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17 Jul 2017
13:23marsmorning dkl
14:08marsglob: zalun|sick, I was looking at Hawk authentication for services. Do you think that is something we should consider for the lando pingback authentication? Or is it too complex?
14:08globmars: from a quick look, yeah, looks like an overkill
15:20imaduememerged the sentry pr :)
15:34davidwalshdkl: I've made all updates but I'm still getting this odd list error ( Help?
15:35davidwalshdkl: is "@rev_ids" somehow not a list?
15:37dklit is a list. but when it is passed to the function, the var inside the function needs to be a list too otherwise it gets changed to a single value, the list length.
15:49davidwalshOh fml, it needs to be "@{$ids}", doesn't it
15:54davidwalshdkl: Actually, that gives me a new error; Can't use string ("5") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" ; do I need to something different than "ids => @{$ids}" ?
16:02* dkl davidwalsh: this should work
16:03dkldavidwalsh: so you need { ids => $ids } or you need { ids => [ @$ids ] }
16:03dklthe former will be simpler
16:03dklin Perl doing [ @list ] turns it into a reference to a list which you need to use for API data.
16:05davidwalshdkl: So the only difference I see is: "get_revisions_by_ids(\@rev_ids)"
16:05davidwalshdkl: Adding that "\" preserves it being a list?
16:33dkldavidwalsh: it passes a reference to the list
16:33dklwhich the var you assign it to in the function can then access
16:34dkla reference is a single valued variable that points to a list of a hash or some subroutine, etc.
16:34dklyou just get to the element values differently
16:37davidwalshdkl: OK, interesting, thanks
16:51davidwalshdkl: Updated my PR
17:35marsckolos: the PRs for logging and Sentry have both landed in lando-api mainline. Do you have to press the deploy button to make it live?
17:37ckolosmars: deploying now
17:50ckolosmars: deployed
20:03mcotesmacleod: fyi I just filed bug 1381608 just as a tracker for the initial push work
20:03firebot NEW, Initial push-to-review support
20:03smacleodmcote: awesome thanks - I'll hang anything off of that
20:04mcotecool cool
20:10mcotecentral tracking bug for phab prod deployment is bug 1381498
20:10firebot NEW, Deploy a production instance of Phabricator
20:10mcotewith a number of dependencies and blockers for othere parts of the plan
18 Jul 2017
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