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16 Apr 2017
21:36satdavHi has my account been deleted
21:37satdavas I cant login to Discourse
21:37satdavtad: do you know why I cant login
21:41tadsatdav: what error message are you getting?
21:42tadi don't work on discourse, but maybe someone in here is able to help
21:42satdavtelling me I dont have a account
21:42satdavI was able to login with the persona on my mozilla email address
21:44tadlooks like you have an account
21:44satdavyip it wont let me to login
21:44satdavtad I am using
21:44tadare you using the login by email feature?
21:45satdavand its redirecting me to the oauth page
21:46tadIn that case, perhaps ask in the #participationsystems channel
21:46tadI don't have any access to the system
21:47tadit may take a while to get a reply. it's a weekend and it's a holiday.
17 Apr 2017
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