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15 May 2017
14:16zalundkl: hey
14:33smacleodckolos et all. so on the dev instance you've set the callsign to "MOZILLACENTRAL" for the m-c repository. that means all of the identifiers for that repository end up as things like rMOZILLACENTRAL823615e72783
14:33smacleodI wonder if we should go with someone less verbose in production?
14:33smacleod"CENTRAL", "MC", etc
15:02ckolos"Trying a new time" is clearly not working for anyone other than me and bobm.... ?
15:05ckolosall: are we meeting re: the story grooming?
15:05marsckolos: yep! In my vidyo room
15:05ckolosthe invite says mcote's room
15:05marsah, oops
15:05marswe rolled from one meeting into the next
15:06mcoteckolos: ah right sorry
15:11marsckolos: bobm
15:21dklsmacleod: ok, without any code change, when you set the default view policy, it selects it in the UI when creating a new revision. But the user (normal or admin) can set the view policy to something else if the desire :( so it doesnt enforce anything and just sets the drop down to a default setting.
15:22dklihavent tried it with 'arc diff' yet. so it might just accept the default in that case
15:34smacleodckolos: aside, is telling me the daemons aren't running
15:34smacleoddid they crash, or were never setup?
15:35ckolossmacleod: checking
15:35smacleod(also "MYSQL STRICT_ALL_TABLES is not set"
15:35ckolosnah, they were running, but I redeployed the stack on friday, so the state may be confused
15:36ckolosyes, that's an RDS limitation
15:42smacleoddavidwalsh: rather than code review though, what would be good to get early now is review of high level stuff, like where we're storing credentials, overviews of auth schemes etc
15:47dklsmacleod: nm, i was thinking some other function. But here is the BMO code that skips the confirmation screen for MozReview when using auth delegation
15:47dklsmacleod: we would just need to something similar to the PhabBugz extension I am working on for BMO
15:48smacleodya so we'd need the production app id and domain, right?
15:48smacleodwell nvm, I guess they're params, heh
15:48smacleodignore me
17:23zalunsmacleod: I'm thinking of taking this card
17:24zalunI need some credential and first step help
17:24smacleodzalun: you won't need any credentials for that card, ckolos has taken care of all of that.
17:25smacleodall that's needed is to fixup the circle.yml in the repo to make it build the docker image and post to dockerhub
17:25smacleodactually... it looks like dkl might have already done this:
17:25smacleoddkl ^?
17:25zaluncool - I'll try tomorrow then
17:26smacleodzalun: ya I think it's already building:
17:27smacleodgoing to assig that card to dkl tentatively
17:28zalunI will look for something else then
19:26dklzalun: sorry for delay. committed changed to mozilla-conduit/demo to use the phabricator-extensions container
19:29zalunimport logging; logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
20:05davidwalshGood news guys, I have Auth0 login working
20:27ckolosall: I would like to restart the docker process on the dev host; will this cause a problem for anyone?
20:27ckoloswarning: silence is assent.
20:32marsckolos: I'm waiting for the bmo login extension to get deployed before I start playing around with things. I don't want to create an account and do some reviews just to throw the account away.
20:33ckolosmars: that's why the mars_admin account was created.
20:46marsdavidwalsh: took a look at your PR, you mention that @click.option isn't working? What are you seeing?
20:47marsfwiw, I just read the click library docs again - that's a really nice looking library, wow.
20:48marssuper useful and simple to use.
20:50davidwalshmars: If I set click option default to "False", it still doesn't seem to register
20:50davidwalshI had to set it to False below in the def body
20:52imaduemedavidwalsh: when you do docker-compose up it doesn't use the defaults, it uses the environment variables specified in the docker-compose file (i mean if you don't specify it then it uses the defaults, but, I'm not sure what's going on)
20:52dklhmm arc requires bash to be installed
20:53imaduemedavidwalsh: the defaults ideally should represent what the production environment uses (with the caveat that it should crash if production doesn't finish providing the correct environment)
20:53imaduemeit doesn't really matter though
20:53davidwalshimadueme: Let's talk about it tomorrow
20:53davidwalshMy brain is melted for the day
20:53imaduemedkl that sounds like a pain in the butt :(
20:54marsdkl: yep, I had to change the demo for that. Are you talking about a local dev system, with zsh or fish?
20:54imaduemeso you have to use bash?
20:54dklmars: yeah. logging into the phab container to do something and bash is not installed
20:54dklsupposed we could add it to the mozphab container if it is worth having
21:01marsdkl: imadueme ^
21:01marsdoesn't seem too bad, 4.4 MB
21:02imaduemeyou can also just add `apk add --update bash` to the dockerfile
21:03marsyep, there should already be a 'runtime dependencies' list of packages it can be added to
21:03marsdkl or imadueme, it's a one-line change, I say go for it :)
21:05* mars going afk for a bit
21:07dklmars: ok
21:10marsdkl: wait a minute, forgot this is a production image. That means extra dependencies for development will increase the attack surface, but I could be overstating the risk it adds. ckolos, what do you say about adding bash?
21:11dkliwas going to do a PR which ckolos could have shot down
21:13ckolosthe mozphab container already has an admin option, which should drop you to a shell, but is there some configuration inside the container that you have to do that requires bash?
21:15ckolosI mean, I can see that arc needs it
21:15ckolosbut will we need it in prd?
21:29ckolosI really think for tools, binaries, scripts, and configs that you guys need for testing, you should include them in the primary dockerfile as ONBUILD instructions and then do local builds of your development images
21:29ckolosjust my .02
21:30ckolosusing a different dockerfile that uses FROM mozilla/mozphab
21:37dklsounds fair
16 May 2017
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