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18 Apr 2017
10:52BigBossStarting build #51 for job terraform apply - production (previous build: FIXED)
17:31justdavetad: does our staging server for the new bugzilla site still exist? My connection info for logging into it doesn't appear to be working
17:47tadyalam96: ^
17:47tadjustdave: I doubt it. it was wordpress, right?
17:48yalam96probably not
17:50justdaveyeah, it was wordpress
17:50justdaveif it's gone, I don't suppose there's any chance of getting the database out of it....
17:51justdaveas long as it's taking us to move the data over it'd be a shame to lose the work already done...
18:15yalam96tad, if it was hosted on mofo aws it might still exist ^
18:15yalam96im not sure we've deleted any dbs
18:15tadyalam96: you able to take a look?
18:16yalam96i have no idea how it was set up so i don't know what to look for
18:17tadyalam96: anything that says bugzilla in, I think
18:17tadI don't have access anymore to my knowledge
18:18yalam96ill look in a bit
19 Apr 2017
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