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20 May 2017
13:58martinschroederLooks familiar here. ;-)
13:58martinschroeder@Fallen: ping
14:28Fallenmartinschroeder: heya :) The Thunderbird announcement seems to be great for returning contributors, I heard from sipaq on the blog, bbbrowning is here, and now you show up too!
14:30martinschroederJust visiting... I have just a question, does the update.php script need an update because aurora/earlybird goes away?
14:31Fallenmartinschroeder: given they changed the release schedule to not be every 6 weeks but variable between 6 and 7 it probably doesn't work anyway. I suspect we should rather remove it and decomission the php script, because Lightning is packaged with Thunderbird.
14:32martinschroederFallen: sounds like a plan, have been just wondering
14:35Fallenmartinschroeder: interested in providing the patch to remove it and file the bug to decomission the php script?
14:36martinschroederFallen: yep, should be able to do this.
16:08arshadFallen: I dont' get idea of accessing a file with extra privileges, chrome url is used to do so. What are these extra priveleges that a file get when it is imported using chrome url vs normal url refrence?
16:51Fallenarshad: it also depends on the container it is in, but privileged documents have access to xpcom and all the platform internals, while "content" documents have the same access and restrictions as a website
16:51FallenA privileged document is called "chrome document"
16:53FallenIf you are in a privileged document and use an <iframe src=&quot;http://...&quot;> then that remote website will have chrome privileges. If you use <iframe type=&quot;content&quot; src=&quot;chrome://...&quot;> then despite chrome:// url, the iframe document will only have content privileges
16:54FallenWhat would be best for our project is to use an iframe type=content, because this way we won&#39;t accidentally use xpcom in the html part of the dialog
17:00Fallenarshad: I have about 20 mins time for an audio call via hangouts if you like?
17:02arshadFallen: ohk.. no problem..
21:34arshadFallen: I read this - and this created several doubts in my mind-
21:39arshad1- manifest files extension must be .manifest . but in comm-central is the manifest file?
21:39arshad2- manifest file should live inside chrome directory
21:39arshad3- extensions is several times used here.
21:42arshadI am noting down these things into the suggestions list that you once asked me to make in the application period.
21:45arshadWell these doubts are cleared up after the hangout meeting.. Just posting them to let you know which doc I was talking about.
21:58Fallenarshad: great :) There are lots of different manifest files, each with their own purpose
21 May 2017
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