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15 Mar 2017
06:40flodtad, tanner: who's in charge of renewing VPS on OVH with Brian gone?
06:40flodI get nervous when it's Mar 15 and the dashboard says the VPS expired yesterday
06:46flod(Nukeador maybe^^)
07:59tadflod: anup mishra normally handles it. looks like nobody has this month
07:59tadlet me send an invoice to konstantina
08:00flodthank you, any progress in figuring out what should happen with OVH?
08:00tadWe know what's happening with OVH, we're killing it with fire. as for what we do with the sites? well...
08:01flodI hope you try to fix the problem in the right order ;-)
08:01tadthe current answer is that ParSys will host anything that we give them in a docket container.
08:01tadfor wordpress sites we're still pursuing a managed solution. possibly something we run, possibly WPEngine
08:02flodand other stuff, like forums, custom software, etc?
08:02tadit'll need to be dockerised
14:11mkohleryalam96: would you mind pulling the latest docker image? thanks
14:43yalam96mkohler, done
16 Mar 2017
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