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17 Apr 2017
13:47davidwalshdkl: What version of docker do you use?
13:50dkldavidwalsh: Docker version 1.12.6, build ae7d637/1.12.6
13:59smacleoddavidwalsh: any luck on Friday?
14:00dklanyone else find it amusing that the name of the API for Phabricator is 'Conduit'?
14:00smacleoddkl: yuuuup, I facepalmed when I first learned that
14:01dklwell they had it first. we would have had to change the name if we ever open sourced it so as not create confusion
14:02smacleodYa the name conduit doesn't matter too much for us, especially after the latest strategy change... Just a codename
14:18davidwalshsmacleod: dkl: OK, so I just figured out the issue
14:18dklcool what was it
14:19davidwalshI was trying to create everything in ~/Projects/phabricator/ ; OS X has some issue, apparently, with user volumes, so I placed everything at /phabricator (gross, I know) and it all installed properly
14:20davidwalshAlthough I'm seeing the following error at 62080: This request asked for "/" on host "", but no site is configured which can serve this request.
14:22davidwalshWell, the script runs but the directories like 'hostkey' aren't there. WTF. haha
14:26smacleoddavidwalsh: you need to create those directories yourself
14:27smacleoddavidwalsh: you probably have a messed up PHABRICATOR_HOST env var
14:27smacleodwhat do you have it set as, and what url are you trying to access it at?
14:29davidwalshahh, I bet that was the issue, I was trying to access at {myip}:62080
14:34davidwalshAhh, nice
14:35smacleoddavidwalsh: do you want to vidyo / pair after the standup?
14:39davidwalshYep yep
14:45smacleoddavidwalsh / dkl / zalun / imadueme: standups
17:08dklsemi-interesting read:
17:08dklespecially part about arc adding review link to the commit message and uses it to determine when updating a revision as opposed to a new commit when submitting fixup changes
17:54smacleoddavidwalsh: how goes it?
18:22davidwalshsmacleod: Was finishing lunch and another project; can we create a repo so we're building on the same code?
18:22smacleoddavidwalsh: I *think* the idea would be we use the conduit repo
18:23smacleodbut we could use something simpler for now if you think that's easier?
18:27davidwalshdkl: thoughts?
18:37davidwalshsmacleod: Wanna push something up to conduit so we can poke at it?
18:37smacleoddavidwalsh: wanna hop into my vidyo room?
18:39dkldavidwalsh: i have no opinion either way on where to put the files. we can definitely continue to use the conduit repo until we find somewhere better.
18:39dklautoland UI is still there which is still relevant to the project
18:40dkland we may need to create another service to handle the business rules of phab if we do not want to alter the phab code directly
18:40dkli suggest we rename it to 'phonduit' though :)
20:31davidwalshsmacleod: So I can now enable the BMO auth method and the button renders
20:31davidwalsh...with many todo's along the way
18 Apr 2017
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