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15 Mar 2017
02:30mcoteimadueme: we use (or at least will use) mercurial bundles, so no :D
02:36mcotekinda like where you're going there though
13:16* imadueme
13:31dklimadueme: you are always very visual in your responses :)
13:32imaduemelet's just say I'm better at writing with emojis than with actual words dkl :P
14:33zalunfinally everyone, wake up
14:36smacleodmars: please see
14:37* zalun has forgotten about daylight saving time in US
14:37zalungood calendar is doing it for me
14:39imaduemeim happy now that most clocks automatically set DST, then i just have to update the microwave or something :)
14:40marssmacleod: I'm fine with dropping those two issues. I just wanted to be sure that we were deliberately deferring the REST API design or including the spec updates in the stories themselves.
14:41marssmacleod: r+
14:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Steven MacLeod - commit-index: add an initial swagger.yml (Bug 1347173). r=mars
15:05* zalun has a 100yo clock on the wall - no such fancy features
15:38marsdkl: heya, davidwalsh and I did a task breakdown of the bmo attachment card. David was going to take a stab at some of the tasks. If you want I can do a run-down of what we did before the standup.
15:38dklsure. the break down is on the card itself right?
15:39marsI created a new board for it:
15:39marsdkl: check the "Story 2" lane
15:39dklmars: i have the bugzilla client code down and was working on finishing out the mountebank stubs and creating the tests/ test script
15:39dklsorry that i did not communicate more while i was outr
15:40marswell if davidwalsh got some of the test suite code written, then we can meet i the middle? :)
15:42dkli would also like to work on the bmo docker instance if noone has taken that yet since i have experience with that
15:47marsdkl: we have one in the version-control-tools repo. I have a bookmark around here with a docker-compose.yml that builds it
15:47mcotebah forgot my sococo pw
15:47marssmacleod: davidwalsh, standup?
15:48dklmars: ok. it is base on ubuntu. we have one we use for BMO that is more like production
15:48marsoh cool
15:49dklmars: in
16:14smacleoddkl: ^
16:15smacleoddkl ^
16:25smacleodcommitindex.commits.blah ^
16:27smacleod"The spaghetti network" :)
16:28smacleodmars: total aside, check out the game "Overcooked", it's a great couch coop pc game for controllers - super fun
17:09marsmcote: I got an error pip installing trellobug: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/pip-build-_wHwCc/trellobug/'
17:19marssmacleod: dkl, here's the code for adding pytest, etc. to the project. smacleod, it's really short, could you please have a look and land it so dkl can use pytest for his tests?
17:19marsI've got to run to an appointment, be back later
17:23mcotemars: huh that's odd
17:25dklsmacleod: is he using 'pip freeze' to create the dev-requirements.txt with the sha256 hashes, right?
17:50smacleoddkl|brb: using "hashin"
17:51smacleodmars: can you start wrapping your commit message bodies at ~72 characters please
17:51pulsebotCheck-in: - Mris Fogels - commit-index: add pytest and requirements files to project (bug 1347633) r=smacleod
18:56marssmacleod: yeah sure
18:59marspycharm is easy to wrap at 72, but what is the best way to set it when running on the command like with "hg amend -e" and friends? .vimrc or something?
19:05imaduememars: not sure myself but this comes up:
19:08marsimadueme: I didn't know about "set colorcolumn=80". cool, thanks!
19:08* imadueme
19:47ckolosthat's a damian conway hint too
19:48ckoloshe has a good talk re: vim hints on the tubes
19:48* ckolos relurks
20:58mcotemars: oh, you need to use Python 3. that's probably it.
20:59mcotekinda weird that it even tries with python 2
20:59mcoteyeah, reproed with python 2, works with python 3
21:03mcotesmacleod: regarding an --assign flag, would that also flip the status to ASSIGNED?
21:08smacleodmcote: ya, probably should
21:19mcotemight hack on that later
22:00marsdavidwalsh: dkl, smacleod, imadueme, - if you guys are demoing some story cards tomorrow, please remember to set aside some time, no more than 30 minutes, to get things set up
22:01smacleodmars / mcote I was under the impression we were going to keep demos only to the actual goal itself, or new aspects of the actual system, not just dev stuff
22:02marssmacleod: yep! I didn't say all the cards needed a demo :)
22:14mcotealso mars was away last Thursday when we decided this
22:15mcotebut glad he's apparently on board :)
23:46mcotehm my post is so far just more motivation behind commit series
23:47mcotehaven't gotten to the actual conduit design part yet heh
16 Mar 2017
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