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9 Sep 2017
00:03bholleymrbkap: the code in bug 1398393 is not shipping in 57, right?
00:03firebot NEW, Rust panic when using Stylo with Quantum DOM threads
00:04mrbkapbholley: I'm not sure.
00:05mrbkapbholley: I seem to recall overholt (?) mentioning that we were cutting down on the scope of the quantum threads.
00:05mrbkapbholley: but I can't remember what the end result was planned to be.
00:06overholtbillm can confirm but the plan I'm aware of is that for 57 we're just going to ship the prioritized event queue for labelled runnables pertaining to the foreground tab
00:06overholtI also am not sure any prefs are on right now
00:06billmbholley: that's correct
00:07bholleyok thanks
00:07mrbkapbholley: is there a better way to fix that panic?
00:08bholleymrbkap: I think that should be ok. We should probably audit usage of TLS and whatnot
00:08* bholley doesn't have cycles to right now
00:09mrbkapbholley: k, thanks.
00:09mrbkap(in this case I feel we're alright because we're only ensuring that this is one of "our" threads)
04:35jemJavaScript error: undefined, line 0: Error: An unexpected error occurred
04:35jemmy favourite error
04:35bzProbably from there.....
04:36bzIf you look at your browser console you should have a more useful report there
04:36bzBut it got sanitized
04:36bzto avoid propagating information from privileged scopes to unprivileged ones
10 Sep 2017
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