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12 Jul 2017
13:43dklmorning all
14:00marsdkl, zalun davidwalsh imadueme|afk I need to do an IRC standup again
14:00marsmozlogging branch is merged
14:00marswas more work than I expected. I'm starting on Sentry integration today
14:14zalunI'm ok with that
14:14zalundkl, davidwalsh, imadueme|afk we want to do the vidyo one?
14:15zalunmars: I've added the diff_phid work in progress commit
14:16dklnot sure i will be able to do vidyo. my network is been going up and down. may need to call the provider in a bit
14:18zalunlet's irc then
14:18zalunin half an hour though
14:19zalunimadueme: I'd like a quick 1:1 about
14:20imaduemeZalun: sure! In half an hour or now?
15:29imaduemezalun: ok :) I broke up the card into and I also added you on the second one since it is
15:29imaduemevery close to what you are doing.
15:29imaduemeOn the UI side I furthur broke it up into what makes more sense: and
15:31imaduemeMy standup is that I'm going to fix any more problems with the Auth0-UI integration once davidwalsh gets a chance to re-review. Then I will pick up one of the cards at the bottom of sprint planning for the UI.
15:35davidwalshdkl: What's the difference between $obj->name and $obj->{name}? Anything?
15:41globdavidwalsh: yup..
15:41globthe first is calling the method 'name' on the $obj
15:41globthe second assumes $obj is a hash, and is accessing the key named 'name'
15:43globperl allows you to create an object from a hash/dict (or array)
15:43globgenerally for an object you'd want to use method calls to access the properties
15:44globhitting them directly with $obj->{name} is generally considered going behind the object's back, like calling underscore prefixed methods
15:44globie. it will probably work, until it doesn't
15:46davidwalshSo `$_->isobsolete` is a method call even without the `()`?
15:46davidwalshglob ^
15:51imaduemejust wait till you see ruby code
17:24davidwalshimadueme: That's not Ruby, that's Rose, played by Betty White
17:25davidwalshmcote: ...
17:25davidwalshdkl|lunch: I've made awesome progress on ; we should have a quick chat about next steps and how far we should take this considering the policy problems you mentioned in Monday's standup
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13 Jul 2017
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