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27 Apr 2017
08:02annevkshawnjohnjr: the meeting is in Orange, no?
08:03annevkfischer: ^^
08:03shawnjohnjrannevk: yes
08:03annevkfischer: I just "dialed" in and there were a whole bunch of other people there
08:03annevkI guess I can try again
08:03shawnjohnjrannevk: they left already
08:31shawnjohnjrannevk: thanks for pushing things forward. :p
09:01annevkshawnjohnjr: getting close now
09:02shawnjohnjrannevk: do you think adding a telemetry probe for persist() is enough?
09:05shawnjohnjrannevk: I'm going to add a probe for counting usage of persist()
09:06annevkshawnjohnjr: to find out how often it's used?
09:06annevkshawnjohnjr: seems reasonable
09:07annevkshawnjohnjr: I wouldn't expect it to be used much though with only us and Chrome shipping thus far, but it's a start and allows folks to experiment
09:08shawnjohnjrannevk: we probably need that for evaluation from 57 to 60 or maybe even longer
09:12annevkshawnjohnjr: what kind of evaluation though? Just success in the market?
09:19shawnjohnjrannevk: not really, just know how many people use this new api in nightly release
09:19annevkshawnjohnjr: okay, I guess from that perspective the other interesting API to watch is, since I can see that being used without folks using persist()
09:19annevkwhereas persisted() would always be used with persist()
09:22shawnjohnjrannevk: sounds good to me, then i will add probes for estimate() and persist()
27 Apr 2017
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