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11 Oct 2017
04:41digitaraldoverholt: nah, you can't sound accusatory
09:28smaughsivonen: jessica: ping
09:32jessicasmaug: pong
09:33smaugjessica: I think I need hsivonen here too :)
09:33smaugjessica: let me write an email. Perhaps hsivonen can explain if I'm wrong here with my concerns
09:36jessicasmaug: sure, I'll leaving the office soon, can take a another look later tonight.
10:29smaugpadenot: do you happen to know if there is some simple web audio based metronome example somewhere?
10:29padenotsmaug, surely it exists, otherwise I can make you one
10:29smaugperhaps is good enough
10:31farreanyone got experience with how the pgo profile is generated?
10:32farreor more specifically, the firefox runner gets budget throttled when gathering the pgo profile
10:36smaugor I'm not sure if that metronome is very accurate
13:23firebotBug 1359677 NEW, Implement a new internal platform API for "bypass for network"
13:30catalinboverholt: 1on1?
13:30overholtcatalinb: I can't right now. in an hour ok for you?
13:30catalinboverholt: yes
13:30overholtcatalinb: cool. talk to you then
13:40farrebkelly: you there?
13:40bkellyfarre: yes
13:40farrejust thought I'd pick your brain
13:41bkellyfarre: give me 10 minutes? I need to get coffee still
13:41farreI'll fill up as well :)
13:57bkellyfarre: I'm back
13:57farrebkelly: It's about Bug 1407207. generating pgo profile got a lot slower after budget throttling.
13:57firebot NEW, 9.15 - 9.81% build times (windows2012-32, windows2012-64) regression on push dbcd58f04e4fc7d5172fff
13:58farrebkelly: after thinking about it it doesn't come as a surprise, since I imagine gathering the pgo profile actually runs slower than release
13:58bkellyfarre: I would recommend just disabling it during pgo profile generation
13:58farrebkelly: right
13:58farrebkelly: and really for debug as well
13:58bkellyfarre: well, if we can leave it on for debug we should...
13:59farrebkelly: so I haven't heard any complaints yet, and we always have the possibility of tuning regeneration and max values
13:59farrebut, yea. pgo was really my main concern
16:06bzOh, for crying out loud
16:07* bz wonders how many custom element tests are broken like this
16:23annevkbz: Chrome and Safari embraced the same bug?
16:42bzannevk: hmm?
16:47annevkbz: they collaborated on custom element tests
16:50bzannevk: ah
16:51bzannevk: It was a typo in the test; fixed upstream as of 5 days ago...
16:51bzannevk: now if only we could do a wpt merge...
16:51* bz spent some time today looking into how to do it and has not succeeded in figuring it out yet
16:51bzI mean, short of manually doing the merge
16:51bzBut jgraham has scripts for this and I was hoping to actually use them...
16:53annevkjgraham's back next week I heard
16:53bzRealistically, having this blocked on jgraham is silly
16:53bzIf the scripts are in-tree, we should have docs on how to use them too
16:54* bz mailed dburns about this a few hours ago
16:54annevkYeah, furthermore, Chrome has it automated...
16:57jdmthere is automatic syncing being worked on by people in #wptsync
16:57jdmnevermind, it has a different name that I forget
16:57bzgood, good
17:07jgrahambz: Yeah, making the imports not suck or blovk on me is a thing that's happening. We are at the "have prototype, but it probably doesn't actually work in real life" stage
17:08jgrahamShould be done by the end of the year
17:08jgrahamI'll start another import on Monday though
17:10jdmjgraham: how does upstream sync work for gecko now that waiting for travis-ci results is mandatory?
17:10jdmI'm having trouble with servo's script because of that
17:19jgrahamjdm: It works by me having admin access
17:19jgrahamSo we don't have to wait for travis
17:19jdmdelightful scalable solutions
17:19jgrahamIndeed :)
17:20jgrahamThe thing where the bot marks the patch as reviewed would be better indeed
17:20jgrahamI could try asking tobie on irc
17:20jgrahamIf your GH issue didn't work
17:20jdmI got my bot access for marking PRs reviewed
17:20jdmnot sure if anything can be done about travis, though
17:21bzjgraham: Awesome, on both counts
17:21bzjgraham: Also, aren't you on leave? ;)
17:22jgrahamjdm: Oh, right
17:23jgrahamjdm: I can make you an admin?
17:23jdmthat would be a big help
17:24jgrahamjdm: Try now
17:25* jgraham vanishes again (well maybe)
18:26tobiejdm|busy, jgraham: you all need something from me or are you ok?
19:04jdm|busytobie: we're ok, thanks
19:05tobiejdm: cool. (I couldn't really make it out from the above conversation.)
12 Oct 2017
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