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7 Aug 2017
14:47dklmcote and mars are out today, are we still having standup and grooming meetings then?
14:47dklwe could do IRC standup if everyone prefers
14:59dklhmm quiet here this morning :)
15:10imaduemedkl, i think we will pass on the meetings :)
15:10dklseems that way :)
15:12imaduemeMy standup is to continue work on the Lando UI landing dialog and also to finish writing some of those trello cards for lando.
15:23dklstandup: reviewing mars PR for adding lando to the demo environment and then once that is up, second review his other PR for some of the lando tests changes.
15:23dklhe said we should go ahead and merge those once they pass reviews as he is on PTO this week
16:19ckolosdkl: for stage testing of the extension, you need to hit the https endpoint, correct?
18:02mcotereminder that mars is out all week
18:02mcoteso don't expect replies :)
18:06mcotehm thinking of using readthedocs for the phabricator & lando user docs
18:06mcotewiki doesn't seem like the right place
18:21imadueme+1 on not-wiki for docs.
19:37mcotedavidwalsh: when you're back, what's the deal with ?
19:38mcotedkl: where's our custom phabricator patch stored?
19:38mcoteI was looking in the mozphab repo but didn't see it
19:38dklphabext repo. will get a link
19:39mcoteah yes, I see it
19:40mcotewe should shore up the README in there and in mozphab some time :)
19:40mcote"Code relating to the use of Phabricator at Mozilla" heh
19:40mcotecouldn't get more vague :)
19:43mcote(not insinuating we should do that right now though)
8 Aug 2017
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