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8 Aug 2017
15:13FallenIf you have anything urgent, pleae do just let me know via IRC :)
15:14arshadFallen: ohk, ping me whenever u are free.
15:16PaenglabFallen: Was something missed in bug 1388328 that you filed bug 1388398?
15:16firebot FIXED, richard.marti Port bug 389565 to C-C: Replace nsIExternalProtocolService::LoadUrl with nsIExternalProtocolService:
15:16firebot NEW Move to nsIExternalProtocolService::LoadURI
15:17FallenPaenglab: I was looking at maybe dxr is behind?
15:18Fallenah 2 hours ago, you are fast :)
15:18FallenI mean I would probably have r+'d it anyway, but if it includes calendar code maybe next time you can flag me for review.
15:20PaenglabYeah, dxr is behind. It was a bustage-fix and broke TB, so jorgk reviewed it. :)
15:24PaenglabFallen: If you have some time, could you look at bug 1373948?
15:24firebot ASSIGNED, ITIP buttons should not have a transparent background
15:24FallenI don't agree with his definition of a bustage fix that doesn't require review from a module peer, while I appreciate his work very much, not everything that breaks a test should be considered a quick bustage fix
15:24Fallenyep, looking
15:25Fallengoing to r+. Do you need approvals for that?
15:26PaenglabThanks, It was not only a broken test. It broke TB while building. Not checked if it applies on ESR. Will test now.
15:28PaenglabFallen: It applies, So approvals are welcome. :)
15:29Fallendone :)
15:29Fallenthe calendar part is in js, that hardly broke the build. But this is rather something I should discuss with jorgk :)
15:33PaenglabThanks for the review.
17:01wsmwkPaenglab: jorg is rather aggressive in using r=bustage
17:01wsmwkbeing agressive in fixing bustage is both a blessing and a curse
17:04Paenglabwsmwk: Here it was needed. It was not only in JS which only caused test failures. It was also in C++ which made the TB build break.
21:37wsmwkbig problems
21:37wsmwkBug 1388060 - OAuth2 Gmail and Google CalDAV calendars can't co-exist
21:37firebot NEW, OAuth2 Gmail and Google CalDAV calendars can't co-exist
21:37wsmwkBug 1387887 - Cannot set up network calendar
21:37firebot NEW, Cannot set up network calendar
21:37wsmwkaffecting 56.0b1
9 Aug 2017
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