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6 Oct 2017
13:12zalundkl, smacleod: I've got 2 atomic revisions to review - D99 (postgres I mentioned yesterday, reviewed by imadueme) and D103 (remove the now required landing_id from upload request).
13:12zalun I need a quick review on D99 to make deployed dev work.
13:12zalunckolos said he can deploy anytime
13:15dklzalun: ok looking
13:15zalunD103 is a new idea, pingback is working on a url which requires landing id to be provided. This isn't necessary - we can get Landing object by `request_id` attribute. Transplant is sending the request_id, which we store after a landing request and it is unique in our database.
13:16zalundkl: thanks
13:16smacleodzalun: left feedback on D99, please add me as a blocking reviewer
13:16zalunsmacleod: oh - looking
13:16smacleodI'm going to hold off on D103 until other stuff lands
13:18dklzalun: i agree with what smacleod said
13:18zalunsmacleod: D103 will make D15 land method way easier
13:24zalunsmacleod: D99 fixed
13:45mcotedavidwalsh, imadueme: talking to smacleod now about how we should present both the old and the new mock-ups
13:46mcotestarting with the old, to see if ttaubert goes in the same direction
13:46mcotethen present the new as an alternative
13:46davidwalshBueno conmigo
14:01smacleodimadueme: originals first
14:03imaduemedavidwalsh: do you want to post your v1
14:03davidwalshYeah, getting them ready now
14:49dklmcote: sorry about that
14:50dklstandups today?
14:52smacleoddkl: lets standup at 11
14:53dklsmacleod: ok. is there a meeting i am missing?
14:54smacleoddkl: just a mockup feedback session, not really, mcote is taking notes
14:59smacleoddkl: wanna pop into mcote's room now
14:59smacleodand zalun
15:12smacleoddavidwalsh / dkl / imadueme
15:20mcotedavidwalsh, imadueme: one small comment about the mock-ups: slightly more realistic flavour text would be good
15:20mcotee.g. not repeating D23 everywhere
15:20dkldavidwalsh: should we file bugs for each of yesterdays review comments? we can work on them as we have time instead of creating a bunch of trello cards maybe
15:20imaduemeAgreed, mainly due to time constraints
15:20mcotewhich I think makes people pause and think "why would this be repeated in this table?"
15:21mcoteyeah just saying it's probably worth 10 minutes :)
16:14davidwalshdkl: I thought smacleod was taking them all...
16:15davidwalshdkl: I was going to punt on filing cards until next week's feedback was done
16:15davidwalshdkl: Mostly because I have a lot going on
16:15davidwalshI'm happy for someone else to do it in the mean time
16:16dkldavidwalsh: well that was also my question earlier is whether these should be bugs reports instead of cards. but i am fine with using either
16:16davidwalshdkl: Sure, but we've been creating cards for bugs I thought
16:17davidwalshAnyways, I have no opinion on how we handle these atm
16:17davidwalshimadueme: I can meet for mockup stuff now or anytime today
16:17dklok. yeah we can create the bugs, and then create trello cards for them as we start to work on them later on
16:19imaduemedavidwalsh: May we do 2:15 EST or thereafter? Much gratitude
16:20davidwalshYes sir
17:49zalunjust set my vim to show Tab characters... (I always thought I had it set)
18:13ckolosI am testing something in -dev phabricator
18:13ckolosjust fyi
7 Oct 2017
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