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11 Sep 2017
03:27globzalun: utf-8 isn't going to work for patches as they may contain invalid utf-8 data (eg. test cases). binary's probably better
11:55zalunglob: I'm receiving patches from Phabricator in JSON. I need to encode it somehow to be able to send to S3. Can we talk it through in vidyo?
12:25imadueme|afkzalun: I just finished the review on D15 which addresses that point about getting the rawdiff. Sorry it is very late. I tested it with my personal S3 and overall works great. Thanks :)
12:56zalunThe part about rawdiff is related to the above encoding to UTF-8, glob - please cancell the comment, we first need to fix receiving the patches from Phabricator.
13:15globzalun: bug 1385441
13:15firebot NEW, Verify invalid UTF-8 isn't mangled by Phabricator
13:16zalunglob: thanks
13:21imadueme|afkzalun: I've also reviewed D38, and D44 :)
13:21zalunnice - good to see you back
14:45imaduemeckolos/bobm: Hey a small request list whenever you get a free minute, thank you :100: :hugging_face:
14:45imadueme- May I become an admin on the dev instance of phabricator? (imadueme_admin)
14:45imadueme- Lando will need to change the PHABRICATOR_URL env to if it is not already
14:45imadueme- Lando will need to set the PHABRICATOR_UNPRIVILEGED_API_KEY env, pm me and I'll send you one from the lando service account I'll make on dev.
14:47ckolosimadueme: there's no imadueme_admin account on phabricator-dev
14:47ckolosI'll create it
14:47imaduemeThank you
14:50dklhmm vidyo keeps crashing
14:53dklirc standup?
14:53dklstandup: finish reviewing david walshs revision, update my with suggested changes and resubmit and work on bringing the demo env up to date with latest security workflow changes
14:54dklwill need to run an errand today to pick up a bank check for a car dealer but shouldnt take long
14:56imaduemestandup: Spent the morning reviewing all of piotr's revisions and we discussed the patch issue glob mentioned. Today I honestly need to complete my back log of work including fixing up my http observer patch as well as the commit dialog which I've been mentioning forever.
14:57zalunI 've been looking into Israel's review and have been checking on the encoding issue in Phab - Lando - Transplant triangle.
15:03* mcote is back
15:03smacleodwelcome back
15:03mcotesometimes the speed of the medical system actually impresses me
15:04mcotewe had a doctor appointment and then got x-rays at a different place, with no appointment, all within just over an hour
15:04* smacleod is overall quite happy with health care in Canada (Ontario)
15:04mcotedid we want to meet today?
15:04mcotedon't think we have much grooming to do
15:04mcoteare there other topics to discuss?
15:04mcoteor do people just want to work? :)
15:07dklwork is good
15:07mcoteokay no meeting :)
15:50marti_hello zalun I am Willy :d
15:50zalunhi marti_ !
15:50davidwalshJust getting in for the day; tried sleeping off a migraine and I'm losing the battle
15:50davidwalshWill be in and out today
15:51mcotemarti_: heya, zalun tells me you're looking to help out with lando :)
15:51marti_which repo I can get started to contribute
15:52mcoteI hear you're looking to write JavaScript?
15:52marti_yep :D
15:52mcotein that case, would be the place to start
15:52mcoteimadueme and davidwalsh have been the main contributors there
15:53mcoteimadueme: did we ever write any notes on getting lando set up for local development?
15:53marti_awesome :D
15:53marti_I think is a docker project
15:53imaduememarti_ let's go through setting it up for you and from that will become the basis for future getting started docs
15:54mcoteexactly my thinking :)
15:55mcoteimadueme: thanks for helping out!
15:55imaduemeNo problem . Let me know when you're good to go marti_!
15:55ckolosNy objections to shutting down for good?
15:56zalunmarti_: are you still in UTC-05:00?
15:56marti_ok I will try to set up I will send a PR with my docs
15:56marti_my time zone is gmt -5
15:56imaduemeOh, I am here to help if you want to walk through it together, if you're comfortable on your own just ping me whenever :)
15:56imaduemeI'm in NY time
15:57marti_cool! thanks!
15:59mcoteckolos: fine by me
17:45davidwalshdkl: Tiny nit here, otherwise I looooove this:
17:55dkldavidwalsh: thanks
18:07davidwalshdkl: I'm working on a short PR for requiring bug IDs, should have up shortly
18:11dkldavidwalsh: cool
19:49davidwalshStill sort of a surreal feeling to push to phab and immediately see it in Bugzilla
19:49davidwalshdkl ftw
19:49dkldavidwalsh: ftw
20:15dkldavidwalsh: still seeing problems with ?
20:18davidwalshdkl: Took a short lunch break and meetings, will look at it now
20:21davidwalshdkl: I think you may have to clean up the commits there...
20:26davidwalshdkl: How are you constantly pulling down new BMO updates and reviewing? Do you have a local link to BMO for bmo-extensions or are you SSH'ing into the BMO container and manually updating?
20:34dkli docker exec into the container and then once in the bmo code, i do the git commands to pull down the PR branch
20:34dklusing the instructions in the bottom of the PR page in GH
21:10dkldavidwalsh: can you do final approval on so i can merge it?
21:33dkldavidwalsh: strange with the new require bugs patch, when set to true and I enter a bug id that does not exist it allows the revision to be created. are you seeing that?>
21:34dklthe harbormaster build is showing error that the bug id does not exist which is to be expected
21:34davidwalshdkl: In the middle of rebuilding, will check
21:34davidwalshThanks for looking
21:36dkldavidwalsh: nm, i am an admin and we do not do the check in that case
21:36dklwill try with a normal account
21:37davidwalshAhh yes
21:40ckoloshas anyone here changed something on wrt the NSS repo?
21:40dkldavidwalsh: all passed
21:40ckolosa config tweak or a nudge or something
21:40davidwalshI don't have perms to
21:40dklnot purposely anyway
21:41dkli do but i dont think i did anything
21:41dklwhat is happening that is not right?
21:42ckolosthe nss repo sync differently than mozilla-central
21:42ckolosand I'm trying to track down why there's a big difference in behavior in dev vs. prod
21:42ckolosthey should see about equal traffic on the shared file system since they're both housing the same repos
21:43ckolosbut prod is burning through IO like it was free booze at a mozillians part
21:43ckoloswhen nss syncs, vs. any other repo, it spawns a huge number of individual hg processes that seem to write a bunch of metadata to the repo
21:44ckolosin prod, it's going to cause an issue
21:44dklyeah no idea on that one
21:44ckolosin dev, it's not causing a problem
21:44dklckolos: also reminds me, please remove admin on usr dkl on prod
21:44dklit won't let me do it myself
21:45ckolosdone, twice. ;)
21:47ckolosdkl: do you have a datadog account?
21:48dkldunno never logged into it
21:48dkli think i may want one
21:48ckolosyeah, I need to send you guys invites. That's where the host dashboard is for phabricator.
21:51dkldavidwalsh: HTTPFutureResponseStatus happens when it gets a 500 from the host?
21:52davidwalshdkl: Context?
21:56davidwalshdkl: 500 may, we'll have to try it specifically; that catch is used for timeouts, connection errors, SSL cert problems
21:56davidwalshThis is a good explanation:
21:57dklah ok
22:00davidwalshdkl: Now that you ask, it *may* trigger that catch if something other than setExpectStatus is returned; I'll play with it first thing tomorrow
22:01davidwalshdkl: Actually, that wont be the case, because my "sendUpdateRequest failure: BMO returned code: %s" message has gone on 404, which we don't accept
22:01davidwalshSo I'm fairly certain it is only met on connection problems
22:02dkldavidwalsh: cool. ok tested and submitting new patch for review now
22:04dkland i'm out
12 Sep 2017
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