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18 Apr 2017
12:37frankmreid: you are owner of main_summary, right?
12:41mreidfrank: yup
16:33rvitillowhd: re 1357269, where do you see the lambda function?
16:34rvitilloI thought I deleted it a while ago
16:57gregglindgfritzsche: I would like to test your api for experiment cohorts with an opt-in addon test (kamyar's site-reload)
17:15robotblakervitillo: Thanks for merging that sbt PR
17:50whdrvitillo: I didn't actually check dev for lambda, I just saw that "aws sdb list-domains" showed domains from 2017
17:50whdalthough re-checking it shows months up to 201709 so that is odd
17:50whdalso the actual notifications are configured on the prod bucket, which I need to delete
17:50rvitillomonths were pre-created
17:50whdand it looks like the stage (old dev) lambda job still exists from way back
17:50rvitillolike a year in advance
17:51rvitillois old dev still aching?
17:51rvitillo*a thing
17:51whdwell, it's our stage environment
17:51whdwe never cleaned up the lambda job for old telemetry
17:51rvitilloi see
17:51whdso I need to clean up prod (remove the lambda invocations) and stage (remove the lambda function)
17:52whdbut you have already cleaned up dev
19:06frankwhd: have you deployed the new HS packages? Specifically with the new TUPLE type
19:08whdfrank: to the CEP, yes
19:09whdit went out with
19:09firebotBug 1356380 FIXED, Deploy the new main ping monitor
19:09frankwhd: great, thanks! I'll have a new d2p deploy for you soon enough
19:18frankwhd: we should add a p2h call with the file upload on d2p
19:19frankeven better if it's only on a new partition creation, but I'm not sure if the uploader knows when it's creating a new partition
19:33whdfrank: that's not particularly easy to do right now, as hive lives in a separate environment
19:33whdfrom production
19:33whdbut we can file a bug for it
19:34whdwe could take the old lambda simpledb job and change it to run d2p from dev ;)
19:49frankhehe I like that idea
19:49frankwhd: I'll file a bug
19 Apr 2017
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