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13 Sep 2017
15:29gfritzschekparlante: mreid: event telemetry is not cancelled
15:30gfritzschestill thomas' room
15:33mreidgfritzsche: when is that?
15:50sunahsuhmreid: trink: I hit a wall while trying to run the tests on the lua sandbox extensions repo:
15:50sunahsuhCMake Error at parquet/CMakeLists.txt:9 (find_package):
15:50sunahsuh Could not find a package configuration file provided by "parquet-cpp"
15:50sunahsuh (requested version 0.0.1) with any of the following names:
15:51sunahsuhany idea what's up?
15:51trinkyou need to have parquet-cpp installed
15:52sunahsuhokay -- so, i should submit a PR listing these additional dependencies?
15:52sunahsuhI also have an error about kaftka
15:53trinkPR for what?
15:53sunahsuhthe README
15:53sunahsuhin lua_sandbox_extensions
15:53trinkthe README has it generically documented
15:54trinkif there is something you don't want to build just -DEXT_parquet=off
15:55trinkso unless you need it I would not bother setting up the requirements for every extension
15:58trinkas for the docs under Prerequisites: Module specific (i.e. if buiding the ssl module openssl will be required)
15:58trinkif you would like to enumerate them all be my guest... but that is what the build system checks do
16:12sunahsuhgot it, thanks -- so, now that i can get the test to actually run, i think I've made the changes I need to re: filtering out some of these experiments in moz_telemetry_s3.lua. Are there already tests that check that experiment pings are already being written to the correct places?
16:16sunahsuhokay, fantastic -- thanks trink
16:17trink^ the integration tests above require the full stack (at least what you use) is installed. If you don't want to set it all up there is a EC2 instance for it
16:19sunahsuhoh yeah, that ec2 instance would probably save me some heartache :) can you dm me the details?
16:21trinksunahsuh: email me you public ssh key. Do you have some data already in landfill that you can test with?
16:21sunahsuhhmm, probably not
16:23trinkhmm, ok then it will only be the integration tests
16:24sunahsuhthat's fine with me, it's not a complex change and i should be able to cover all the potential cases there
16:28trinkthe test box is typically used for new test ping development and verification of code against production data (at least that is what I have templates/instructions for)
16:31sunahsuhwhat else would i need to install to run the integration tests locally?
16:32trinkwell there isn't even cmake there... but you should be able to checkout the repo and manually run the integration tests
16:33trinkwhat are you building on right now a Centos7 VM?
16:40sunahsuhuh, mac os x? :)
16:42trinkha yeah that won't work
16:44trinkI guess I will have to setup a proper dev environment on the test box
14 Sep 2017
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