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17 May 2017
13:01zalundkl: trying to build using cloned mozphab, but it's hanging on wait-for-mysql
13:01zalunStep 20/22 : RUN chmod +x /app/ /app/wait-for-mysql.php && mkdir $REPOSITORY_LOCAL_PATH && chown -R app:app /app $RE
13:02zalunBTW - I'd be happy to use all of the extensions tests - without being able to choose precisely
13:08zalunI'm running it as
13:08zalundocker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose/test.yml run --rm phabricator "../arcanist/bin/arc unit"
13:08zalunarcanist is fine as such
13:09zalunI tried to modify the mozphab, but I can't build it from demo (I've just switched the Dockerfile to the one in mozphab)
14:16dklzalun: hmm. looks right. can you pastebin the error?
14:17zalunsorry - it was connection issue - I run it second time - left for lunch and it was fine
14:17dklah cool
14:17zalunalso I found an interesting hack
14:17dklhate those
14:18zalunI can modify it in mozphab, build the repo
14:19zalunthen I'd change the docker-compose.yml so it would run from docker/phabricator
14:19zalunand stays the same :S
14:20zalunso I'm able to modify it and have installed g++ etc
14:30imaduemedavidwalsh: reviewed the auth0 pr :)
14:31davidwalshimadueme: Did you try it out?
14:40imaduemedavidwalsh: just tried it with my account, works :)
14:41imaduemesignout works too
14:42imaduemethat ufo test is for testing your montior - not some super weird paranomal website >.>
14:56globdoes phabricator deal with rebases and interdiffs any better than rb does?
15:04zalunanyone has an idea why this happens?
15:04zalun+ ../../arcanist/bin/arc unit extensions/auth/__tests__/PhabricatorBMOAuthAdapterTestCase.php extensions/auth/__tests__/PhabricatorBMOAuthProviderTestCase.php
15:04zalunUsage Exception: No unit test engine is configured for this project. Create an '.arcunit' file, or configure an advanced engine with 'unit.engine' in '.arcconfig'.
15:04zalunI think it's from
15:05zalunI haven't seen it before when I've been testing using old conduit-demo
15:06marszalun: new to me. Are all of the source trees present?
15:06zalunI'll list before
15:06marszalun: also check the version of phabricator pulled in by the conduit-demo container. Is it locked to a specific release, the same as mozphab?
15:06marssounds like version skew
15:07zalunI'm using mozphab
15:07marsso not version skew then
15:15zalunleaving for 3h
15:24marsdavidwalsh: half way through reviewing your PR
15:33davidwalshdkl: Did you see my comment from yesterday? Any PHP file in our extensions directory is autoloaded
15:33davidwalshdkl: Would creating a wrapping class for the final class you want to extend work?
15:41marsdavidwalsh: reviewed
15:42davidwalshmars: Thanks!
15:44davidwalshmars: imadueme: Thoughts on this?
15:45imaduemedavidwalsh: go for it, I just thought 'protocol' was very vague
16:24davidwalshimadueme: mars: All updates made, please let me know if you have more
16:38imaduemedavidwalsh: only 1 issue (if you feel that it's not an issue, disregard)
16:38davidwalshI thought we said that docker-compose shoudl reflect *prod*
16:40imaduemeDon't think I've heard that before, could be wrong
16:40imaduemeThe click options should ya
16:41imaduememore accurately - the click options should be the most secure defaults which probably would break production too unless the production environment sets the right values.
16:41davidwalshOK, will update
16:49davidwalshimadueme: Updated
16:51dkldavidwalsh: maybe. we can try it and see
16:52marsdavidwalsh: reviewed
16:53marsdavidwalsh: wait a sec, my comment needs tweaking
16:55dkldavidwalsh: this is the file that i originally want to override
16:56dkldavidwalsh: mainly to change shouldAllowPublicPolicySetting() to return false.
16:56davidwalshdkl: Is that class burried deep in other stuff or can we just create our own class and use it instead?
16:57marsdavidwalsh: updated my review
16:58davidwalshmars: I wonder if we can piggyback off of the existing "SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE" ?
16:58davidwalshMeh, I like USE_HTTPS as a name, actually
17:07davidwalshmars: Updated
17:16imaduemedavidwalsh: (I guess don't forget to rewrite the commit message =])
17:21* imadueme wonders if davidwalsh is doing all this while at the dentist
17:21mcoteit's not yet 1:00 his time :)
17:22imaduemeriiight haha
17:22davidwalshLeaving in 5
17:24imaduemelol davidwalsh: need the Dockerfile-prod stuff after all
17:28* imadueme double checking
17:55imaduemethat took a bit but I just wanted to confirm that my apk del sugestion didn't break anything so:
17:55imaduemeAlso filed an issue for something I found (https verification. Not with auth0 but more generally)
18:46mcoteimadueme|lunch: what's about?
18:46mcotethis doesn't feel like a user story :)
18:46mcoteas in I have no idea what the purpose of it is
19:19davidwalshimadueme|lunch: Did you remove your all images and containers (, and then build?
19:19davidwalshimadueme|lunch: I don't understand your comment on my PR
19:30imaduememcote: that card was to represent the work that needs to be done so that chris and his team can simply proxy nginx to our application server in production. Our flask apps for lando-ui and lando-api only have development servers built in, so for that card we'd need to research a production worthy app server to use (the sso-dashboard uses gunicorn so it might
19:30imaduemebe best to just do that as well
19:31imaduemedavidwalsh: to expand on that comment: the line you added fixes the production image, but, it adds some extra bloat that may not be needed after pip install runs. The line in my comment removes that extra stuff, and I tested it to confirm that it is safe to remove those packages after pip install is complete.
19:33imaduemefurther reading mcote:
19:36imadueme(now that I look at it, that really is a terribly worded card :P oops)
19:40mcoteimadueme: right, cards should be worded as a feature or functionality, not a specific task to be done :)
19:41mcoteand better yet, a "why" this feature/functionality is needed, like what it lets you do
19:55imaduemenice branch name davidwalsh :P
20:10davidwalshimadueme: Ohhh, my bad, I misread your comment
20:10davidwalshimadueme: So we should have that in both prod and dev, yes?
20:10imaduemefor dev it doesn't really matter but sure
20:33davidwalshHow do we feel about adding ( so we can avoid post-merge CI errors?
20:35imaduemedavidwalsh: I'm honestly sorta behind - but I was meaning to write that git workflow doc. The short of it is that if you didn't fork the repo and instead just pushed your own branch (e.g. I push all my changes to the main repo with the branch name prefixed by my username initials - plq/auth0) then circle will run on your PR - it doesn't now because you
20:35imaduemepushed to your fork repo instead of the main one.
20:36imaduemeOf course it runs when we merge to master
20:36imaduemedavidwalsh: is there a way to enable it for forks?
20:38imaduemedavidwalsh: I guess I spoke to soon :P, it looks like it does have some security implications which we might want to avoid
21:00mcotedkl: regarding bug 1365744 I actually moved that to the backlog
21:00mcoteit's really not necessary right now
21:00firebot ASSIGNED, PhabBugz extension should skip confirmation screen for auth delegation similar to MozReview
21:00mcoteunless you think it'll only take a tiny bit of time
21:10mcotetrello appears to be busted in Nightly
21:11davidwalshmcote: What "confirmation" screen, re: that bug?
21:11mcotedavidwalsh: you have to click "accept" or whatever when you first log in via BMO
21:11mcotesince Phabricator is a trusted app run by us, we don't really need that
21:11davidwalshWhere you set your username and real name?
21:12mcotein BMO
21:12mcoteyou click login in Phabricator, it takes you to BMO
21:12mcoteyou log into BMO, then it says "Phabricator wants to access your account" or some such
21:12mcotethat part
21:12mcotewe ditched it in MozReview too
21:12mcotemakes the login nearly instantaneous if you already have a BMO session open
21:13davidwalshMake sense
21:25dklmcote: sure. just created it as a reminder for now
18 May 2017
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