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16 Mar 2017
06:44flodtad: and here we go :-\
07:13tadflod: i'll be on the phone to them in 40 minutes. thanks.
10:39flodhmitsch: ping
10:40hmitschHi flod, I will be available in about 1 hour
10:41flodnothing urgent, when you're back, can you (or someone in the channel) tell me what's on the 2 vps marked as l10n?
10:41flodvps28311 and vps28312
10:42flodas far as I know is not a VPS, it's a dedicated server, but I'm not sure what it maps to
10:45floduhm, actually vps28311 maps to that domain according to the IP, no clue about the second one
11:38hmitschHi flod, I am back
11:38hmitschunfortunately I don't know the answers to your questions
11:39hmitschmaybe tad knows
11:39flodit would be useful, mostly to figure out if there's a VPS that it's not actually used by anyone
11:39flodif it is, it might need a better naming
13:22BigBossStarting build #36 for job terraform apply - production (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:35tadflod: any luck?
13:36flodtad: uhm, you mean figuring out what that VPS is used for? No
13:36flod(servers are still down too)
13:40BigBossProject terraform apply - production build #36: SUCCESS in 18 min:
13:40BigBossYousef Alam: Add to ELB
13:44tadflod: servers are still down?
13:44flod is not available
13:45flod is
13:45flodwhoever has access to the control panel for vps28311 should check what's going on
13:46yalam96what runs on l10n.? is it important enough to move to the new infra?
13:48flodthere are several users on that server, I know what runs on mine, and it's quite important
13:48flodone tool in particular is going to make releng quite angry in 24 hours :-\
13:49flodhaving said, that's not the time for having that discussion, it might be to IT managed solutions if needed
13:51flodyalam96: is anyone able to check on OVH what's the status of that VPS?
13:57yalam96i can reboot it but i have no idea if it'll come back or not
13:58flodinteresting, ping is not working for me
13:58flodI know there was a message that a check on /dev/sda1 would be performed on reboot, maybe it's doing that
13:58flod(and no, I'm not managing that, reed is)
14:15tadflod: why are we hosting a tool that releng relies on?
14:15tadwhat is the tool?
14:15tadand the OVH invoice is paid for a few hours. everything should come up.
14:17flodit's a tool to get translations for Play Store content, and it's queried when pushing a new beta release of Fennec. It wasn't my choice to put it on that server, and I clearly need to fix it
14:57flodyalam96: out of curiosity, is there any way to know what's happening to that server, beyond the status in the panel?
14:57flod(already filed a bug with reed in NI)
14:59yalam96flod, it shows some network/cpu traffic
15:24asdtanner, regarding can you tell me if a backup using is fine?
16:20flodyalam96: at this point I think it's safe to assume it's not checking the disk after 4 hours. No clue if you can do anything besides rebooting (is a recovery console available?)
16:35tannerasd: in the tools part of wordpress there should be an option to export to an xml
16:36asdtanner, that'll include everything, huh? okay.
16:36tanneryup it should
16:37asdbut no, it is a small file, just 1.6 mb
16:37asdwhat about the photos and everything and thousands of subscribers?
16:39tannerhm, one sec
16:42tannerasd: yeah you can use that plug, i'll just import the dump via mysql
16:47tadevening all
16:48tadflod: is your server doing anything?
16:48flodtad: how can I know? It doesn't respond to pings, I don't have access to the OVH panel for that server
16:50tadflod: I'm trying to KVM...
16:50tademphasis on trying. it's not happy.
16:51flodwell, I tried that on my own VPS (which is running fine), and it didn't load
16:51tannertad: what's the problem?
16:51tadtanner: other than OVH still being a thing?
16:52tannerwhat is it doing/not doing?
16:52tadreporting a response to ping in OVH management, no SSH etc
16:52tannerhave you tried turning it off and on again
16:52asdtanner, so, i'm gonna put the blog on maintenance mode now. we can migrate within about a day, right?
16:52tannerasd: yup, should be able to get it done today
16:52tadgiving it a hard kick.
16:53tadit'd be really helpful if we'd installed VMWare Tools on these machines
16:56tadflod: 64 bytes from icmp_seq=218 ttl=52 time=48.684 ms
16:56tadthat's promising.
16:56floddefinitely better than before
16:57flodtad: ok, I can ssh now
16:57flodand everything seems up and running
16:57flod(I've already started the internal discussion to move critical stuff out of there)
16:58flodthe only crucial one being
17:00tanneryalam96: will we want to put that on the partinfra stuff? ^
17:03asdtanner, what's a good place to upload the 124MB backup file?
17:04tanneroh man
17:04tannermega maybe?
17:04tanneror dropbox?
17:04tanneror google drive
17:05asdhmm. all nice options. Does telegram work for you?
17:22asdis there some "auto collapse unused categories" plugin running on discourse or has there been some data loss, two categories "meta" and "events" created by buluma_michael-M here is missing now
17:22asdI'll probably file a bug
17:25tannerleo: ^?
17:26tanneri think a few days ago leo did archive a bunch of categories that weren't used
17:28leoasd: yeah, I've just been doing an abandoned/inactive category review and those subcategories had seen absolutely no activity so I deleted them (archiving an empty category makes no sense)
17:29leomore generally I did want to discuss moving the Mozilla India category back under the Communities subcategory, as you don't really have enough activity to justify having a whole top level category to yourself ;)
17:34yalam96tanner sry i was in a mtg
17:35yalam96if its critial then yeah we can probably accommodate
17:35yalam96asd, one thing we won't import is the theme since that's usually where the nasty code hides
17:35yalam96so you'll have to upload a fresh theme after we've done the import
17:36tannerkk i can work on dockerizing the l10n stuff (cc flod, where's the source available?)
17:37yalam96one thing at a time
17:37flodtanner: I don't have any experience in docker, so it might be a long discussion to have
17:37tanneryes once i get the india stuff finished
17:37yalam96seems like the site is up for now so finish the india blog and site then move on
17:38flodyo your question, "where's the source available", my feeling is "nowhere"
17:38flodunless you were referring only to the stores_l10n one
17:42flodtanner: I actually have a ton of questions, what would be the best place to discuss this? Migrating only tool doesn't make a lot of sense, we have small requirements, but also need clarity on what I can or cannot do
17:47yalam96flod, a discourse thread or bug would be good
17:48flodbug sounds definitely better, I'll probably make it private so we can go into details
17 Mar 2017
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