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13 Jul 2017
06:17flod|PTOhmitsch: looks like OVH is due for renewal again tomorrow (at least our VPS). Are you in charge of this?
06:26henx[hmitsch] The "chain of command" is confusing. Usually Konstantina & Kiki get an email from tad requesting payment. Then I approve, because it is loaded on my budget. Then Kiki effects payment. I don't know how tad is triggered in the first place.
06:26henx[hmitsch] It's time to move out WP sites to WPengine. MCWS is leading this effort. This will mean our payment problems will become irrelevant.
14:58flod|PTOthere is not just WordPress out there. Our VPS is currently running other 2 softwares (forum, image hosting)
14:59flod|PTOplus, there's at least a community server that is hosting a ton of other software
16:11BigBossProject ansible-staging-release build #122: SUCCESS in 6 min 35 sec:
16:11BigBossYousef Alam: Upgrade Jenkins image to 2017.07-1
14 Jul 2017
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