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7 Aug 2017
21:06MakeMyDayFallen: ping
21:13FallenMakeMyDay: pong
21:18MakeMyDayFallen: about your last comment in bug 1299610 - did you only mean to move these two function to the caldav provider or all of the (ui) implementation (including overlaying the ltn overlay of the dialogs)?
21:18firebot ASSIGNED, Lightning cannot send email event invitations for events stored on a CalDAV server, if autoschedulin
21:19FallenMakeMyDay: I was thinking of overlaying the Lightning overlay, so with all of the UI. This way we don't run danger of mixing in provider code all over the rest of the source.
21:23MakeMyDayFallen: to do so, we should introduce a content subfolder in the provider to contain the respective code. What's the best way to get this picked up? Would be changing the Lightning be sufficient?
21:24Fallenjust put a new into the caldav provider
21:26MakeMyDayFallen: so no changes, right?
21:26FallenMakeMyDay: ah right, you need JAR_MANIFESTS += [''] for that
21:30MakeMyDayFallen: thanks, I'll give it a try the other day.
21:30MakeMyDayFallen: Can you still do the review for bug 1362422 (and in case of r+, also set a+ for beta and esr)?
21:30firebot ASSIGNED, Lack of partstat yields misleading appearance and empty selection box
21:31Fallenawesome! Thanks for working on this :)
21:32FallenMakeMyDay: question on that patch, does that change the value of participationStatus in any way, e.g. if the user closes the dialog without changing the status?
21:33FallenI want to avoid an unset partstat with open/close of the summary dialog to set the partstat to NEEDS-ACTION to preserve the data.
21:40MakeMyDayFallen: no, data never be updated if you cancel the dialog or just close it without accepting.
21:41MakeMyDayerr, are never updated...
8 Aug 2017
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