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20 Apr 2017
08:59shubham07Fallen : Hello , I need dicussions with you refarding Bug 392083 - Add toolbar button to maximize unifinder .
08:59firebot NEW, Add toolbar button to maximize unifinder
09:00Fallenshubham07: I'm a bit low on time this morning, but if you have specific questions please just ask :)
09:02shubham07Fallen : Sir , I have already setup the linux environment . What do we mean by ,"creating an extension that provides the above mentioned behavior." ?
09:03Fallenshubham07: can you explain what is troubling you with that statement? You can implement the feature as an add-on, or in other words an extension.
09:08shubham07Fallen : Yeah I got it , we would like to see advanced searching option by implementing button for unifinder , as an extension
09:13shubham07Fallen : Would you provide me feedback and comments for my proposal Introducing calendar accounts ?
09:17Fallenshubham07: I can't do that until the accepted student has been announced.
09:19shubham07fallen : Okay Sir , any comment on my prototype and implementation ?
09:20Fallenshubham07: as mentioned, not regarding the gsoc application. I can give you feedback on that bug you mentioned after you have implemented a patch.
09:24shubham07fallen : I will try to submit the patch for bug as soon as possible , as I have my practical semester exam starting up , so I will take some time
09:24Fallenok, no problem!
09:25shubham07I definitely want to complete this gsoc project so can u suggest me what all I need to be proficient in like library , framework , any documentations or process , I need to go through ??
15:11Tonnesa few nits: "Publishing URL" may require a colon
15:11Tonnesand "Enter an username and password" (a)
15:12Tonnesand "The upcoming section shows: " shoudl probably require a capital U for Upcoming
15:12Tonnesanyone care to take this along or file bug?
21 Apr 2017
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