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13 Sep 2017
00:07davidwalshDid we try ./mozreview refresh?
00:07* davidwalsh runs
00:09mcoteso I've acquiesced to docker for now, but am trying with docker-machine in windows
00:09mcotethe docker setup requires hyperv, which I had to enable
00:09mcotebut of course I didn't even know what hyperv was, so I installed virtualbox as well, and then docker-machine complained that it can't use virtualbox with a 64-bit machine if hyperv is installed...
00:10mcoteso I try hyperv but now I have to run as administrator to use that
00:11mcotefor all the advancements in windows, seems I now have to developer as administrator
00:26mcoteimadueme: I just need to run "docker-compose build" and then "docker-compose up" right?
00:26mcote'cause I'm getting this:
00:41mcotehm and lando-api starts up but I can't connect to it
00:49imaduemehey back, give me a second :)
00:59mcoteyay got lando-api working
00:59mcoterookie mistake, forgetting to use the docker-machine IP
01:05mcoteheh wow is there a lot more setup for lando-ui than lando-api
01:06mcotenope, same error again
01:07mcoteimadueme: is it because I haven't overridden the auth0 params maybe?
01:07mcoteanything I must do before "docker-compose up"?
01:10imaduemeOk, looking now...
01:11mcotedebugging this stuff in docker is always annoying
01:12imaduememcote: Can you run `docker-compose up --build` it'll force docker to rebuild the image instead of just the container
01:12mcotealready did
01:12mcoteI also completely rebuilt it after creating a new docker-machine vm
01:12imaduemeAlright, let me check it out myself
01:15davidwalshI think we should move to Node.js
01:17mcotei'm sure that would fix docker
01:19mcoteimadueme: also I'm going to lol if you can't reproduce this--so much for platform independence :D
01:20imaduemeI blame you not docker
01:20mcotelando-api works for me, just sayin'
01:22mcotei gotta pull all my old docker-debugging knowledge out of deep memory
01:26imaduememcote ok
01:26imaduemetry doing all that in a linux shell
01:26imaduemegit bash for example
01:27mcotei did in the linux subsystem and it seemed to get past the above error
01:27mcotei hadn't set all my env vars, but it failed when trying to find version.json, which seems to imply it at least found the package
01:27* imadueme o/
01:27imaduemeif you leave the default version.json env in docker-compose it will work
01:27imaduemeyou don't actually have to make that
01:28mcotewell my point being that it seems something is not right in the docker setup
01:28mcotei was told to use docker, so that's what I'm trying to do :)
01:29imaduememcote: It could be the default envs
01:29imaduemethat what mine looks like ^
01:29imaduemesecrets are in docker-compose.override.yml
01:30davidwalshimadueme: mcote: We're probably in the same position we were with Phab/BMO where we need to weed out and document the "secrets" each of us knows
01:30imaduemeI take that back, those are all commited in the repo
01:30imaduemecouldn't agree more davidwalsh haha
01:31mcoteprecisely why I was trying to set this up myself :)
01:31mcoteif I can't get it going, there's no hope for a random contributor
01:31davidwalshUsing your manager as the crash test dummy seems like a Mozilla-only thing, and it's awesome :D
01:36mcoteimadueme: so if you rebuild everything, it runs fine?
01:37imaduememcote: Ya, I just deleted all landoui images/containers, ran docker-compose up, and it gets all the way to starting the server and works fine. this is on origin/master, did you git pull? haha anything?
01:37mcoteall up to date
01:38imaduememcote can you post the version.json error message
01:38mcoteer that was when I was running locally
01:38mcoteas I say, I am trying to run this in docker
01:38mcoteI get the message I posted earlier
01:38mcoteabout not being found
01:38imaduemeI thought you ran it again and got .json errors
01:39mcoteno, always the same error
01:39imaduememcote: Luckily I have windows so I will install docker for windows and see how far i get
01:39mcoteenh I dunno if it's worth it
01:39mcoteI'll continue debugging tomorrow
01:40imaduemegood idea
01:44imaduememy download speed has been in the kilobyes all day so I'll have to figure out what's going on with that
01:51mcoteguh it seems to work if I run /bin/sh on the image and go step-by-step through the dockerfile
01:51mcotemaybe it's the ADD command?
01:52mcotecould be windows specific
01:52mcoteokay I'm outta here for real
01:53dkl|afkhmm that was supposed to go to the channel directly
01:53dkl|afk"You may now push this commit upstream, as appropriate (e.g. with 'git push',
01:53dkl|afkor 'git svn dcommit', or by printing and faxing it)."
14:03mcoteimadueme: well I confirmed that it's a problem with the mounted files
14:03dkldavidwalsh: re:
14:03dklI dont think we need to comment unless there is a fatal error right?
14:03dklalso as for the recursion, shouldnt be an issue since we do not fire off on comment events
14:03mcoteimadueme: makes no sense though... all the files are in /app/, but /app/landoui/ is empty, as is /app/tests/. yet /app/requirements/ and /app/docker/ have their files...
14:04dklto be more careful we could tag the comment or look for the author and skip any that are automation related in doorkeeper
14:06davidwalshdkl: I thought of it because I like how herald provides visual confirmation that initial syncing worked
14:07davidwalshdkl: It would be cool if we could trace what's beeing/been done without diving into logs
14:07dklwell you are correct to be cautious of putting too many extra items in the revision history
14:08imaduememcote: ahh that makes a lot of sense. try playing with the volume section in the docker compose file so that it looks windowsy instead of linuxy
14:08dklwould be cool if there was a way to hide automation related messages in the history unless a user wants them to be shown
14:08imadueme(the left side of things that is)
14:09imaduemeIm pretty sure everything would work fine if you used Git Bash
14:09davidwalshdkl: Yeah, that's exactly what I explained to imadueme yesterday
14:09dkldavidwalsh: fwiw i fixed this yesterday
14:09davidwalshdkl: We could hide them by default (with CSS)
14:09dklbmo has a way to do it that i wish we had in phab
14:10dkldavidwalsh: maybe we could change the default value of bugzilla.require_bugs to true?
14:10dklor we can leave it alone
14:11mcoteimadueme: just tried git bash, no dice
14:11mcoteweirdly, if I run /bin/sh on the image, the files are all there
14:11mcotebut I replaced the lando-ui-dev command with a sleep command, then exec'd /bin/sh in the container, and some of the directories are empty
14:12davidwalshdkl: I defaulted to false since, technically, one could work on phab without bmo
14:15imaduememcote: if you just need to get up and running. Start fresh and just remove the volume section in the docket compose file. I guess that will only work if you have a Linux host. That would explain why lando api works for you, as it doesn't volume mount. This means when you make a change you have to re run docker compose up. Not a deal breaker considering that
14:15imaduemeis what we do on the api
14:15mcotethis still makes no sense at all
14:16mcoteI put a RUN ls /app/landoui/ just before the CMD
14:16mcoteall the files are there
14:16mcotesomehow they disappear when the CMD is executed
14:16imaduememcote: exactly. That's how the volume mount works
14:16imaduemeIt is the last step
14:17mcoteah yeah both landoui and tests are volume mounted
14:17mcoteokay things becoming much clearer :)
14:17mcoteokay well lemme see if I can get this volume mounting working
14:18imadueme(mcote: Before you notice, the api also has a volume mount but it is a noop due to the way the app gets installed)
14:21dklmcote: you could start fresh with "docker volume rm `docker volume ls -q`" as well
14:35mcoteokay from what I gather, there are issues with docker-machine and hyper-v
14:35mcotein terms of volume mounting
14:35mcoteso I won't bother mounting it for now; I just requested a VMWare license for Windows and will try with that later
14:44davidwalshvmware ftw
14:45marti_ping imadueme
14:48imaduemehey marti_, we were just talking about that :)
14:48mcotemarti_: you almost certainly want to use docker-compose
14:48imaduememarti_: It looks like you have Docker installed. Great. Next you'll need to install docker-compose if you haven't already
14:49marti_ok thanks I going to do that
14:49imaduememarti_: After that you can run `docker-compose up` in the root of the project and it should start right up
14:50janxsmacleod: hello! Quick question, we're trying to publish to with our bot, but we get this : batchreview: could not comment on file: js/src/jsapi.cpp it does not appear to be part of the commit
14:50janxAny idea what we could be doing wrong?
14:50davidwalshstatus: Reviewed all the PRs, research adding our own transaction messages to phabricator/doorkeepr. Today: Big myself up enough to do
14:50imaduememarti_: Apologies, we really ought to have this all documented at this stage :). When you get the project running, I can give you a small breakdown of what the project does and how to update the docker-compose.yml file to get it to load things.
14:51marti_sounds great :D
14:53janxAh, diffset revision maybe
14:54imaduememorning standup: I have scruffy face this morning so IRC works well :). yesterday ckolos and I (mainly ckolos) got our phab dev instance to a B rating without breaking things, that'll get deployed to prod next deploy. I've almost finished the api method that the commit preview dialog depends on, so once that revision is up I'll start on the UI ideas david
14:54imaduemeand I discussed.
14:54dklstatus: taking a few hours off today. otherwise caught up on PRs and reviews. Trying to figure out how to get the transaction anchor from the revision history passed along to BMO so it can be added to the comments we add to the bug.
14:55zalunstatus: fixed D15, adding a check to not land an already landed revision and I have some issues about it...
14:56imaduemeissues zalun? :O
14:57zalunI can easily check if I landed from Lando
14:57mcoteimadueme: I think I have lando-ui working :) I should have been using the official Docker for Windows stuff instead of docker-machine
14:57imaduememcote: Told you it would be simple
14:57mcoteimadueme: I don't have lando-api up right now, but is there a way I can tell if lando-ui is working on its own?
14:58mcoteI guess it was relatively simple once I figured out how to use my tools :)
14:59mcoteI tried localhost:7777 but I just get 404s
14:59ckoloslando deploy done
15:00imaduemeckolos: Literally right on time :). Thanks
15:00imaduememcote: 2 things
15:00imadueme(This is one of those secrets in my head I should write down)
15:00mcoteI'm starting to write this all down, don't worry :)
15:00mcotebut yeah, sketching down notes on an etherpad or the like is a good idea
15:01mcoteduring development
15:01marti_after run
15:01marti_I get 404 not found
15:04imaduememarti_: Awesome, same problem as mcote.
15:04imadueme1. You have to access the server with exactly the same name as is written in SESSION_COOKIE_NAME the docker-compose.yml file: so make a hostname entry that points `lando-ui.test` to `localhost`.
15:04imadueme2. lando ui currently needs an api server running to work, but, for now just change the LANDO_API_URL in the docker-compose.yml to our hosted dev instance at
15:04imadueme1.a. After that access the server with `lando-ui.test:7777`
15:06imaduemezalun: That actually is a bit complicated huh.
15:07zalunI will leave it with db for now
15:10smacleodjanx: ya my best guess is you're attempting to comment on an old diffset revision
15:18marti_after update - SESSION_COOKIE_NAME=localhost:7777 - SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN=localhost:7777 - SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE=0 - USE_HTTPS=0 - LANDO_API_URL=
15:18marti_same error 404
15:21mcotemarti_: as imadueme mentioned in 1., you have to edit your hosts file to map lando-ui.test to localhost
15:21mcotewhich depends on your OS
15:21marti_I am using ubuntu
15:22janxsmacleod: indeed, that was the issue. Thanks for looking! It worked by the way :) now we just need to find a useful comment format
15:23imaduemeYah, unfortunately localhost won't work since Flask doesn't let localhost use cookies (or something along those lines). On ubuntu you can follow these instructions: and add a line like ` lando-ui.test` marti_
15:24mcoteimadueme: wooo it works :)
15:24mcoteI'll write this all up in a README today
15:34davidwalshdkl: You still around?
15:52dkldavidwalsh: leaving now.
15:52dklsomething bad?
15:54davidwalshCan wait
15:54dklalright will be back later this afternoon.
16:05marti_what is correct way to add host lando-ui.test localhost
16:06imadueme You can follow these instructions: and add a line like ` lando-ui.test` marti_. Then you will be able to go to lando-ui.test:7777/ in your browser and it should work
16:14marti_I added localhost lando-ui.test
16:14imaduemeAh, is itself localhost so just ` lando-ui.test` would work fine :)
16:16mcoteI think /etc/hosts has the localhost definition by default so presumably marti_ just added lando-ui.test to the end
16:17mcoteworks the same as adding a new line :)
16:17imaduemeCool cool :)
16:18marti_127.0.0.1 lando-ui.test
16:18marti_it doesn't work for me...
16:18imaduemeDoes it work now marti_? Do you still get a 404?
16:18imaduemeOh :(
16:18imaduemeWhat error do you get now?
16:19marti_"GET / HTTP/1.1" 404
16:19mcotethat's by visiting what url in your browser?
16:20mcoteas imadueme said, you want lando-ui.test:7777
16:21mcotethat's why you entered that into your hosts file; it will go to localhost but will seem like a "real" hostname to the app
16:22mcotebtw isn't a real IP that you can go to; it's used to mean "serve on all IP addresses on this system", more or less
16:33marti_yep it works http://lando-ui.test:7777/
16:33marti_thanks a lot :D
17:21mcoteimadueme: now you gotta find something for marti_ to do ;)
17:23marti_yep :D
17:23marti_which issues I can get start
17:24mcotewe're still in very active development building this service out, but maybe davidwalsh and/or imadueme can give you something relatively isolated to work on
17:25* mcote will brb
17:27davidwalshHey marti_ ! imadueme would know better than I at the moment but whaat are your interests?
17:33imadueme(at lunch atm, back in half hour)
17:33imadueme|lunchmarti_ Let me look through and find an easy fix feature :)
17:41marti_ ?
17:46mcoteThat's probably a good easy start :)
17:47imadueme|lunchmarti_: That would be an excellent issue to work on to get you familiar with the different files in the project and how to submit a change.
17:47imadueme|lunchmcote: Should marti_ use Phabricator or Github PRs?
17:50marti_imadueme|lunch: I will back is time for lunchd XD
17:50imadueme|lunchAlright :P
17:55mcotePhabricator please
18:25mcoteimadueme: just wanted to suggest again that you try sketching out the confirmation UI with pencil & paper
18:30mcotealso imadueme is this card the same as the one you're working on now?
18:31imaduememcote: No, that's a side affect of what I'm working on now
18:34imaduemeI think a while back I split those into 2 cards so the description isn't accurate
18:35mcotecan you clean the cards up at some point?
18:35imaduemeWill do, you like the new format I'm going with? :P
18:36mcoteso should the card I linked to be archived? or what?
18:36imaduemeLike my card in progress, in review, and completed if you click on them
18:36mcoteI'm totally confused :)
18:37imaduemeI've been trying to detail each card more in the card descriptions. An example is my card in progress, or the ones in review/completed :)
18:37imaduemeWhen you click on the card to see the full thing
18:38mcoteright, and currently it includes what is written in that other card
18:38mcoteso that card needs to be changed or archived or something
18:38mcoteor you need to scope down this current card :)
18:38imaduemeI meant to say "Do you like...", rather than "This card is like" haha
18:39mcoteoh yes good description :)
18:39mcotemakes me think it should possibly be split up though
18:39mcotelike return basic commit message as a first task
18:39imaduemeWe can archive the one you linked i guess
18:39mcotethen worry about rewriting and added in other pieces
18:39mcotethis feels a bit too big to do all at once
18:40mcotecan't remember if I said it before, but we should be breaking up our work
18:41mcoteckolos: can't remember if someone said this before, but is it a known issue that doesn't do anything at all, just times out?
18:44smacleodmcote: that should be fixed now I thought? the problem was it wasn't forwarding. Are you seeing a problem there again?
18:44mcotemars is too
18:45mcote$ curl
18:45mcotecurl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Co
18:45mcotennection timed out
18:45smacleodmcote: I believe that is a new problem then. I'm probably just using a browser cached permanently moved or something
18:46ckolosmcote: wfm
18:46mcoteckolos: works for you from the command line?
18:46ckoloswell in the browser anyway
18:46ckolosno not from the command line
18:46mcoteyour browser is smart and caches :)
18:47mcoteand does other intelligent stuff
18:47mcotebut if you have never accessed it, it ain't gonna work in the browser
18:47ckolosit's possible the fix isn't in prod yet. let me check
18:48ckolosyeah, that's it.
18:48ckolosit's fixed in dev, but not in prod.
18:50ckoloscan I do a deploy to dev/stage/prod soon to roll this up?
18:51mcotefine by me
18:58ckolosyes, but is it fine with your team? :)
19:09davidwalshmcote: Not sure if it's still a priority but I detailed in this card how to do it:
19:09davidwalshI think ckolos would need to do it though
19:09davidwalshI'm not an admin
19:09mcoteYes we should still do that
19:09mcoteckolos: I hear no objections :)
19:09ckolosdo you want to bump the phabricator version?
19:10ckoloscurrent deploy is 22 weeks behind current
19:10mcoteShould probably do that on dev first
19:10mcoteYeah dev first
19:11davidwalsh22weeks? Didn't we do one af ew weeks ago?
19:11ckolosdeployment != phabricator bump
19:12mcoteYeah I thought we had done one sometime this summer but I guess not...
19:12ckolosmcote: I'll update the prod stack to the current infra code (with that redirect you wanted)
19:13marti_I am back :)
19:13ckoloshowever, I need to know how you would like to handle bumping the phab version
19:13ckolosdo you want me to create a new branch for each stage of deployment i.e. dev/stage/prod?
19:13mcoteI gotta run for a bit but yes let's discuss that
19:13ckolosokay, I'll wait on that part then
19:30marti_i am back... so :D
20:00imaduemeShucks marti_ left :(, didn't get pinged
20:08marti_ping imadueme
20:09imaduemeHey marti_
20:10imaduemeI agree that would be a good start
20:10imaduemeIt will help you get familiar with all the files and also how to submit changes for review
20:12marti_cool! so I can get start which part of I have to modify could you explain me please
20:13mcoteyup, learn the process :)
20:14mcotemarti_: you just need to find strings that have exclamation marks that shouldn't. I haven't looked in the code, but it would be in the templates, mostly likely, and maybe the javascript code
20:16imaduememarti_: What types of projects have you worked on before? Ever worked on a Flask app?
20:17imaduemeLando UI is a sorta simple Flask app, but, Flask itself does have a lot of intricacies :)
20:17marti_mostly in java and javascript UU' something I made python (django)
20:19imaduemeCool, Flask is very similar to Django and knowing python helps.
20:19marti_yep :D
20:19imaduemeFor that specific issue you can look in the landoui/templates/ folder for the html files which have too many !!s
20:19imaduemeI think home.html is the main culprit :)
20:26marti_how I can reproduce the error ?
20:27marti_someone have a screenshot?
20:31imaduememarti_: There's no error per say. That bug is a bit subjective - the idea being that exclaimation points are unnessary, and so we should remove some of them. You can always go to to view the site too. As you can see there is an (!) on the home page.
20:31imaduemeThis issue will mainly be for practice :)
20:43marti_i see :D
20:44marti_I don't have coporate email hehehe
21:06imaduemeThere's no need for a corporte email haha, just an easy way to get started :)
21:18marti_ok :D
21:32marti_I will send a commit at night when I arrive at home
22:02ckolosall: having an issue with stage phabricator right now. It's down, but being worked. ETA > 1 hr
22:50ckolosstage happy now
14 Sep 2017
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