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14 Jul 2017
13:59marsimadueme: ckolos, good news, Sentry is working on my dev box. The PR is ready for review, I think we can ship it when it's merged:
14:02imaduemeCool :)
14:29mcoteit has been suggested to create some tracking bugs in Bugzilla for the Phabricator work, as a sort of light/high-level project management tool where people can follow along
14:29mcoteand as a place to make decisions (someone can file the "mirror everything!" bug and I can then clearly WONTFIX it ;)
14:30mcoteit's a pretty good idea so I'll do that today. don't worry too much about them; we can keep day-to-day things on github issues as necessary
14:44smacleodmcote: for the mirroring comments, read everything in one place, someone could just build a bugzilla / phabricator collate service that pulls from both and orders on timestamp or something
14:47mcoteoh yeah I can't stop anyone from building their own things like that
14:47mcoteI just don't see it as a useful way to spend *our* time
14:47mcoteit would still suffer from many of the problems that gps expounded on
14:47mcotenot that it's quite the same thing as mirroring to bmo
15:07smacleodI think it avoids many of the things gps mentioned. a read-only view for just following the history of a bug, including the code reviews
15:07smacleodI'm not saying we should build it, but I think it's highly preferable to build that than mirroring
15:49gpswait until there's a demonstrable need for it. most of the concerns today are around "omg change." i think once people get used to the new workflow, they'll figure things out pretty quick
15:50gpsdiscussion doesn't belong in review? how about... not replying further :)
15:59imaduemeckolos: can you confirm that's DATABASE_URL is currently set to the RDS instance and not a local sqlite instance? (Nothing is wrong, just want to be sure of something since our prod container installs sqlite for some reason)
16:10imaduemeyay! I&#39;ll remove the sqlite install, hopefully doesn&#39;t break anything
18:35davidwalshAnyone I can bribe to lookat my PR?
18:41mcotesomeone take davidwalsh up on his offer please :)
18:41davidwalshWill work for insults on my PR
18:42mcotewhat&#39;s this PR anyway?
18:50ckolosdkl: mozphab image size prior to g++ and make? 75MB, post 122MB
18:54ckolosfolks: are we ready for a new deploy of phabricator+extension in dev yet?
18:56davidwalshmcote: It&#39;s the push connector that a few other cards are based on, I believe
18:57mcoteah so that&#39;s probably for dkl
18:57mcotegiven the domain expertise required
18:57mcoteor dylan
19:00dklckolos: sorry about the added size
19:01dklstill smaller than a BMO container
19:01ckolosno worries, just an FYI :)
19:01davidwalshmcote: I harassed Dylan yesterday too ;)
19:02mcotedavidwalsh: and no love yet?
19:03davidwalshNot yet but I presume people are super busy
19:04mcoteguh github is confusing
19:04mcotethe status says &quot;changes requested&quot; which implies you have to update something
19:04mcotedavidwalsh: you&#39;re talking about
19:05davidwalshmcote: Yeah; I have a few questions but it&#39;s there enough for full review
19:05davidwalshSo tht it should hopefully be last pass
19:06mcotebut when did you last update it?
19:06davidwalshYesterday @ 1:30 your time
19:06mcoteah you&#39;re using the in-place update method which github hates and makes it impossible to tell this stuff
19:06mcotestupid githbu
19:06mcotedkl: so I assume you will get to this review soon? :)
19:07mcoteI guess since dkl was already looking at it he should continue
19:07davidwalshdylan too is fine
19:07davidwalshWow, it&#39;s not until I started watching the bmo repo that I saw some awesome stuff was being added
19:13mcoteyeah lots of activity right now
19:15marsckolos: what&#39;s the lando-api dev instance URL?
19:15marsor imadueme ^ I think?
19:17marsdidn&#39;t work
19:18ckolosthat&#39;s it but it doesn&#39;t work from outside aws
19:18marsah darnit
19:18marsare there build artifacts or something where i can see a real version.json for it?
19:18* mars checks circleci
19:18mcoteyeah it&#39;s intentionally restricted right?
19:18ckolosmcote: yes
19:18mcoteyay I understand how things work
19:20marsckolos: maybe I could pull the image and run it locally to get a look at the version.json file contents?
19:20ckolosmars: sec
19:21ckolosmars: I adjusted things to allow 443 in
19:22ckolosif it&#39;s of benefit to leave that open like that, I can do so
19:27marsckolos: that helps, thanks!
21:16marsimadueme: feedback incorporated, lmk what you think. But no rush, it won&#39;t ship today. Never Deploy On A Friday. :)
15 Jul 2017
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