:38mreidI saw
14:38mreidhence me punting till post-food
15:30gfritzschemreid: ah, cheers!
16:05gregglindtrink, awesome, glad to hear it.
17:13mreidsunahsuh: have you seen "IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/app/unittests.cfg'" when trying to run a single test task in airflow?
17:13mreidamiyaguchi: ^
17:14amiyaguchimreid: this is running airflow locally?
17:14mreidamiyaguchi: using 'make run COMMAND=...'
17:15mreidtrying to actually test that sync_view change per your suggestion :)
17:15amiyaguchiwell, I think you'll have to run `make up`, and then `make run` at the same time
17:15sunahsuhmreid: uhh, no
17:15sunahsuhi just used docker run
17:16amiyaguchibut the permission issues can be solved by changing the userid to your local userid
17:16amiyaguchiat least it did in my case
17:18mreidugh, `make up` gives a lot of the same error
17:18mreidok, I'll try editing
17:19mreidthanks amiyaguchi, I'll try that
17:20amiyaguchilots of reading between the lines, but the tricky thing is having airflow already running when you call `make run`
17:28mreiddidn't seem to help on osx
17:33amiyaguchistill tons of permission errors?
17:53gregglindpeeps, anyone know where the list of locales and langs is for fx builds
19 May 2017
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