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19 Apr 2017
06:12zalunglob: have you been using anything else than the standard phabricator documentation?
06:12globzalun: not sure what you mean
06:13zalunwhen you've been playing with phab - have you ha any other source of info about it?
06:13zalungroups or anything
06:14globi haven't played with it, just research. i looked at a lot more than just their docs
06:14globi can't recall exactly where
14:09dklmars: hmm not sure now. the phab image from docker hub had the port opened up (62022) so I assumed arc was using it and the phab profile settings allows users to upload their public ssh keys.
14:18smacleoddkl: phabricator can also act as a repository host, it's most likely used for that, not arc
14:46smacleoddkl / davidwalsh / imadueme|afk / mars: standup
14:52dklmars: while ! mysqladmin ping -h"$DB_HOST" --silent; do
14:52dkl sleep 1
14:52dklyeah you need to install the mysql clients
14:53marsyes! however, I don'thave mysqladmin in the container, and I don't want to ship it to make one line of sh script work :)
15:00dklmars: wonder if you could use nmap to scan the mysql host and look for the 3306 port but you would still need to install nmap
15:04marswell, you have 'nc' available, but I'm not sure an open port means mysql is ready, either.
15:04marsI just wrote the script, it's not that difficult (assuming it works)
15:07marsfirst pass
15:08marsdavidwalsh: ^ in my php script, will the boolean expression on line 27 work?
15:08marsline 26 I mean
15:17davidwalshsmacleod: I started a questions list but I really only have one ( until I can get more info from debugging
15:18davidwalshBugzilla telling me that phab returns a 500 is useless
15:18davidwalshI'm concurrently trying to stand up Maris' work
16:13imaduemeStatus update: I'll be finishing the fix on bug 1228311 and yesterday mark passed bug 1286740 onto me as well, so those two will be my priorities for today. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some new cards for me to pickup, and I'll try to keep up to date on what's going on with phab.
16:13firebot FIXED, manishearth Remember try syntax from last run on review
16:13firebot ASSIGNED, imadueme Changing reviewer in MozReview changes the requester on bugzilla
16:14imaduemeI guess I should make a new bug for the regression on the first bug
16:40marsdkl: I like the direction of the phab container setup tweaks patch, but I'd like to change how some of the settings are implemented for the sake of Dockerfile consistency. Do you want me to write and land a revised patch based on your work, or would you like to do so yourself?
16:41smacleodmars: I don't think configuration options should go in the dockerfile itself, should they not be loaded from an ini?
16:46marssmacleod: either way it gets baked into the image and is hard-coded by the build steps. "echo setting > some.config" and "COPY some.config" are kind of the same.
16:46marsnaming the config files directly in the dockerfile is easier, too
16:46marsotherwise you have to come up with this funky directory-tree-based naming system for a bunch of stuff named "phabricator.ini"
16:48smacleodProduction won't use the same config, it'll be volume mounted in - how will that interact with your setup config
16:48smacleodmars: ^
16:49* smacleod goes to eat breakfast
16:50mars-v /prodconfigs/phabricator.ini:/something/conf.d/phabricator.ini:ro
16:50mars^ that would overwrite one of the image's default settings files
16:51marsthere's 3 or 4 of them in different locations that need to be tweaked for production
16:52marsyou could also go whole-hog overwritting the settings directory with -v /prodconfigs:/something/conf.d:ro
16:53dklmars: be my guest. or i can do them
16:55marsdkl: I'm happy to do it, I've already got 2 other container tweaks ready to land.
16:55dklmars: cool.
16:56dklmars: also how are you doing repos with your test env? are you hosting a hg repo or just taking an existing repo from and adding a .arcconfig to it to push up diffs?
16:56ckolosmars: local phabricator options can be stored in conf/local.json
16:56marsdkl: are those innodb settings for the mysql/mariadb client? I saw the "size=1600M" setting and thought that was a big number for a container.
16:56dklwithout the ssh port you cannot clone a repo hosted by phab
16:57ckolosbut those only control the application itself
16:57dklit wont allow it over http either
16:57marsckolos: is that a phabricator-specific location?
16:57ckolosit is
16:57marsdkl: so no ssh means patches-only?
16:58ckolosmars: in other words, something like { &quot;;:&quot;<our mysql host>&quot; }
16:58dklmars: the size param was recommended by the phab admin
16:58dklmars: which is fine. i think maybe we will not want to host hg using phab anyway and just use it for diff reviews only
16:58dklautoland will handle commits/transplants for us
16:59marsdkl: it may have read-only access to hg, so it can close patches and such
17:00marsnot autoland them, but spy on the repo and automatically change a review&#39;s status
17:00smacleodmars dkl: we will not be cloning from phabricator, it will observe the repo and keep Its own clone, but that&#39;s it
17:01dklsmacleod: ok. so we do not need to allow ssh access direct to phab then in that case
17:01dklso non-issue with the current setup
17:01dklcool. i will stop complaining :)
18:05marsdkl: which feature in the phabricator container needs py-pygments? mercurial?
18:07marsah, probably in-browser python syntax highlighting.
18:15davidwalshsmacleod: You said you had an idea about the callback uri?
18:19smacleoddavidwalsh: PhabricatorEnv::getURI($this->getLoginURI())
18:19smacleodPhabricatorAuthProvider base class has the getLoginURI method
18:21davidwalshffs you&#39;re right
18:22smacleodThe OAuth2 provider uses PhabricatorEnv::getURI on it after calling like above, so you should probably too
18:33pulsebotCheck-in: - David Lawrence - conduitdemo: Update phabricator docker config to get rid of various setup issue warnings (bug 1357564) r=mars
18:41circleci-botSuccess: davehouse&#39;s build (#76; push) in mozilla-conduit/conduit (master) --;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=irc
19:13davidwalshsmacleod: Can we schedule 10 minutes after tomorrow&#39;s standup to sync?
19:55smacleoddavidwalsh: tomorrow is the planning meeting
19:55smacleodbut, yes, we can talk tomorrow
20:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - conduitdemo: add phabricator container mysql connection check (bug 1355527)
20:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - conduitdemo: add version info to phabricator container output (bug 1355527)
20:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - conduitdemo: sort dockerfile dependencies (bug 1355527)
20:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - conduitdemo: add mercurial version info to phabricator docker container output (bug 1355527)
20:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - conduitdemo: fix more phabricator setup warnings (bug 1355527)
20 Apr 2017
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