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19 May 2017
00:00arshadFallen: so where do i set it up?
00:00FallenIf you turn your computer off at night then you can use a bouncer running on a remote machine that is always on. If you don't have a such machine I will figure something out :)
00:01FallenI have it running on a vps on the internet
00:02arshadFallen: I just have a hp laptop that can barely runs some 10 chrome tabs and vs code simultaneously without hiccups :P
00:05FallenAnd that is what you use for development? o.O
00:06FallenI'll set up a bouncer account for you and get you access to cloud machinery to develop on :)
00:13arshadFallen: sadly yes. Cloud will be cool.. i wonder why bouncer doesn&#39;t open locally at hostip:port . When i check the process at port 6000 then it shows znc is running.. What bouncer do you use on vps and what is <zcn_server_ip> supposed to mean?
00:20FallenI use znc. Doesn&#39;t port 6000 conflict with your x server?
00:24arshadif i was confliting it should have given me some error
00:25arshadtcp6 0 0 :::6000 :::* LISTEN 22846/znc
00:25arshad^ output of netstat
00:27FallenListening on IPv6
00:28FallenSo either you need to enable IPv4 or you need to connect using IPv6
00:28FallenI think localhost is ::1 in IPv6 speak
00:29arshadisn&#39;t it listening on both?
00:29FallenNo, tcp6 means IPv6
00:30Fallenthere needs to be a line with tcp and that port
00:31FallenBut again, a bouncer only makes sense if it is running on a remote machine, no need to set that up locally
00:35Fallenarshad: I&#39;m going to head out, see you tomorrow!
00:35arshadFallen: ohk. thanks
00:42arshad -> that&#39;s why I thought it was listening on both ipv4 and ipv6
00:49arshadakhan is also my handle
11:40Fallenarshad: here is an .eslintrc you can use:
11:42arshadFallen: thanks, I have setup a bouncer like service, hopefully i will not miss any msg even when my pc is off
11:43Fallenarshad: we&#39;ll test it out :)
11:43Fallenarshad: so for themes, here are the browser themes:
11:43Fallenif you can just include css from there instead of writing your own that would be best, but you may need to do some overrides
11:44FallenI think the main include is
11:44Fallenso chrome://global/skin/global.css I believe
11:46Fallenarshad: then there is which might be helpful to scavenge some css
11:46Fallenregarding redux, I&#39;d suggest to go to #devtools and ask them what they are using for state management
11:47Fallenarshad: how is the planning coming along?
11:47FallenLet me know when you have a google doc to share
11:54arshadFallen: I was playing with postMessage so I haven&#39;t done much planning work. I planned it to do in the night. I wil share a doc/repo..
11:56arshadCan i make a github repo(private/public) for the dialogs?
11:59Fallenarshad: sure! public is fine
12:00Fallen this is a quick scribble of how I picture things happening
12:01Fallenyou&#39;d make a html equivalent of the xul container that you can use for testing and development
12:02Fallenthe container doesn&#39;t have to be styled nicely, it is more of a debugging tool. You can add random form elements to it if they are helpful to you
16:46arshad@Fallen: can you take a look at this file and tell whether these are the same window arguments that you were talking about ->
16:48Fallenarshad: the window arguments are those being passed in, you should describe what data is being made available to the dialog and what it looks like. That is just how it is used
16:48FallenCheck all places where the dialog is opened
16:49FallenIt does help however to also write down how it is used, e.g. &quot;A function window_onLoad is called on the passed data that does xxx&quot;
17:28arshadFallen: I am having a bit of difficulty understanding how chrome url works.. I get the idea but can you elaborate a bit
17:31Fallenarshad: it is really just like resource:// , a Substitution for a file somewhere in the application, or an addon. It has some minor special cases (like chrome://foo/skin/ forwarding to chrome://foo/skin/foo.css and similar for content/) but other than that it is just an url you can use to refernce the (css) files
17:33arshadFallen: if chrome://calendar/locale/alarm.dtd is a url then where am i supposed to look at in the directory for alarm.dtd file ?
17:34FallenIn the sources? That depends on the instructions in the file
17:34FallenI&#39;d just do a file search on dxr though :)
17:47arshadFallen: I looked at mdn how postMessage work and made some code examples to practice it for tabs/windows and iframe.. I didn&#39;t look into comm-central code.. Just saw a patch of Paul where postMEssage was used..
17:49arshadFallen: I am afraid to say but I dont exactly understadn what you meant by window arguments...
17:50arshadAs per my understanding you meant accesskey codes by command for menus/toolbars
17:52arshadaccesskeys can be noted down by seeing dtd files, isn&#39;t it&#39;?
17:53Fallenarshad: that is separate. When a dialog is opened with openDialog, the caller can pass arguments. For example, the calendar properties dialog is opened with the calendar to show properties on. There the window argument is the calendar
17:55FallenMaybe we should talk about this via conf call. Are you available tomorrow? If so, starting what time?
17:56arshadFallen: I am available any time on sat and sunday
17:57FallenWhat time do you get up?
17:57arshadFallen: Morning 5 am
17:58arshad8.30 am
17:58arshadfor ur timezon
17:59FallenOk thats early :) I don&#39;t know what time is good yet, I&#39;ll send you an email later on.
18:00arshadFallen: ohk wwell in the meantime, should I learn xul or there is something else you should recommend?
18:02FallenReading the source code of the dialogs to see how they work would probably be good. You&#39;ll learn xul along the way by doing that.
18:03FallenWhat you essentially need is a detailed action plan for how to get started. What is the first task you will work on in the code? What is the first milestone you will reach? What else is needed to reach that milestone?
18:04FallenThis doesn&#39;t necessarily have to be written down, but you need to know the answers to those questions. If something is unclear, ask and we&#39;ll clarify.
18:06arshadFallen: tbh I donno how things are working in thunderbird project? What files should be in what directory?
18:07FallenThats a fairly broad question, not sure how to answer. You can browse the source at
18:07arshadThis is bad but I am ready to devote 100% efforts to learn things in time
18:07Fallencalendar/base/content has most of the frontend for lightning
18:08FallenI need to prepare dinner and then have a meeting, i unfortunately can&#39;t explain in detail
18:08FallenBut write all these questions down and we&#39;ll discuss! :)
18:10arshadcalendar/base/public => basic objects used in Lightning frontend => base/content backend => base/src.
18:11Fallenbase/public objects are used both in frontend and backend
18:13arshadFallen: Ohk, well in the mean time I am setting the dev environment and I will try to have a talk about redux on #devtools. I will have my questions ready tomorrow.
18:14arshadjust ping me once if you get free after dinner
20 May 2017
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