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11 Oct 2017
01:23smacleoddkl / davidwalsh: I thought we were supposed to be able to edit revisions on production phabricator? It's telling me only administrators / the author can edit it?
02:10dkl|afksmacleod: which revision?
02:10smacleoddkl|afk: 99, 15, ... any I look at
02:12dkl|afksmacleod: ah think it is a bug. we set the view and edit policies initially to administrators for both. but then when we make a revision public we are only updating the view policy it seems.
02:12dkl|afkwe need to update both
02:12dkl|afkwill file a bug for that
02:13dkl|afki think what it should be is viewable by all and editable by logged in users
02:13dkl|afkwhich i think would be the case by default
13:45davidwalshdkl: That a BMO bug?
13:46dklyeah i am working on patch now.
13:56davidwalshmcote: Did we set a time for the last of the phabricator review today?
13:56davidwalshI don't seem to have an invite
13:56mcoteOh oops no
13:57davidwalshI think we can keep it to an hour
13:57davidwalshWith smacleod out, could only be 8 minutes
13:57mcoteDid we want to wait for smacleod to be back?
13:57davidwalshYeah, that's fine
13:57davidwalshI really wanted to talk to him about where we stopped with CSRF on the back channel post
13:58davidwalshLike Tom Petty said, "the waiting is the hardest part"
14:12imaduememockup feedback?
14:13imaduememcote, davidwalsh ^
14:13imaduemewe can just vidyo chat about it
14:13davidwalshimadueme: I was distracted by code review and needing to speak at our city council meeting last night
14:13davidwalshimadueme: My day is open
14:13davidwalshLet's chat on Vidyo after standup?
14:14imaduemedavidwalsh: Ah, no worries, after standup is fine. Did you drop the mic at the townhall?
14:14davidwalshI got two ovations so I think I did OK
14:14mcotewow nice
14:15mcoteI have a meeting at 11 so you'll have to do it without me
14:15mcotewhich I think is fine :)
14:15* imadueme davidwalsh
14:15mcoteI scheduled the code audit for thursday. hopefully it's not too much with all those meetings. we could also do friday morning but I didn't want to lave it too long
14:16* imadueme D A V I D W A L S H
14:18davidwalshThis was my statement:
14:18davidwalshPlace was packed and the mayor got torn apart
14:19* imadueme
14:19mcotewhat are these "clothing allowances"?
14:20davidwalshHigh level execs were given a clothing stipend in this budget
14:20globof course they were :|
14:21mcotegood on you for speaking up, very awesome
14:21davidwalshThey cut off funding for all non-profits (Boys & Girls Club, food pantry, etc.), yet increased the ammo budget by 30%
14:21davidwalshBTW, they put $600k into seniors, you get nothing (...because you can't vote)
14:21mcotewell yeah if you're going to start disenfranchising people you better be able to defend yourself
14:21davidwalshI had no idea the scope of B&'s amazing what they do
14:22mcotewe have a big election here in Montreal coming up
14:22mcoteif the incumbent gets reelected I'm going to have a good long cry
14:23mcotehm to go downstairs and get a chocolatine or not
14:23mcotefurther adventures in mcote's decision-making struggles
14:31dklmcote: the sad part is you decided to type about it instead of just doing it :)
14:31mcotewas waiting for someone to tell me that yes, it's a good idea ;)
14:32dkl"yes it is a good idea"
14:33imadueme"no it isn't a good idea"
14:33imaduemenow you're stuck :)
14:33globgo downstars, look at the chocolatine, but don't get it
14:33globreturn to your desk disappointed
14:34dklnew vote: should i go to the restroom before standup? anyone?
14:34imaduemego to the restroom, look at the toilet, but don't use it
14:38dkli will need to put on Depends for my thursday meeting schedule
14:39* dkl heads off to put a nespresso pod in the coffee maker but does not push the button
14:43imaduemenow i see how mark feels about meetings
14:54dklyay vidyo crash
14:54dkltrying to force kill it
15:01mcotezalun: just a question though, what will you be able to do today/tomorrow if D99 lands that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise?
15:02mcoteI'm actually not sure what it's blocking exactly, except other revisions that afaik still need review
15:02zalunckolos would place it on the dev and I's be able to see if all is fine
15:03mcotewe usually do dev deployments on tuesday--ckolos are you wanting to do one out of band?
15:03zalunit can wait if needed
15:03ckoloswe do lando deploys today
15:03ckolosphab-dev is tuesday
15:03mcoteoh right sorry, was thiking phabricator
15:03mcoteokay that's fine then, feel free to land after dkl's review
15:03ckolosI have a dr appt in a bit, so I will be out for a while and deploy when I get back
15:36mcotedavidwalsh: you have a card that's been in review since Sept 13
15:36mcotethat accurate?
15:36mcote(with no links to bmo/phab so I can't easily check up on it myself... ;)
15:37davidwalshmcote: I think dkl merged that yesterday
15:37mcoteah good
15:37mcoteSept 13 tho
15:38mcote ?
15:38firebotBug 1399593 NEW, Both PhabBugz and the Phabricator Push Connector should add comments for unknown groups
15:38mcotebug needs to be closed
15:41imaduememcote: If you are out of your meeting and have any last words about the mockups that would be helpful. Otherwise I will begin updating the trello board
15:42mcoteokay brt
15:42mcotehm am I too late?
15:42mcoteor are you in another room?
15:42mcoteimadueme: ^
15:43imaduememcote: Oh no, our meeting is over. I can vidyo if you like but I meant just a bugzilla comment or irc. vidyo will work though
15:43mcotelet's do a quick chat over vidyo
15:43mcotemy room
16:33davidwalshdkl: Can you land the patch I just approved so I can start working on some of this nit stuff?
16:46mcoteI think I'm going to move the code audit until friday
16:46mcotetoo many meetings tomorrow; people will be burned out
16:47imaduemegood idea
17:00davidwalshckolos: So smacleod had the idea to also put the machine name in each logging message, not simply the URI which phab is running at
17:00davidwalshckolos: So if I use PHP's gethostname(), I see "9a909efd97f4" on my local docker
17:01davidwalshIs that meaningful at all? What suggestion do you have here?
17:01ckolos_It's not really helpful to me in any way.
17:02ckolos_But I'm guessing that these messages aren't really for me
17:02ckolos_My guess is that gethostbyname is going to return the aws internal hostname
17:03ckolos_Something like ip-172-1-1-1 or the like
17:10ckolos_davidwalsh: let's put it in. It won't hurt anything
17:11ckolos_Could be useful later
18:40dklzalun: keep getting error when building the lando-api images.
18:41imaduememcote: new mockups For estimation, the changes you see took the time between then and now.
18:41firebotBug 1402996 NEW, Create mockups of the 5 key states Lando UI can be in
18:41mcotedkl: lando-api builds without D99?
18:42dklmcote: this is with D99 applied
18:42mcotedkl: yes, I meant, have you confirmed that master builds for you
18:42dklhold on. backing out
18:42mcotejust to eliminate the possibility that your local machine/config is somehow borked
18:42imaduemedkl: I believe your build is failing because you're using a filesystem that does not support symlinks
18:43dkli am building on native linux
18:43mcoteimadueme: this looks really good
18:43mcoteimadueme: one question: if the revision has failed to land multiple times, will those also show up in status?
18:43mcoteI feel like they shouldn't, that status should be a quick look at the current state
18:44imaduememcote: they definitely would, i think it is good info to know
18:44mcotethat said, including that history could be useful, as an expandable part perhaps. I'm not sure.
18:44mcoteyeah it's not really a "status" then imho
18:44mcotebut maybe this is getting too nit-picky
18:44imaduemeit can rename it timeline then :)
18:44mcotemaybe you can add one entry there and then we can test it with another user
18:45imaduemeone entry?
18:45mcoteI mean, add another failed landing
18:45mcotejust to see what it looks like and how a user would react
18:45dklmcote: hmm same fail on master as well
18:45mcotedkl: yeah so I think that might be your machine somehow, assuming this has passed on circle
18:46* mcote tries for kicks
18:46imaduemedkl: I ran into that error before, but I forgot the reason so I'm going to investigate again
18:48imaduememcote: can we just ask them the question, i really don't want to do more of this :P. I think the list makes sense personally
18:48imaduemeand an expandable would solve most things
18:49mcoteif I trusted you (or me, or any of us) I wouldn't do prototyping with users :)
18:49mcotejust this one last change. I think it's a possibly confusing part. everything else looks really really good
18:50mcoteall you need to do is cut & paste that "failed" part and change a couple words
18:55mcotedkl: I just fired up master with docker-compose with no problems
18:55dklmcote: can you run 'docker info' and let me know what it says for Storage Driver?
18:56mcoteStorage Driver: overlay2
18:56mcote Backing Filesystem: extfs
18:56mcote Supports d_type: true
18:56mcote Native Overlay Diff: true
18:56firebot NEW, Create mockups of the 5 key states Lando UI can be in
18:56dklhmm same as mine
18:57dklsome people said the storage driver gave them similar issues
18:57mcoteimadueme: perfect
18:58mcoteimadueme, davidwalsh: another user-feedback session on Friday? Unless there are huge issues I think this will be the last, for now
18:58davidwalshYes sir
18:58mcoteI really like the current design
18:58mcoteokay I'm going to see if sole is available
18:59imaduemedkl: I'm gonna take a half hour lunch and it will be the first thing I look at. I almost swear I had that exact same error before.
18:59davidwalshsupersole ftw
18:59imaduememcote: that works
18:59dklimadueme: thx. will keep looking myself
19:01imaduemeim pretty sure it is a file system thing. Like nfs, samba, network drive - none will work unfortunately. You can also try deleting the .db and .cache folder if they exist in the project directory
19:01imaduemewill look more later
19:04imaduememcote: fwiw the "normal" case would be just 1 entry in status, either not landed or landed
19:04mcotedavidwalsh: oh hrm 9:10 my time is probably a bit early for you eh?
19:04davidwalshmcote: I can make it work
19:05mcoteyeah? that would be super. I have an appointment to check out a co-working space (for our team week) at 11, and Sole is in Europe so finishes the day soon after
19:17dklimadueme|lunch: i am running this on native linux with no shared volumes so it should not have any issue with symlinks, etc.
19:18dklit is using /tmp as a venv for pip installing. not sure if that could the problem
19:27dklnm that last statement
19:40cloudops-ansiblephabricator #90 ( deployed to -dev cc/ckolos, bobm, chartjes
19:40ckoloswoot. fixed it.
19:41davidwalshglob: You said vct uses "/:?:(\S+?)\b/" to parse bmo names; can you shoot me a link? I can't find that regex anywhere
19:55mcotedkl: try in windows maybe ;)
19:56dklmcote: not sure what that would matter. even under windows you are building in a native linux environment
19:56mcoteno idea, but stranger things have happened :)
19:57dklmcote: this is closest to what i am seeing
20:00cloudops-ansiblephabricator #39 ( deployed to stage ( ) /cc ckolos, bobm, chartjes
20:18mcotedkl: hm that's scary
20:18mcoteso much for the quick review
20:20dklmcote: well i did fine one issue. the hash value for psycopg2== need to be update
20:25mcoteI dunno why those errors are never obvious
20:25mcoteso annoying
20:25mcoteregardless, thanks for finding it
20:30zalundkl: I'm online for a moment - I had issue with psycopg2 hashes - hashin created a big number of them, I had to choose - it took a while to get 2 working - aren't these working for you?
20:31dklno. if i leave all of the hashes that hashin adds then it installs without error
20:32dklmcote: how are you building the docker containers on your system?
20:32zalunstrange, I did it once (left all what hashin is providing) and been reviewed to keep the list to 2 only
20:33dkli dont understand it well enough yet so not sure why 2 is better than many
20:35davidwalshglob: /me facepalms, you said BMO
20:35* davidwalsh needs a coffee
20:37zalunOK - I will update D99 with full list from hashin. Thanks dkl.
20:42dklzalun: so i do invoke build and i get the shutil.Error. Also if I build to manually using: docker build --pull -t lando-api:test -f docker/Dockerfile-prod .
20:42dklzalun: probably my build env somehow. both mcote and imadueme state it builds fine for them. So with the hash requirements fix, I will just r+ it
20:43dklthen we can see how it builds on circleci
20:43imaduemedkl: Oh, you're supposed to do docker-composeup
20:43imaduemenot invoke build
20:43imaduemethat's for building the production image
20:44imaduemesorry we do not have docs for this
20:44imaduemedon't do `docker build --pull -t lando-api:test -f docker/Dockerfile-prod` that builds the prod image
20:44dklimadueme: i get the same error with docker-compose up which i did first
20:45dklthen i was trying to do manual builds to narrow down the cause
20:45zalunalso, dockerfile-prod should work as well
21:03dklimadueme: zalun: mcote: ok docker-compose up works fine when i use devicemapper as the backend storage for docker
21:03dklso it is an issue with overlay2 which is the default when running on Fedora as the host OS
21:04dklDocker for Windows/Mac must be using a different storage driver
21:04dklimadueme: if you do docker info, what does it say for your storage driver?
21:05dklwell that would explain it
21:06dklthat must be what the upstream docker guys are using for their MobyVM
21:07dklzalun: is 'invoke test' supposed to work?
21:07dklzalun: i get an erorr for test_check_python_style
21:07zalundkl: it should work
21:08zaluncould you run `yapf --diff --recursive ./` ?
21:09zalunjust checked and - tests/ ..
21:10dklso the yapf command is spitting out a lot of diff
21:11zaluncould you paste a snippet from one file?
21:13dklzalun: my bad. it was looking at my venv directory :(
21:13dklanyway not it runs without output
21:13zalunand invoke test is showing something?
21:13zalunI mean failing?
21:14zalunit runs that exact command
21:14dklnope now it works
21:14zalunOK, cool
21:15dklalright. going to r+ as it will all work on circleci i am pretty sure
21:15dklalso swagger at localhost:8888 works fine
21:15zalunso - you don't want to add full hashin output?
21:16dklzalun: nope. that also works now that i fixed my docker env.
21:16dklvery strange
21:16zalungood, thanks
21:17dklzalun: well wait
21:17dkli only get the hash error if i run the pip install locally into a venv
21:17dklpip install -r requirements/common.txt -r requirements/production.txt
21:18dklso we may want to fix that anyway
21:18zalunyes - I'll add hashes and see
21:19zalunit's working fine with all hashes
21:19dklsame for me
21:19zalunthat's 31 hashes though
21:19dklyeah. is the standard to filter it down to 2
21:20dkli am fine with leaving it at 31
21:20imaduemeeverything should go through docker so there is no need for installing packages on your local machine except invoke :)
21:20zalunjust browsed and pyyaml has 5
21:20zalunif you're using some python support in editor it could be needed
21:21dklzalun: he is right though. if i build using invoke build, i do not get any errors about the hash values
21:21dklzalun: so why is it failing locally but not in the docker container?
21:21dklsomething different with python:3.5-alpine
21:23mcotedkl: I think we're staying away from "r+ with nits" these days
21:23mcotesomething for our expectations doc
21:23mcotethe org as a whole is (slowly) moving away from it
21:27dklzalun: actually i just ran into an issue. i get a build error when running 'invoke build'. g++ needs to be added to apk install list
21:28dkldoes that work for you?
21:29zalunit was - I'll check in a sec - limited the number of hashes to 8 and checking if that is working with alpine
21:29dklmcote: ok. thx
21:33dklfile comment in the revision
21:35zalundkl: yes - invoke build succeeded
21:35mcotehow does one completely rebuild everything with docker-compose?
21:36zalunto be sure I'm pruning everything
21:36imaduememcote: `docker-compose build --no-cache` then `docker-compose up --force-recreate`
21:36mcoteI think that might be the issue
21:38zalundkl: can you check if these hashes do work for you?
21:42mcoteit seems to work for me even with zalun's D99 patch
21:42mcotealthough I do briefly see something about it exiting with error code 137
21:42mcotebut then eventually that it's running
21:46ckolosso have we landed D99 or should I just wait on that deploy until Friday?
21:46zalunwasn't it the py3-linter container?
21:46mcotenot landed yet
21:47ckolosokay; since it's dev, I can deploy on Friday
21:47ckolosmy lovely assistant bobm will be able to do your prod phab deploy tomorrow
21:52mcotezalun: by default the local dev setup still uses sqlite?
21:52bobmWhen tomorrow are we thinking?
21:52zalunmcote: still - yes - I've broken it into two cards
21:52zalunto make deploy use postgres with a simple patch
21:54dklzalun: yes those hashes work for me
21:54mcotebobm: morning-ish I expect
21:54bobmMy choice?
21:54zalundkl: what about the g++ - any idea?
21:55mcotebobm: not sure, best to coordinate with zalun
21:55zalundkl: `invoke build` is working for me with the dockerfile-prod as in the D99
21:57bobmzalun: What time tomorrow were you thinking for the deployment?
21:57mcotebobm: no we were talking friday
21:58mcoteoh wait
21:58mcoteI'm so confused
21:58mcotephab production, right
21:58mcotebobm: I'm not sure when exactly... can you check with us in your morning?
21:58bobmSo, Phriday at Phour Phifty Phive PM?
21:59bobmI can, I have other things, so I'd like to either move them aside now or see where we can fit.
21:59mcotebobm: no no, thursday is fine for phabricator prod
21:59mcoteckolos confused me because we started talking about lando then quickly segued into phabricator
22:00bobmSo, anytime I choose tomorrow morning is okay for phabricator production?
22:00mcotejust ping us first but yeah should be fine
22:00bobmThat sounds like a plan.
22:00bobmAlso, should we move the conduit testing meeting?
22:00bobmSince ckolos is out?
22:01zalundkl: about the g++ - I can't replicate it - didn't docker was the answer providing identical environments?
22:01mcotehm possibly
22:12zalunimadueme/mcote: could someone confirm g++ issue dkl has? run `invoke build`
22:12* zalun is going to bed
22:18dklzalun: sigh that is what i am experiencing each time. but at this point i have no idea why my env is so different than everyone elses. so frustrating
22:18dklgot to take son to martial arts. be back on later.
22:34davidwalshbtw, this all works on Mac...
22:34davidwalsh(end troll)
23:01dkl|afkdavidwalsh: rub it in :)
23:02davidwalshdkl|afk: I have no idea what you guys are doing, just thought I'd chime in with nonsense
23:03dkl|afkno problem.
12 Oct 2017
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