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7 Oct 2017
15:43Fallen|ptoTobbi: I'd appreciate some testing on the new lightning with that bugfix if you have some time :)
15:43TobbiFallen|pto: Sure. I downloaded the latest nightly a few hours ago.
15:43Fallen|ptonice :)
15:44TobbiI can see that all my recurring events have vanished :D
15:44Fallen|ptoI hope just the extra ones, not all recurring events together? :)
15:44TobbiI'll have to check.
15:45TobbiFallen|pto: I'd rather say it's the latter... o.O
15:45Fallen|ptohuh, that sounds concerning...
15:46Fallen|ptoalso on google?
15:46TobbiNope. All fine on google.
15:46Fallen|ptothe patch fix does not delete any extra events, it just fixes the bug
15:46TobbiMaybe I need to resync.
15:46Fallen|ptoyeah, try that
15:46TobbiHow do I delete caches again?
15:46Fallen|ptoresubscribe to the calendar
15:49TobbiFallen|pto: I am guessing I have to delete the extra events in my google calendar first.
15:49Fallen|ptoyep, sorry :)
15:49TobbiIf only there was an easy way to do that.
15:50Tobbi67 events "Mlltonnenleerung Braune/Schwarze Tonne" grml.
15:50Fallen|ptomultiselect + delete in Lightning unfortunately deletes occurrences. You could hack the code to delete the parent items instead and then just multi-select
15:50TobbiNah, it's fine. I don't have anything to do on this rainy Saturday afternoon, anyway.
15:51TobbiWell, okay, I wanted to get some extra stuff from the grocery store, but that can wait until later :P
15:58TobbiOh, that's nice. 100% CPU when deleting recurring events... :D
16:30TobbiFallen|pto: Thunderbird is somehow's reproducible even after reinstalling and not reproducible in safe mode...
16:30TobbiAny idea how to debug?
16:32Fallen|ptoTobbi: start devtools and use the perf monitor, but that doesn't help when its hanging. As you just re subscribed and probably have a large calendar, let it hang for a while. Full sync takes a long time unfortunately
16:32Fallen|ptoAfter that, incremental sync is fast
16:32TobbiFallen|pto: No, the resync was completed successfully. I was in the process of removing a recurring event.
16:33Fallen|ptoThen the devools perf monitor :)
16:33Tobbiok, hold on.
16:34TobbiFallen|pto: We're talking about the one in XCode, right?
16:34Fallen|ptonah, Tools > Devloper TOols > Developer Toolbox > Performance
16:34TobbiIf the whole thing is hanging that's hard to accomplish, actually.
16:36Fallen|ptoindeed. I thought it was just hanging when you delete the event.
16:37TobbiI'll give you a backtrace using lldb.
16:37TobbiNot sure whether useful.
16:47Fallen|ptoTobbi: hangs are hard to debug unfortunately. You could try call DumpJSStack(), but that will probably just give you the stack of a random function
16:48TobbiIs there a way I can unsubscribe from the Google Calendar without having Lightning?
16:48Fallen|ptoYes, see prefs.js
16:49Fallen|ptourl shows which random uuid branch to delete
16:52TobbiAlright, so that worked.
8 Oct 2017
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