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27 Jun 2017
17:55mcoteI've been updating the wiki slowly. has some updates (more to go)
17:55mcoteand I put the roadmap on there (adapted from the google doc):
18:08marszalun: review submitted for the db migrations PR
18:09zalunmars: thanks - I'm checking in a while
18:10marszalun: np, I have an appointment in a little bit. I'll be back after lunch, SF time.
20:12zalunmars: fixed and working
20:14mcoteckolos: we're making good progress on our deployment preps. might be done later today
20:44dkldavidwalsh: this is the one i meant that was being blocked
20:53ckolosmcote: okay
20:58marszalun: LGTM, but what's the new schema.db file for? Some Alembic thing?
20:58zalunis there the file
20:59marszalun: my bad, it was removed
20:59marszalun: +1, merge away
21:00marsI'm going to work on a lando-ui uWSGI patch now
21:02imaduememars: I just reviewed the api one, can you check that out
21:12marsimadueme: odd, nothing in CI broke with my app server patch, but the DB management commands did break?
21:12marsare we not running them in CI?
21:16imaduememars: the tests manually create the test database and so the circle.yml never has to run the invoke commands for the db. It's strange! Why don't you also try to run the invoke create_db (or invoke upgrade after the alembic patch) ?
21:19zalunmerged migrations PR
21:55imaduemedavidwalsh: fixed the ui patch if you want to try again
22:04marsimadueme: PR updated
22:16imaduememcote: mars' PR for lando-api here is good to go besides having ckolos look over it. We can do the same PR on lando-ui. After that we probably just need to quick meet with ops to get things rolling and then most likely we will sort out any hidden problems once we actually try to deploy.
22:20zalunimadueme mars :
22:21zalunthis will need to be modified after we will have connection with transplant api
22:22* imadueme looking
27 Jun 2017
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